Spirit Guides

From the very beginning of our souls existence we are being guided and nurtured by these loving beings every step of the way. When we are born on Earth these loving beings continue to guide us throughout our lives making sure we find our true purpose.

While we instinctively know that they’re around we cannot see them in our physical reality. Spirit guides are very advanced souls that have completed their incarnation cycles and are here to help us achieve the same thing. These spirit guides remain very aware of everything that’s happening to us. They influence our lives on Earth in many different ways and interact with us in many different ways.

Intuition… intuition are flashes of information your guides send to you literally out of nowhere but usually are of extreme importance… Listen to it! So many tune out their intuition which is unfortunate because it’s very valuable information. Intuition can also be lessons we mastered in previous lifetimes that are being brought forward. It’s recovered memory!

Whenever you have the sensation of instinctively knowing something, it’s either your guide sending it to you or you have already mastered that lesson in a previous incarnation.

Gut feeling…Your guide is trying to relay some information very important to you and the purpose of that strange feeling is to make you aware and question that particular decision.

Impossible situations…These are always situations arranged by your guides making sure a particular event occurs. We all have predestined events that happen in our life that make sure we experience a certain lesson all for the advancement of our evolution of spiritual advancement.

Coincidental encounters… I’ll just say this there are no coincidences, they are all arranged. There are higher forces at work creating these certain events for us and everyone experiences these encounters. And, as humans we simply lack the understanding to truly comprehend these experiences.

It is totally possible to get in touch with your spirit guides, many of us have, you just need to open up…and ask! You need to be aware of the subtleties in life, be more receptive to them because they’re not gonna come up and hit you upside the head.

A very good way to interact with your spirit guide is in your dream state, sleep state I call it direct contact. Because, down here in this 3rd dimensional reality, it’s all an illusion, it’s all fake, when you go up into that higher dimensional reality…that’s real, that’s who you truly are. This is one of the best ways to access your subconscious and communicate with your guides. Your subconscious is that bridge between you and the higher realms because there are no restrictions in those higher realities.

Think about it…

What could be better than relying on a spiritual energy or being that’s soul purpose is to guide you in life.

**By Teri Wade


One Reply to “Spirit Guides”

  1. Denise

    I’ve noticed this change last few months, these sudden insights/knowing being triggered! In fact it just happened for the third time on here in a previous article I just read. The first 2 were triggered by news headlines.
    I had been wondering if this was some shift in how our systems function ever since the first experience because you clearly recognize that it’s an experience.
    Thank you for this information 🙏🙏🙏
    Blessings of Love & Light to All