Goddess of Light and Buddha: Sananda & the Wesak Festival

This time of year is always a beautiful channel that involves Buddha & Yeshua. While this was not recorded on the Full Moon in May, we linked with that date which is when the Wesak or Visak festival takes place.

We are now fully in the ascended energies. This means that the planet is vibrating at a higher frequency that is more in alignment with the Ascended Masters. Tonight’s channel reflects this by including more than just Yeshua & Buddha. Sananda is the oversoul for Yeshua, Buddha, Abraham, Muhammed, and Krishna. They all came to earth as part of this festival. What was interesting is that there were also female ascended masters that were present.

As all were present in this high meadow in the Himilayan mountains, Buddha spoke with us and they all worked as a group to transmit the energies and frequencies. In fact, throughout this transmission, I was able to see the 7th-dimensional life that is inside the earth.

This is a powerful message about the commonality of all religions and how we as humans can come together through this ascension process.

Nama Sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

You live upon the Earth during a time of transition. You live upon the Earth during a time in which you are creating your own life, your own reality. However, in doing so it creates opportunities and potentials for the many, many other people that are also upon the Earth. Some may be your friends, co-workers, or acquaintances, and some may be people of whom you have never come into contact.

The transition of energy when one is in the ascension process is that of finding a frequency, and then as you link with it, it gets more and more filled with energy and light. It’s happening. It happens on a consistent basis. The foundation for the frequency and that energy of the World has now been lifted and raised to a much higher frequency than what it used to be. Be in this moment. Fill your heart with love. Allow the energies and the frequencies to come within every moment, or in particular at any time that most resonates within you.

Breathe into your heart center. As you do so you feel that ball of energy. It just circulates within your heart. You could take a piece of it and send it down into your solar plexus, down into your sacral and your root centers, until everything goes down connecting with Gaia. As you feel Gaia’s energy take in whatever messages may be coming up for you. As you allow your own essence to be in this moment feel what that is to this link to Gaia. Do you see yourself as more grounded? Do you see your energies as in an even flow? Allow for all of this to be present within you.

That focus and that energy comes back up. Once again it swirls into your heart center and you send it up through your throat, third eye, your head center, you move into the space of your Higher Self. Look around at all that is here. Within your Higher Self you may see those things that you are working upon in your everyday life, you may see past projects that are now completed. Clear out whatever no longer serves you. As you do so it opens up the door for greater potential.

You then send your energy streaming up that cord that links you to your human experience. As you do so you find that you are merging with your Divinity. What is this to you? What is your soul essence to you? Most as you merge see that which is most associated with your lives upon the Earth. Do you see perhaps some of your past lives? Do you see other lifetimes that impact where you are right now? Is there perhaps a future life that’s coming into this now moment also within you? Feel all of what that is. I can feel everyone expanding further as you begin to open up to that alignment that goes deeper into your Divinity.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to blend with you. We merge our energies and in doing so you shift into the All That Is. As you are present within the All That Is look around. The last time that we gathered together those of you that have already ascended were with Yeshua in a gathering that everyone was able to observe. Perhaps at that immediate time, you did not notice if you were a part of that group, but since then have you been receiving any information? Are you expanding through all that you receive?

I know many of you that are here at the forefront have been present and were ascended prior to this lifetime. I say this not as something to look at through your Ego, but it’s something to give you the assurance that you’ve been here, you’ve done this, your energy is already over on the other side of the ascension process.

I believe that most everybody can agree that the vibration has changed. The vibration is such that all are present. You are not going to go back into that low vibrational frequency. So, with all that being said we are a little bit early for this, however, I feel that this year in particular it’s important to connect with the Wesak festival. This takes place in the Himalayan mountains on the full moon in May. It represents Buddha’s birthday. It is a time in which Yeshua and Buddha both return to the Earth so as to help in creating the changes that support humanity.

There were many that celebrate this festival and consider it only Buddha that returns. That is neither here nor there. There are others that look at this festival and consider Sananda, Yeshua, and Buddha. Many, many of that group of the oversoul can return at this time and so we will begin.

I invite you to be conscious within yourself. Allow your focus to come back down within you and I transform the space of the All That Is so that you may see and experience the Himalayan mountains. As you see them opening up in front of you your first perception may be that of the vastness of the mountains. These have always been a very sacred space upon the Earth. In particular, throughout the past year, there have been many activations that are opening up the vortices that have always been present within these mountains. You will also note that there are many more vortices around the world that are now activated and bringing forth not only information but a place where the non-terrestrials may come into the Earth.

You see the high meadow where this ceremony always takes place. As we descend our consciousness into this Meadow take a look around. There are many, many people that are present. Many are individuals that are currently living upon the Earth. Others are supportive of this experience.

