Pleiadian Collective: The Grand Shift Of The Ages

Friends Of The Great Light!

Profound Levels Of Energy Are Being Experienced As Large Populations Of Humans Are Transitioning Through Massive Change Around The Planet!

There Are No Accidents In Your Physical World. All Has Been Orchestrated Carefully By Your Own Soul Before Your Arrival To This Great School Of Learning!

Each One Of You Are Invested In Certain Issues, Traumas And Strengths That You Have Repeated In Many Waking Dreams. Each Of You Volunteered To Feel The Pain, The Love And The Loss As You Elevated Yourself To Master The Aspects You Chose To Repeat.

Once The Lesson Is Manifested In Each Waking Dream, There Is A Deep Understanding Within The Soul. There Is Simply Not A Need To Continue A Waking Dream Simply Because The Physical Form Could Sustain Life.

A Soul Knows When To Leave And Takes Many Gifts Of Learning As They Return To Origin.

NOW, All Aspects Of Soul Have Integrated From Other Dreams Of The Closest Frequency. This Simply Means The Soul Is Satisfied And Needs No More Incarnations Of Expressions For Certain Themes.

You Are Here Now For The Grand Shift Of The Ages. You Have Been Here Many Times. The Number Of Times Is Not As Significant As What You Gleaned From The Akashic Of Your Whole Soul.

Indeed You Are Here To Continue In Light As You Gather With Those Here With You As Well As Friends And Family On Your Home Planets.

We Call This SHEEN.

The Heart Of The Magnificent Event! Many Are Drawn To Remain Non-Physical For Various Reasons. This Will Not Be Permanent But Many Feel An Energetic Connection To Those They Are Leaving.

They Emit Frequencies Of Healing And Love To Those Who Might Be Grieving. You Are One In More Ways Than You Can Comprehend In These Moments!

You Are The Collective As You Share Your Lives. You Are Dreaming Awake In The Same Dream!

We Are With You And Invite All To Join In Light!

Love Is Your Power! Light Is Your Path!


We Are Here To Guide You Home!

We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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  1. Wilfredo Rodriguez

    Gracias a mis hermanos por su gran for ever.padre madre dios gaia.