Master Usui: The Way of the Heart

What feels right?

Live from the heart and make each decision from the heart. That way you bless your life and no longer create bad karma. Then you begin your way out of the cycle of incarnation and get closer to the end of all cycles.

The heart is the key to leaving this matrix and ascending into the luminous state of being.

It so happens that the heart often aspires to go one way while the mind is pushing in a completely different direction. Encourage the dialogue between the heart and the mind, and in the end always choose the way of the heart.

What feels right, good or necessary? What has the vibration of love and how can you manifest love?

Never rely on opinions and disregard all ‘good advice’. Dig deep inside and the answers will automatically reveal themselves to you.

Life never puts you in situations you cannot handle.

Life takes you exactly where you are supposed to be and confronts you with challenges you can master. Even if at times you are facing a closed book! Each mystery reveals itself to those who get to the bottom of it with all their heart.

Many a thing can’t happen or manifest only because a person isn’t fully focused and doesn’t fully engage.

Rebirth happens inside of you. Only there you find the answers to all questions. But in a world where only facts count hardly anyone is ready to listen to their intuition. “Right” or “wrong” is dictated by the mind and barely determined by the soul’s wisdom.

One day…

Beloved human,

One day life chooses you and makes you a unique offer: God’s grace in exchange for the death of the false Ego.

Letting everything die that pollutes the heart: burying opinions and beliefs, and gaining inner knowing through the portal to the heart.

Sometimes life offers you the possibility to take huge steps towards inner freedom, and sometimes you receive many hints that you should change your life and take on a new course. However, sometimes you don’t react and don’t respond. And so, you yourself determine your fate and sometimes have to take a detour.

Today I invite you to choose the direct way. And you directly reach the source by paying attention to the daily pointers in your life instead of ignoring them.

Misfortune is created when a person denies their inner guidance and doesn’t listen to their heart but to their conditioned mind.

Fortune is created when a person listens to the voice of their heart and when the only goal of their decisions is love; Karma is redeemed and the road to God is clear.

Living from the heart, acting through the heart, and trusting the heart in everything – … and you will safely cross the bridge over the abyss that is your lower nature.

With perfect love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “Master Usui: The Way of the Heart”

  1. Tricia

    Such great advice thank you so much Master Usui and Jhan Kassl just what I needed to hear and a good reminder 🙏💖❤️