A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altrun

You and your Earth are undergoing massive transformations along with all of its sentient beings.

You have clearly entered the Sixth Mass Extinction. And the relative stability of the Holocene era has given way to the Anthropocene (i.e., human-induced changes to the ecosystem).

Increasing instability of the ecosystem will continue to generate abnormal weather patterns. And increased global warming will put undue stress on all biological life. Indeed, the very underpinnings of life itself, the vast complex networks of botanical lifeforms are being and will continue to be stressed to their breaking point. This will obviously have ominous effects on agriculture. But botanical stress includes not just plant forms you eat or feed to your beasts, but also include other land-based and aquatic plants that are indispensable for the survival of most animal species.

Extinction events have happened to lifeforms on your planet before, but in this instance, it has been harbingered by human activity.

To be clear here, by Mass Extinction we do not mean the eradication of all lifeforms. Rather we are referring to the high probability that all species will be detrimentally affected and many of these (but not all of them) will become extinct.

Viewing the probable timeline of your planet from our perspective, we predict that as a whole, humanity will survive but a massive loss of human life will be unavoidable (unless a miracle of international cooperation arises in a quick and effective manner).

From the standpoint of higher dimensions and certainly from our bias as light beings, the purpose of human life is not biological survival. Rather human life offers a unique niche within the Multiverse to rapidly evolve spiritually by experiencing the crosshairs of time and space whereby one directly perceives the dynamic flux of the cosmos. This hyper state of constant change within the cosmos is nothing less than the eternal transformations of energy-into-light-into-matter and then back again like an infinite Mobius strip that turns back upon itself like a serpent swallowing its tail.

From a distance, this dance of existence is marvelous to behold. But if you are in the middle of it, it can be something altogether—quite distressing actually, unless you have learned how to reside in a state of consciousness that transcends all phenomena.

The pressures upon an embodied being (especially now) are immense. And while this metaphor borders on being cliché, it is nonetheless valid. A human being is much like a lump of coal. And like coal, when pressure is exerted upon the psyche of a human, he or she will either shatter or be transformed into a diamond.

As you move deeper into the 21st Century with all of its attendant technological advances, you are at the same time confronted by growing evidence of the Sixth Mass Extinction.

How odd and ironic!

It is certainly possible (and even probable) that highly creative individuals and groups of thought-tribes (a collection of persons who share similar perspectives and passions) will create new technologies that will help to mitigate many of the devastating effects of the Sixth Mass Extinction. From a practical standpoint, this is what is needed. And we see this unfolding in surprising ways as humanity wakes up to its existential dilemma.

This time in human history, while fraught with dire difficulties, need not spell the end of human history, rather, it can usher in a new renaissance of creativity and cooperation as humanity rises to the occasion and meets the challenges head-on. Indeed, despite itself, humanity has a tremendous reserve of creativity and adaptability under stress.

One key to flourishing under duress is the art of increasing both your outer awareness (what is actually going on around you) and your inner awareness (what you are holding in consciousness— i.e., your thought-creation-patterns, the emotional patterns that you are creating in yourself and how you project these into your “external environments”). We put the words external environment in quotes because from our perspective there is no real inner versus outer. Your perceived outer reality is actually a projection and a magical display of energy-light-matter that originates from the deepest levels of your own consciousness.


There are innumerable ways to enhance awareness. And with increased awareness (both outer awareness and inner awareness) you can accomplish great things.

We have, in the past, offered various means to attain many types of internal awareness. And we would refer you to the Archives to read about them, many of which include the use of sound—for we are Sound Crafters who use sound and vibration for the purpose of affecting positive outcomes.

In this message, we are sharing a new sound meditation for attaining increased inner awareness, while providing you with energetic restoration through the flow of subtle light energies.  We call this sound meditation The Cave of Altruin, which is a kind of pun as in All-True-In.

The sound field is only 11 minutes in length, but in this short time it can profoundly alter your consciousness and open to you a vast world of magical transformations.

There are a few elements to consider when engaging The Cave of Altruin.

The sound field is a rotating acoustic vortex that will alter your consciousness if you focus your relaxed attention on the sounds themselves. When your mind wanders simply and gently, bring your focus back to the constantly changing architecture of the sound patterns.

A deeper level of healing and transformation is available to you if you listen to the sounds while resting in The Cave of Altruin, which you create in the imaginal realms of your mind.

Imagine and feel that you are in a beautiful spacious cave. The walls are lapis lazuli, a deep dark blue. And embedded throughout the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cave are innumerable precious jewels, semi-precious stones, and Wish-Fulfilling Gems. These types of Wish-Fulfilling Gems are nowhere to be found in your 3D reality rather they reside in the subtle realms of light. By the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, we are not implying that they grant your mundane wishes. Rather, their emanations bring forward your higher attributes and qualities. It is these higher aspects of your nature that need to be brought forward for your own good and for the good of all beings, including the great being—the Goddess Gaia—who now needs your help as much as you need her help to survive and thrive.

All of these jewels, semi-precious stones, and gems are from another timeline than yours. They are from a far distant future Earth that has passed through The Great Turmoil, and her ecology has been healed and restored with new vibrational realities in the mineral kingdom.

When you conjoin your focus of attention on the sounds and relax into a self-created sensory experience of the Cave, you will enter a potent transformational field of subtle energy. The minerals embedded within the lapis lazuli walls of the Cave will then spontaneously, without any effort on your part, project to you their extraordinary healing and transformational potencies.

Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.

The Cave of Altruin is a multidimensional oasis for restoration and a sanctuary for receiving high vibrational energies. The energies that emanate from the Cave can enliven you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Rest in the Cave whenever you feel the need for deep restoration and magical transformation.

From the deepest space within our collective hearts and minds, we send to you—our currently Earth-bound brothers and sisters—a multifaceted gemstone of clear-white luminous light. This gemstone is nothing less than the innate clear awareness, that although often hidden by grasping and striving, is always present in the heart/minds of all beings throughout the Multiverse.

It is time to wake up and embrace the extraordinary opportunities that exist upon your planet as the Great Goddess Gaia shifts into new vibrational realities. And may The Cave of Altruin be a true sanctuary for you.

The Hathors
May 15, 2022
Orcas Island


This sound meditation came about in a most unexpected way. I was told by my Hathor mentors, around midnight, that they wished me to go into the studio and record The Cave of Altruin sound codes.

At the time we were in the midst of a large geomagnetic storm precipitated by a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from the sun. I set up the recording system and quipped that we were in the midst of a solar storm and there might be technical challenges. They quipped right back that there would be no technical issues and to not be wary of solar flares, CMEs, or geomagnetic storms. They went on to say, “the only reason to be frightened of such cosmic events is if one is attempting to resist radical expansions of consciousness.”

Surprisingly, there were no technical issues with the recording in spite of the ongoing solar storm.

Since receiving this sound mediation, Judi and I have worked with it multiple times and under multiple conditions (meaning our own emotional storms). And I have a few suggestions.

There are three primary elements that make this meditation work.

The first element is the sound codes themselves, which create a spinning acoustic vortex. This, in and of itself, alters consciousness, and you could certainly just listen to the sounds and travel inter-dimensionally. Indeed, I have found this tonal matrix to be highly conducive to psycho-navigation…exceptionally so.

The second element that makes this meditation work is the creation of a luminous cave in the imaginal realm of your own consciousness.

The Hathors are very clear regarding the attributes of this cave. It needs to be spacious according to your personal preference. The walls of this cave are lapis lazuli, a deep blue…similar to the edge of the stratosphere, past where our atmosphere meets deep space. The walls of the cave are embedded with scintillating jewels and gemstones that emanate light and sound. These gemstones and jewels are from a different timeline than that of our present Earth. They are from a far distant future where Earth has finally passed through its current upheavals and the ecosystem has been healed. In this new vibrational reality, Earth’s mineral kingdom has been revitalized and new jewels and gemstones have appeared on our planet. These possess remarkable healing and restorative abilities. And all of this is made available to you when you enter and rest in the Cave.

Due to the fact that the Cave of Altruin is in the imaginal world, you can choose to make it as comfortable as you wish. If it is too small, make it more spacious. If it is too large for you, make it smaller. And if the floor of the cave is too rough make it softer or even imagine yourself floating above it.

Having worked with this meditation many times now, I think one of the Hathors’ comments is especially significant.

“Release yourself from the malaise of striving and grasping. Don’t try to make anything happen. Don’t try to direct the subtle energies that flow to you from the light realms. Let them come into you of their own accord. Surrender to the child-like innocence of relaxed curiosity.”

It really does help if we can just relax inside the cave and not try to make things happen. In other words, don’t fiddle with the streams of light or try to direct them into your body where you think they should go…or affect them in any way. Just let them be and be curious.

