Much Is Shifting Within

We all are feeling emotional right now as the lunar eclipse and full moon coming have been triggering us for 2 days already. Feeling irritated, angry, upset, stuck, blocked, worries about certain situations or people.

It is all old toxic feelings, energies, thoughts and beliefs. Monitor it, see what it is you still hold on to that no longer serves you and is holding you back from moving forward, take time to reflect. It is part of the old you and meant to be let go off.

Many people feel uncertain as we are ascending more, there is much fear in the collective as most of humanity are not awake yet and do not even know what is going on.

There is much projection by people projecting their fears and negative feelings onto others so be aware you do not be distracted by this and protect yourself by clearing yourself of any doubts, worries or negative energies and thoughts blocking your inner state of peace and harmony.

It is even more important not to give these feelings, thoughts, doubts and negative energies you have yourself any power or project them onto your loving soul family or beloved.

All is energies and we need not to fight it as it must flow through us. Let go of the ego talk and ego control as the we are in divine energy flow.

Our physical body is communicating with us strongly telling us we need to release more dense energies still connected to the 3D world. It can feel tired, heavy, needing more rest or wants to eat more, just a couple of signs your body is asking you to listen.

We are granted time for deep self reflection as there might be a life lesson understood, to forgive yourself, to let go of anything holding you stuck in the past. We need to have more gratitude for all things and situations we have overcome and learn to love ourselves even more.

Take time for selfcare and relax so your body and mind can find new balance in empowered energy.

Taking a hot bath with sea salt, be in nature, meditate, do not interact with negative people, be on social media to much or watch Tv.

There Is No Need For Worry as your dreams and hopes are still creating your new world but for now we are granted time to reflect what we need to understand and let go of our past still holding us back in fear of stepping up and choose love, joy and happiness instead.
We need to be grateful for all we have overcome and make peace with our past.

We need to open up and let the new supportive energies replace the old so we can find the courage and new energy to make our wishes, dreams and new love we have asked for come true.

Heart Blessings,

**By David Alexander Lightfoot


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