Paramahansa Yogananda: Partnership, Family, and Children

How do you find the right partner?

Beloved human being,

first prepare for this encounter on a spiritual level. Attract the woman of your life or the man of your dreams through spiritual groundwork.

What does this preliminary work consist of? First become mature yourself for a partnership – and to be mature means to free yourself from any jealousy. Jealousy is the greatest hindrance to a marriage or partnership. Work on this issue until you can be sure that it will not play a role in your partnership.

Thereupon ask your spiritual guidance for indications whether a life partner is granted to you in this life. Not every person has chosen a partnership. Sometimes you prefer to lead a life as a hermit than to get involved with a person in everyday life. This is what you need to find out first.

It is also quite possible that the right time for a partnership has not yet come. This is another very common fact. With all the efforts you make, always clarify first what is right for you now.

Then feel into yourself, declare yourself to heaven and signal your readiness! Let everything come to you, do not force anything, let it happen!

Only if you can live alone with yourself, you can enter into a partnership. If you don’t get along with yourself, then you don’t get along with anybody.

A partnership serves the people to work on the project life in loving togetherness.

Do not rush!

A true partnership is based on appointments from being and these appointments have to be recognized. So do not rush!

Ask yourself at this point: Can I be alone with myself or do I always need people around me?

If you are ready for the partnership, then connect yourself mentally with the partner. Invite him into your life! When the time has come, the encounter will take place. Therefore, be patient and do not compromise! Never distract yourself with other partners, but wait!

If the right person enters your life, then you recognize him or her by the agreed characteristics!

It is impossible to prevent an encounter that should take place and for which a person is ready. It happens!

Life with your life partner is one big party, when both people are clarified to such an extent that issues such as selfishness, envy and jealousy no longer affect them. Forgiveness also plays a decisive role in a partnership. It is the supreme discipline for the success of a marriage. If a spiritual dimension is added, life is perfect.

Sex and everyday life

In this way, sexuality also takes on a different significance. Sex is then not limited to the regions of the body, but it is a holistic event of spirit, soul and body. This is the unity that spiritually connected people can experience in every sexual encounter.

Even everyday life has a completely different quality. Happiness brings deep confidence – confidence in being different and in being like your partner.

No one who is confident wants to change another. Any partnership in which one wants to change the other fails. With spiritually developed people this is no longer an issue – everyone takes the other as he is!

There is no need for interference in your partner’s life. Therefore, never marry with the intention that you can mold your partner to your liking. This always goes wrong and plunges everyone into unhappiness!

Let a partnership rather be, as long as you have at the next always something to suspend. Then it is possibly because of you that you are still searching.

Why get upset – change yourself!

Mature souls enjoy being different from their partner, because this is the only way they can learn and grow themselves. Mature souls use the reflections of everyday life for their own development and they do not perceive them as a threat to their own ego. Thus, understanding and trust prevail instead of discord or strife.

Now love can occupy the space between man and woman. The ego recedes and the souls can meet each other.

How children become giants

Now children are an issue. You feel that you want to invite a soul into your life. How do you go about it?

Attract the souls! Invite souls that belong to you and fit you into your life! Make contact with the soul that wants to embody itself in you! Feel the being which should be your future child.

Have conversations and observe your dreams! Children choose their parents in the same way as parents choose their children – and children make themselves known to their future parents on the soul level before they are born. The most blessed foundation for the family is:

Open your souls and exude the fragrance of love like a flower – until honeybees settle on it.

Open your souls and exude the fragrance of love like a flower – until the honeybees settle on it.

Your family will flourish and the children will grow into the giants they indicate they are from birth.

I love you infinitely.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by