It does not look like the Dalai Lama, but a very high-ranking priest of the Buddhist religion. Excuse me if that’s the wrong word. A Lama comes forth and walks out into the center of this Meadow. I ask that each one of you open up your consciousness, that you may see, sense, feel the alignment with him.

As we are here present within this space become aware of the sounds of the Earth. There may be those critters, crickets, whatever they are within that space but it sounds like a cricket. As you are present within this Meadow, you might feel under your bare feet the grasses of the Meadow. You may find yourself perched upon a rock, or perhaps even within a tree. Look around at the sides of this canyon. You will see torches and many, many people line the area. Some at the level of the Meadow and some going up the sides of the mountain.

I invite you to walk with the Lama that is heading out to invite Buddha into this moment. As if you walk beside him stop and feel the vibration and the frequency that emanates from this sacred place. He prepares the field by placing symbols, and flags, and prayers upon the Earth. As the time is right all becomes quiet and as you look up you see descending down into this place Gautama Buddha.

As he arrives you have the ability to see him as the human that lived that last life. You may have a perception that he is even more present than he has been in the past. He comes into this space. As he radiates the light and frequency for who he is, all that are around him can feel that very, very high-frequency love. Some fall to their knees. Others have a sense of shielding their eyes. What resonates with you. It is your choice.

He moves around those that are gathered. You now notice that there is quite a crowd where first it was one there is now a group. He greets everyone. Some by name. Some by a name that may be their universal name.

Once he has settled his energy he turns around, again opening up the fabric and the energy of the earth plane you see Yeshua as he comes down. As he comes into this space you see that white light, and as he descends onto the earth plane the same people have a sense of shielding their eyes because the light is so bright. Some people may or may not see him as his physical form. However, he is here and present in all physicality, although it is not the physicality of that last lifetime upon the Earth. He too greets everyone that is present within this space.

The entourage has grown again now that they are both here. The field still has that feeling of cozy, high, light frequency. However, there are many, many more that are present. Everybody sits down and finds a place that is comfortable for them.

Yeshua and Buddha look towards the sky once more. People are surprised that Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Melchizedek, and others that make up the oversoul of Sananda are also coming into the valley at this time. The energy just keeps getting bigger and bigger does it not. There is a sense of a ceremony that is taking place. As each arrives they find those with whom they lived and shared that time so that there are now multiple different groups within this Meadow.

I ask you to take note. Each one of these has been considered the holy man of the various major religions upon the planet. Do you see the similarity that they all contain while at the same time you can see the diversity that they represent? Wave upon wave of energy and light is moving through the valley and moving into each one of you. Feel it as it moves through.

As you continue to look you may see those that you would consider Non-Terrestrials that are also present within this space. The doorway of communication with those that are living within the Universe, including this group that has lived upon the Earth, is wide open. Therefore, they too are present to express their support for humanity.

I ask that Buddha come forward to speak to all that are here. As he comes forward a rock manifests and he sits up on that rock. There is a staff that appears in his hand and he rests it against the Earth. He speaks in a very beautiful, melodious, quiet voice. This voice can be heard by every single person within the valley as if they were sitting adjacent to him. I now invite him to speak.

Buddha Speaks:

Greetings it is I the one known as Gautama Buddha. I come to this celebration as I do each year. Some years I am by myself. In other years there are quite a few that come with me. This year I invited all that are Sananda to return and be present for this gathering. As you will note we have a similarity to our frequency although each of us are quite unique. And while we come from the oversoul that is Sananda we are each separate souls with that common thread that goes to Sananda.

We come from the stars. In each one of our lifetimes, we brought to you the energy and the frequency of hope. We brought to you the information that would assist you with your life. We brought to you the first-hand knowledge that you are not alone, that there is great love and support ever available to you. Look around at all the people that are here.

He begins to walk around connecting with various groups. You may also notice that each one of the other Ascended Masters also are connecting with groups of people and the Buddha keeps talking.

The Earth is coming out of a deep, deep, deep sleep. Within this sleep, consciousness was taken over and people’s abilities were removed or it was attempted to remove them. The technology of your planet was hidden from you. Every time that each one of us came to the Earth we created more and more vortices for this light to be anchored upon the planet. Through the people that followed us and walked with us, we brought more and more and more light into the darkness.

This ascension was attempted multiple times within the past. Now it is complete. As you look around me at my brothers and sisters; yes, you may not have noticed but there are many females that are also a part of this group. They are not so well known, but they had their own lifetimes and their own followings. So, as you look around at all that are here you will know that each one of us was that pillar of light that was then sent into the darkness.

You will hear more and more about what has been kept from you. As you do so I ask you not to be mad. I ask you not to lash out at others. I ask you to understand that the consciousness of the Earth needed this time of these thousands upon thousands of years to grow in the way in which it has. We all come from other parts of the Universe. So do you. Those of you that have been within the cycle of the earth plane incarnating/transitioning, incarnating/transitioning, perhaps have been stuck within that system and have totally forgotten you came from somewhere else. You’re here. You are listening to me right now. You are receiving all that is happening.

As I walk amongst you take note that the Earth itself is transforming so that you may look within at the Inner Earth. You see cities built of stone that radiate light. You see movement from place to place seemingly without effort. You see the growing of vegetables and fruits that feed you and you see how light transforms the food. There are different meats and some choose to eat meat, and the relationship with meat is that of a gratitude for what was given and freely given with light to support humanity. Some consider this the 7th dimension. It is that plus more above and below. You do not access this by going into the planet. You access it by opening to the light frequencies. Experience what that might be.

As the world continues to evolve there will be relationships between those of you upon the Earth, and those of us within the Universe, and those that are within the Inner Earth. You perhaps have an aspect of you that is living within the Inner Earth or out within the Universe. You as your Soul are massive. You have infinite lives. You may draw from them at any time.

As they walk amongst you, I wish for you to see how we are all connected with one another. It is not only because we are from the same oversoul, but it is because light and frequency is the common denominator. Release the separateness that you have felt throughout your lives. Release the judgment that one is better than another. Be open to acknowledge you as your own Divinity is the foundation for your life.

I could literally see some of you begin to levitate!

My brothers and sisters we are all here together. We have saved planet Earth. As we move forward living upon this Earth Gaia herself will continue to respond and grow in the most beautiful of ways. Please know that each one of us are ever-present for you. Reach towards whichever one resonates most with you in any given moment.

We are all love and light. We do not just bring it to you, love and light, we are love and light. Just as each one of you are also love and light. As that frequency vibrates within you it transitions your heart, it expands all your energy bodies, it shows you who you are.

Breathe in and breathe out.


It is I Gaia. Ha, ha, ha. It is I the Goddess. I have been merged with Gaia especially as the Buddha showed us the Inner Earth. So perhaps my misspeak of saying I am Gaia it’s not so mistaken.

I invite you to really take note of this entire group that is here. Observe the harmony. Observe the diversity while at the same time there is that thread of continuity. There are blessings for all of you. There is a blessing in being alive.

You see that the Buddha begins his ascension once again into the heavens and what is interesting is it’s as if he’s moving up a spiral. You begin to see all that are here moving up that spiral. Some in groups, some individually until the entire meadow is empty. As you look up, as you look at the stars, as you look at the heavens, observe everything. Understand that not only are there messages that come in many, many forms understand that the light, that the love, that the presence of these individuals are all within you.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

We returned back to the All That Is. We let go that alignment with the Himalayan mountains. As we do so look around at what this place is for you. Are there changes? Are there new messages? Is this opening your consciousness in a new way?

I invite you to come back together as a group. If you are still processing and would like to where you, then by all means, do so. For those that would like to come back within this group, you may see standing amongst you, all of those that are the aspects of Sananda.

Within this column of light, you see that hologram of the Earth. As it comes up within this group it begins to rotate and spin and as you look at the hologram, you’ll understand that you are also looking at the Earth itself. Send into it your newly created, or your newly deepened alignment with these Ascended Masters, and as you send that into the hologram it is creating that potential for all.

There is an aspect that goes out within the universe and the remainder goes down into the Earth. It anchors within the center of the Earth and it flows through that which is the inner Earth, with whom you connected during this journey. All of our channels have moved through that space, however, this time you have the opportunity to see it, sense it, and know it in new and different ways.

The energy also comes up through the Earth. It comes up through your connection to Gaia. As everything of this higher, light frequency comes into each one of you, it also comes into the water, the grass, the animals, it comes into each one of you.

You bring the remainder of your consciousness back down. As you take in a few deep breaths you are bringing back into you your expanded consciousness that was in the All That Is. You bring back into you, your expanded alignment with your Divinity. Allow your presence to become anchored within your physicality.

Beloved family during this time of the Wesak festival really make an effort to tap into these energies. You may do so of course year-round, but during this next two to three weeks I encourage you to really anchor these energies.

You are a part of it. You were already a part of this festival. You are not alone and there is a great deal of the new light frequencies that are moving within and around humanity, within and around the earth.

So beloved, thank you for being a part of this, and know that I am ever with you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net

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  1. youngold

    Thank you, this is grace and blessings to introduce me to the Wesak festival of Sananda. I deeply feel it.

  2. Galaxy

    Such uplifting ideas and practices. In gratitude and grace. My heart opens to infinite Light.