Ashian: Redefining Success and Failure

Jennifer: Hello! Surprise!

Ashian: Indeed! Hello you! Though we laugh, we are delighted to see you back again. We have missed your presence and the energy of those who connect with these words.

J: Really? It makes sense, but I would never have thought of you missing us.

A: Why not? Do you not see that we are in collaboration with you? You are part of our team. While we do not feel sorrow and pain, as you are imagining in this scenario, we do feel the absence of all of your presence.

J: Wow. Well, that’s a massive surprise and it makes my day. Where shall we start? Oh no, I’ve seen where you’re going, must we really?

A: If you wish not to go there, we can change topic…

J: No… go for it.

A: Thank you. We wish to discuss the redefining success and failure. We are aware that our dear Jennifer is by no means the only person on Gaia at present who has had more than one divorce. Her 3D fear is that people will believe she is not committed, or has certain failures in her personality.

This could not be further from the truth. This transmission for all of you who feel you failed: repeatedly.

Many people have chosen this lifetime to finish all their karma: to wrap up all the loose ends. All of them. This can look like erratic behaviour on the 3D plane and it can feel like failure to you, our dear friends, when you are going through it. But it is not. It is the accelerated clearing of old karma.

Now, some people will have repeated failures because they are not aligned with their truth, or because they are unwilling to learn lessons… how do you know if you are completing karma or making more karma?

That you are reading this is already an excellent sign, if we say so ourselves! It means you are on a path towards self-knowledge, you are attempting to consciously live your life guided by your intuition and your inner knowing, not based on external wants, needs or gains.

J: Excellent points, really. But I will say when I was looking to try to find where I ‘went wrong’ I see all sorts of personality distortions, mistaken decisions… I can truly see how ‘failure’ is ‘my fault.’

A: There is no failure. Ever. Never. There is only the expansion into new levels of understanding that change how you act from the inside out, based on your intuition.

Don’t try to keep your own score, the level of karmic clearing you are undertaking is far too complex for you to know your own score.

A better use of your focus is to become aware of when you are deciding from your inner knowing, not in response to outer fears, gains or even what others will think/say about you.

So, to conclude… you are a success when you make 5D decisions; decisions based on your inner sense of what is right and wrong, your intuition, your discernment. Don’t look at the outer effects of those decisions, because that’s the 3D and it’s not an accurate reflection of You and your creations, because it is so filled with distortions.

If you are reading this and realizing that many, or even some, of your decisions are made in order to gain something – whether it’s money, power, status, admiration, respect – or to avoid something, like disapproval, contempt, consequences for past actions, you are to be congratulated for coming to that awareness. It is a seismic shift if in consciousness as it opens you up to consciously access your 5D self.

Don’t worry about getting decisions right or wrong. Focus only on expressing your inner truth.

Let your inner knowing become so strong it is louder than anything in the outside world, then you have set your 5D compass.

The rest will fall into place, as if by magic.

c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 YouTube

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