Specific Weekend Energy Report

The word “Satsangha” is Sanskrit and translates into English as “To Sit Down with Wisdom”.

In ancient times, Vedic teachers (“Rishis”) often sat down with their temple students in forest areas to give them great teachings.

We are being given major teachings this weekend by a “Satsangha” of solar intensity.

At 0745 Universal Time (UT) or 2:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Friday, May 20th, our Sun exploded with an “M.3” solar flare, and at 0824 (UT) or 3:24 AM (EDT) a “C.5” exploded.

Our Sun is still holding a beta gamma delta magnetic field for “X-Class” solar flares.

Solar winds are traveling as of 10:44 AM (EDT) at 552.3 kilometers per second (km/s).

A literal storm is whirling around sunspot group AR3014 and is seething with power.

These high-powered solar events are not stopping.

To give an idea of the size of sunspot group AR3014, Astronomer Mohammad Fadel Talafha of the University of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has researched it to be approximately one-third (1/3) of the distance of our planet Earth/Gaia to our Moon.

This indicates that even more huge energetics can be unleashed which affect our planet than what may have been thought previously.

The magnetosphere (our planet’s immediate surrounding magnetic field) is filled and enveloped with dense particle pressure.

Currently, the Schumann Resonance (“Power” of vibrational frequency and amplitude) is rated as “48” and being labeled as “Strong Activity”.

It is likely that as the solar energies rise to greater flare levels and winds, the Schumann Resonance will also elevate.

However, mankind’s technological equipment, although very helpful in giving us a good idea of what is occurring in the cosmos as it affects our planet and the entire solar system, it cannot actually give a complete picture because these cosmic events are the orchestration of SOURCE which cannot be thoroughly measured by humanity—only experienced.

For example, heat is much higher in intensity than what may be reported by mainstream news media due to the HEAT and LIGHT coming from the Photon Belt, the Great Central Sun, and of course, our Sun as is being reported on herein.

Thus, a temperature reading of “88” and into the “90s” (as it is being projected for later today in parts of the Midwestern USA) is actually more like being in the 100s.

The “normal” heat surges and sweating that are occurring because of our molecules spinning faster throwing off some toxins as cells and DNA are being re–calibrated, regenerated, and amplified is heightened by the cosmic forces coming in so strongly.

These energetics will continue throughout the weekend (and in days to come as has been reported in an earlier article).

Our Sun moves into Tropical Gemini today at zero degrees, and because Mercury is in Tropical Gemini, this is a very important alignment for new starts in various arenas—but it is wise to wait until Mercury has moved direct on June 3rd to begin to actualize any major plans.

We can, however, begin to take further notes on our ideas which have been brewing for some time—we should not jump ahead yet and move on them.

Collective consciousness is still too chaotic and erratic for focused attention, even though those with a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS know how to work with the energies to avoid mishaps and mis-communications.

“Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS), more commonly called “Ascension Symptoms”, can be more heightened this weekend and whenever strong cosmic power occurs.

At such times, it is best to rest as much as possible, hydrate, and employ all of the “grounding” techniques which have been suggested in previous teachings.

It will be important to remain focused on SOURCE FREQUENCY and not on mankind’s “3d” perspective which is fear-based.

For instance, the “pandemic” is still being kept at the forefront of news reports as people are still being urged to take dangerous injections—one after the other.

Also, now another strange problem is being reported called “Monkeypox” which may be made into a “pandemic” in order to add yet another dangerous injection to all of the other ones that humans are being urged to take.

There is a very powerful Hopi prophecy taught by the Elders which indicates that our planet will be “shaken” and lots of destruction occur if “two-leggeds” (humans) do not awaken to the horrors that are is heaping upon our planet through hatreds, warfare, creation of diseases, racism, dire experiments in Nature, religious indoctrinations, and more.

Many symbols over many recent decades (as well as symbols given in ancient past ages) have attested to certain messages being given to particularly spiritually-oriented groups that have never lost connection with the GREAT SPIRIT/SOURCE.

These symbols have been delivered not just to the “Indigenous People”, but they have also been gifted to the Vedic civilization (which is a part of the ancient African civilization as its sibling on the ancient continent of Alkebu-Lan) and to the people of Tibet as well as to aspects of Europe.

Various holy books say the same things—only in different languages. We are to study the “Spirit” of the paths—not the cultural frameworks.

With the cosmic energetics steadily ramping-up, this is an ideal time line in which to study true spirituality and not to remain steeped in mankind’s made-up rules and regulations which are designed to give honor only to certain human “religious and political leaders” and to rake-in large sums of money to keep them living in several different mansions and riding on private planes and yachts. SOURCE LIGHT is forcing a cleansing.

Humanity, can however, as the Hopi Elders say, avoid the “shaking” of our planet if enough people elevate to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS—which is actually elevating to SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS—to SOURCE FREQUENCY as is constantly being urged in these articles as well as those written by other “Lightbringers”/”Lightworkers”/”Spiritual Scientists”/”Acharyas”/Gurus”, etc.

There is an old teaching which states: “Not to know is bad, but not to wish to know is worse”.

Too many of humanity do not know the HIGHER TRUTHS and too many do not wish to know them.

This will be changed because the cosmic energetics will force those of lower vibrations of consciousness to need to search for answers because what they are used to doing and believing is not working—and in truth, it never has—they only thought that it was.

Meanwhile, chaos continued to rear and roar.

We must now face the fact that transformation is definitely on the horizon.

Opportunities of LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, KNOWLEDGE, and ABUNDANCE are being given to us by SOURCE.

How many will accept the opportunities?

Only SOURCE really knows.

However, we can gain an idea by the events which transpire in the coming days, weeks, and months.

This weekend begins an activation portal of intensity that we can use to gain wisdom and instructions on how to move ahead.

Do not miss the “Satsangha” of LIGHT.



Journal on what you receive as you tune-in to your HIGHER SELF which is your SOUL and which is SOURCE!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali