The Siriusians: Living in the 5th Dimension

Dearest Ones it is time to learn about living in the 5th Dimension. You have been so used to living in a 3rd Dimensional world that you thought that there was no other way of living. In effect you have been living in a cage and now the cage door is open, and you wonder whether to fly out or stay in your comfort zone, inside of the cage.

The world that you have known is changing fast and you need to change with it. Supposedly you have been looked after from cradle to grave by your governments who have tricked you into believing that there was only so much money that you could have to live on, and this is how they kept you under control.

Dear Ones, there was always enough money for everyone to live a happy life, but the dark side had appropriated much of this. But Dearest Ones the Time will soon be coming when many of the World’s Governments will be collapsing, and local communities will be taking over their role. Some of you as Wayshowers will be very much needed to help communities get back on their feet again after the collapse. It is time now to think on how you would like this New World to be and your place in the society that is to become.

It may seem to some people that life is slowly getting back to normal after the pandemic, but this is very much far from the case. Life will never be the same again as new technologies that have been hidden from you slowly come to the fore. Life will look very different in the future as more work will be done by machines and humans will have less work to do and more time for leisure activities.

Much information will be coming out about what has been hidden from the world. You will be finding out that the history that was written in your books was not exactly how it actually happened. Some people’s worlds will be turned upside down as they begin to realize how wrong they have been in the past.

People who have believed the Government’s narrative in these last two years will have much inner work to do when the real truth comes out and will very much need your help to come up to speed with what has actually been going on.

The real Truth that the Wayshowers woke up too many years back will be slowly coming out now and there will be much shock when this happens. Your mission as Wayshowers was to wake up first to be able to help and heal others when they awaken and lead them out of the darkness.

Many of you have been feeling tired and want something to happen to change things and we are here to tell you that Change is coming. Keep meditating and going out into Nature to keep your energy levels high. Avoid crowded places. Connect with like minded souls to keep the vibration high across the planet.

Imagine how you would like your life to be in the 5th Dimension and manifest that New World for all to see. The 5th Dimension is ready for you all to enter if you are brave enough. Your friends and families will be in the 2nd wave of awakening and of course will need your help to evolve. There will be dark souls who will not evolve and souls who have chosen to leave the planet at this time so be prepared for this mass exit.

The Earth will need your help to recover from the damage that has taken place, but this will not be an arduous task for more technologies will come to light to help.

Have no Fear Dear ones. Refrain from watching the Main News Media. Much of what is being said is far from the Truth. However, there are many news channels coming forward who are telling the Truth, and these will become more popular as the old Main news media collapses. The Light has won, and the Truth is slowly being drip fed to the masses in a way to cause the least damage and some of the evil that has taken place will not be known by the masses for many months if not years.

Many of you have been asking about finances. We are here to tell you to not worry for in the very near future you will have all that you need. There is enough wealth and abundance to go around for every single person on Earth to have enough to enjoy a happy, healthy long life. The old adage of living 3 score year and ten was a lie and humans will be living as long as they want to with no health issues.

And so Dear Ones, have no fear, all is well. the Light has won, there is nothing to worry about. Enjoy your life and know that your future is assured however it may seem otherwise. Abundance is yours; good health is yours; a long and happy life is yours. You are a Sovereign being and as such the world is yours for the taking. The future on Earth will be a paradise of your own making.

As always, we are here to help and guide you, so call on us whenever you are in need.

We send you Much Love and Many Blessings.

We are Sirius.

**Channel: Thea Grace


7 Replies to “The Siriusians: Living in the 5th Dimension”

    1. Merry Ann Mac

      I am going to be 79 years old on June 3rd. I am so grateful that Jesus allowed me to stay long enough to see this all happen. I feel as if I have been preparing for this all my life and that I was born to do it all. Heaven on Earth is my goal! Amen

  1. P.S.

    “The Light has won, and the Truth is slowly being drip fed to the masses in a way to cause the least damage and some of the evil that has taken place will not be known by the masses for many months if not years.”

    Case in point: UK MSM is turning against the WHO. I think they’ve been taken over. Ahahahahaha!

    1. P.S.

      We, humanity, are going to manifest The Event. It is our collective creation to wake everyone up. That everyone is suddenly discussing the particulars of it is a sign that we are ready to bring it into being, and God is going to help us with the exact timing. The discussion is merely a reflection of what we chose when we created The Event.

      So, I think you’ll find The Event will have many elements of what’s being discussed. It’s clear to me the general theme is something like an apocalypse thriller movie combined with a roller coaster. It’ll be terrifying. It’ll be exhilarating. Yet at the same exact time, we’re all going to be buckled into the car of the ride so we don’t fall out. In that way we’ll be safe enough provided we remember:

      1. We created it for ourselves.
      2. On the other side The Best is Yet to Come.
      3. We can handle it, because we’ve been preparing for this moment for eons.