The Hathors also used the term Wish-Fulfilling Gems, an idea that may be new to some readers. It refers to certain types of gemstones that are highly metaphysical in nature and cannot be found in the earth-plane of existence. Rather they reside in the most subtle realms of light and are expressions of pure consciousness. They do not grant your mundane wishes. Rather, they enliven elevated aspects of your own nature and help to bring your positive attributes into expression for both your own benefit and for the benefit of other beings. There is nothing to do, per se, with emanations from the Wish-Fulfilling Gems. They flow into your body and mind just like all the beneficial emanations that will be streaming to you from the lapis lazuli cave.

The third and final element that makes this meditation truly effective is listening to the sound codes with your body, not just your ears. This simply means to let yourself feel the energy emanations coming from the Cave as they enfold and penetrate your body. When your mind wanders, simply bring your attention back to your body and relax into your exhales. If you are like me, your mind will wander a lot. This isn’t a problem, so long as you gently bring your attention back to the task at hand—relaxing into the vibrational energies of the sound codes and allowing them to enfold and enter your body and mind.

All three elements are required if you choose to use the meditation for the primary reason the Hathors created it—to assist you to vibrationally step up to what is being demanded of you as Earth writhes through its ongoing transformation. I chose that metaphor of writhing because that is how snakes shed their skin. And that is what Earth seems to be doing from many vantage points. The problem is if we identify with the old realities (the old skin) then we will be under a lot more stress and strain than if we identify with the new vibrational realities (the new skin) …although quite frankly it is not yet clear to many of us just what these new vibrational realities will be.

Jesus spoke to this issue of new vibrational energies in one of his parables when he said you cannot pour new wine into old skins.

The old skins (the physical realities of our bodies) are not equipped to deal with the intense influx of new cosmic energies flooding our planet. Many of us are cracking under the duress of too much too fast.

This meditation is, quite frankly, a means for you to bring to yourself a host of benevolent and life-enhancing energies from the higher light realms of consciousness.  It is a type of vibrational oasis that you can come to again and again when you feel the need for deep restoration.

Those familiar with my other recordings may recognize the foundation track for The Cave of Altruin from The Aethos CD. The Athos is the collective name given to the Hathors’ spiritual teachers, and they emanate non-dual sound codes. While the drone sound may remind you of a synthesizer, it was actually created by layering multiple tracks of the A ethos sound vibrations that I channeled several years ago. Thus, there were no electronic instruments used to create The Cave of Altruin.

It is strongly suggested that you use stereo headphones or earbuds when listening to this sound meditation. Computer and cell phone speakers are simply not up to the task. The sound codes for the emanations of light have been placed in different spatial locations. This stereo separation will greatly facilitate your experience inside the Cave. And the only way to hear this separation is to listen to the recording with full stereo separation. This is why I strongly suggest only using stereo headphones or earbuds.

Also, very importantly, do not listen to this sound meditation in situations requiring alertness such as driving a car. This is not said lightly. Depending on your level of receptivity, a perceptual Einstein-Rosen Bridge (i.e., wormhole) could appear and you could find yourself in another perceptual world…not a good thing if you are driving!

If you decide you like the sound meditation enough to use it often, we ask that you download it onto your device and not rely on our server.

You are certainly not limited to the 11-minute duration of the recorded sound meditation. If you wish to work with it for longer periods of time, just hit the repeat button. Personally, I prefer longer durations for exploration so I created an extended version, which you can read about below. But you really can just hit repeat.


The Celestial Sangha is a non-localized experiment in consciousness through which you can send coherent life-affirming energies to Earth. For those who feel the desire to protect Earth and its sentient life, this is a unique opportunity to engage in planetary service. For more information about this undertaking and how you can participate, go to The Celestial Sangha on the homepage at http://www.tomkenyon.com or click here.

Click here to listen to and/or download The Cave of Altruin Sound Meditation. Note: The link will take you to the Listening Section. After you agree to the Listening Agreement, you will have full access to a cornucopia of sound meditations, lectures, videos and musical compositions. All of this content is available to you free of charge.


10 Replies to “A Hathor Planetary Message: The Cave of Altrun”

  1. Harriet

    Yes, mankind is causing global weather change, about 25%, and the Deep State is contributing, but Earth is doing most of it on her own, about 75%. Earth wants to make all the arid and desert regions verdant again, world wide. So weather changes are going to continue. She wants the wild fires because she wants to get rid of old growth and start fresh new growth. She wants to sink the southern California mountains in the Pacific ocean or at least level them via earthquakes so Pacific storms can make it across the arid states in southwest US. She wants to create a mini ice age in the north central US which will change the weather patterns all the way thru Europe and Northen Africa. She’ll make the mini ice age by having Yellowstone erupt and throw ash in the sky. Summers will snow all the way to Chicgo, ice will form and there’s the mini ice age that will last a couple hundred years or so. If you live near the Pacific or Yellowstone, the warning when this will happen is Japan will have another earthquake and giant tsunami. Then about a month later Yellowstone will erupt. Then about 2 weeks later the earthquakes will start in California. I might have the volcano and earthquakes in wrong order but it doesn’t matter. The whole western US will be in turmoil no matter which happens first. Regardless, most people have intuition about their safety, and when a lot of people start moving from an area, that will tip us off that something big is going to happen in that area. So pay attention to transient population stats.

    Earth wanted to do this decades ago but she is waiting for our souls to agree. And she is still waiting. When the right people are living in these areas per their death and experience destinies, then our souls will give Earth the okay to the earthquakes and eruptions.

    I’m thinking she needs the whole planet to have a temperate climate for her 5D reality, along with mining to end, toxic chemicals and radiation removed, humans to stop the 6th Mass Extinction, and for us to stop being negative because she doesn’t want to absorb our negativity any longer. Creator asked the Master of Discomfort to absorb our negativity and he did it for millions of years. But the negativity got out of control (68% vs 35%) and the Master of Discomfort said he/she couldn’t absorb it any longer. Creator said okay and asked Earth to absorb it. She said okay but she has to release it through hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc. So when we stop producing all the negativity we will see a lot less storms, floods, etc.

  2. Dubious

    [Increasing instability of the ecosystem will continue to generate abnormal weather patterns. And increased global warming will put undue stress on all biological life.]

    Any and all severe weather changes are due to weather manipulation, something that has been acknowledged as fact for decades now. Why do you think they are spraying chem trails all day every day. And HAARP is well known and proved at this point.

    The idea of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ are ploys by the dark, pushed by the MSM and governments for the purpose of control in the form of climate lockdowns and control over food sources.

    It has all been documentated by those who look, because the dark’s religion demands they inform us of their plans (via movies, tv, music, random rock carvings and even outright stating) and in doing so get our ‘consent’. Bypassing the whole ‘free will’ thing. Their plans in the form of a pandemic, climate concerns and lockdowns, shortages, civil war, nuclear war and fake alien invasion have been known for decades, which is why everyone keeps saying ‘the conspiracy theorists have been proven right’. The conspiracy theorists simply knew the plan. Anyone who looked could see it.

    You can literally look back and trace the implimentation of the climate change propaganda; from the ozone layer scares in the 80’s, the ice caps melting, global warming (which they had to change to global cooling due to the fact that temperatures were going down, not up, due to the fact that the earth is due a mini ice age), now climate change or whatever the hell they are calling it these days.

    The point is, it is NOT REAL It is fear propanganda. If the MSM and the govs are pushing it, then it is NOT REAL, and boy! have they been pushing the whole climate change guilt trip and agenda for a while now. Even to the point of putting obnoxious, whining little girls on TV to cry, rant and shout ‘how dare you!’, at us all.

    Don’t fall into the fear.

    1. Ron Ratttner

      Dubious accurately says that serious climate disruption of Nature is mostly caused by constantly sprayed chemtrails and Pentagon sponsored classified weather warfare that’s been happening for decades.

      For twenty years rare truth-telling solar scientist Dane Wigington, has been revealing this at GeoengineeringWatch.org. That website is the world’s pre-eminent and most censored source of accurate scientific data about climate collapse, geoengineering, chemtrails, and weather warfare, with over 40 million visits.

      PLEASE SHARE HIS POSTINGS, especially the free (and censored) recent documentary film “The Dimming”.

  3. jane2415

    So will anyone be left to Ascend sounds pretty apocalyptic and not what many other spiritual messengers are saying no wonder people are confused 🙁

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Worry not. If there was such a cause for concern, multiple channelled messages would be echoing it. And not just one specific gloom and doom channel pretending to be caring about us.

      What (timeline) you EXPERIENCE depends entirely upon what (timeline) you CHOOSE. There are an infinite number of (both positive and negative) timeline options available here. You’ll get the one that you’re focused on (and EXPECT) the MOST. Hope this helps.