The Collective: Circle of Light and More

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with all of you again today. So now, hand over to your beautiful Spirit team, or to an Archangel or Ascended Master, or to Creator Source Energy itself, the pain or the heaviness of whatever you are carrying now.

Whatever you’ve brought forth, put it into the Circle of Light. Whatever isn’t resolved, that is asking for Divine Wisdom, asking for patience, asking for fortitude, asking for the self-knowledge that shows you, “I’m here because I’m learning this.”

Sometimes one can grasp that on a left-brain level, using language. And sometimes it’s something that happens purely in the heart-space. The “reason why” is not always going to occur to the rational mind. It takes being keyed into what the high heart knows, that the left-brain has not yet grasped. And all of you have that courage, dear ones, to go beyond the narrow conclusions of your left-brain thought, or you wouldn’t be here now. Yes! You are that powerful!

The human brain has been conditioned and programmed for thousands of years, in one Earth life after another, so that you can’t quite grasp how great and how powerful a being you are.

Those who have designed the smallness of the human construct over the centuries have no real idea of how powerful you are. They have some idea, and they’ve tried to dissuade you from seeing your power.

And of course, that’s not working, because these beautiful energies pouring in now are waking you up at a phenomenal rate.

You’re remembering who you are, and many days you’re celebrating that in small moments, whether you realize it or not!

We want to look at something very practical, which has to do with whether people feel there is a generous allotment of good things being received by them. Something we’ve noticed lately, is a number of people, whether they’re in the Abundance Group or not, using a phrase—four words—they clearly grew up hearing.

People say it a great deal. And we would say, this is the antithesis of where you are now as an Ascending people. And the four words are: “I can’t afford it.”

Now, how many times have you heard someone say they would love to do this or that, but then they utter those four words: “I can’t afford it!” And the unfortunate thing, is that your words are highly co-Creative, dear ones. So if you declare you can’t do something, that’s actually say saying “No” to it. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It means you’re excluding it from all possibilities! You have declared limitation where you might have called forth co-Creation.

So right now, think of something you unconsciously deny yourself. Something you would love to experience, but have not yet. It might be an income that’s twice what you have now. It might be perfect health. Releasing extra weight. Releasing people in your life who do not honor you. Releasing the feeling of, “I never really found my life partner, and I probably never will.”

Whatever it is, think of it right now. Bring up that emotion that feels like a great blockage. We’re going to do some tapping, to start to heal the subconscious beliefs driving those ideas.

Let’s start [tapping lightly with the fingertips of one hand] on that karate chop pointthe side of the palmand say:

Karate chop point: [Tapping lightly] Even though I seem to have denied myself _____________ [name the issue], or else it would probably be here by now, I still completely love and accept myself.

Karate chop point: [Tapping lightly] Even though I seem to think the Universe doesn’t have it in It to create this for me, I still completely love and honor myself.

Karate chop point: [Still tapping lightly] Even though I keep saying, “This can’t happen for me,” or “I can’t afford it,” or “I can’t seem to do that,” I still completely love and honor myself.

Tapping with the fingertips on the inner eyebrow: All this doubt

Outer eyebrow: All this limitation

Under the eye: I keep thinking, “I can’t do that”

Under the nose: Well, it would be nice

Under the lower lip: But it “never happens”

Collarbone: So it must be really hard to do

Under the arm: Or at any rate, it must be hard or impossible for me to do

Top of the head: I do think about this

Inner eye: But it must not be possible

Outer eye: So that’s why I say I can’t do it!

Under the eye: Or that I can’t afford it

Under the nose: Or “That’s just not me—that’s never happened before”

Under the lower lip: “My family doesn’t have any luck in that area”

Collarbone: I would be open to it

Under the arm: But it feels like I’m in some kind of pattern

Top of the head: And it’s a pattern that says No, you can’t have that

Inner eye: So I’m wondering a few things here

Outer eye: Is this a block in my subconscious trying to protect me?

Under the eye: Because it thinks this is no good for me?

Under the nose: Or maybe, did I swear a vow in some life

Under the lower lip: And that vow was “I’ll never do that,” or “I’ll never have that”—?

Collarbone: Or maybe there’s some interference etherically I can’t see

Under the armpit: Or something else . . .

Top of the head: And the interesting thing is that it doesn’t have anything to do with my getting this thing I desire

Inner eye: It has to do with what I think is possible

Outer eye: It has to do with whether I think the Universe always has my back

Under the eye: It has to do with, Do I love myself enough to allow this

Under the nose: Do I love myself enough to heal or remove whatever it is in my way?

Under the lower lip: Can I grasp that the Universe is bigger than what I see as possibilities?

Collarbone: So maybe I should break the old rules

Under the arm: Maybe it is possible!

Top of the head: Maybe I CAN afford this change, or this healing, or this new situation, or this new level of income!

Inner eye: Maybe all that’s possible! And it was just easier to say, “I can’t do it”

Outer eye: The Universe can do anything through me

Under the eye: All I ask is that it comes in a way that’s for my higher good

Under the nose: You can come to me now, this wonderful thing [and go ahead and name it]

Under the lower lip: I’m wide open!

Under the mouth: I am accepting you!

Collarbone: I am accepting whatever changes I have to make—whatever has to happen, in order for this to come to me, in order for me to create this—I’m open. I’ll do it!

Under the arm: I have a feeling it’s mainly energetic, and that’s all right

Top of the head: I accept you! I’m going to stop with these limiting thoughts—I’m just going to face whatever it is in my subconscious that’s held me back. And I’m going to open wide to receive!

Then open your arms wide. Go ahead and tell the Universe, “Yes, thank you! Thank you so much! I accept!”

From now on, dear ones, when you think of this thing, concentrate on that word Thanks. Just give thanks! Start celebrating!

Often people will wait until the thing happens. And of course, there’s the Law of Attraction crowd, who are really wonderful, and who have done a lot of good. It’s just that they tend to emphasize shifting one’s conscious thoughts, and it’s the subconscious in almost every case, that is in control, and hiding something about why you have not yet experienced what you desire. It could be etheric interference. It could be an old vow, contract, or agreement from this or another life that said, “I’m not allowed to have that.” It could be self-protection—”If I lose the weight, I’ll get too much attention from the opposite sex! And my sister will be envious of me!” Or it could be, “That’s for people who do really well! I’ve never earned that well.” It could be the smallness concept—people feel safer sometimes, thinking of themselves in small and constricted ways. Because then nobody will get competitive. Nobody will think they’re “too big for their britches.” It just makes more “sense” to their subconscious, if they live a smaller life than what their dreams envision.

Yet recall that lovely bit of writing by Marianne Williamson—you weren’t brought in to play small! You came in to shine, as children do. You say, “Who am I to be brilliant, fabulous, or talented?” When in fact, “Who are you to not be?!”

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

– Marianne Williamson, from A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

It takes a bit of a shift on that level, dear ones, but from now on, when you unconsciously say, “I can’t afford it,” or “I can’t seem to do that,” or “I just can’t. I’ve tried, and I can’t!” —

We want you to start looking right at those thoughts and feelings, and asking them, Why is that? Why are you doubting how powerful I AM? Then say, “Actually, the Divine Solution to that is already here! I give thanks!” And move forward on those terms. Say, “Thank you!” to the Divine Solution!

“This is who I’m meant to be! I’m meant to shine as children shine! I’m meant to be something wonderful, enjoy wonderful things!”

So now we’re going to ask all of the higher selves what they feel is important at the moment to address. [Pause, listening]

Well, they’re pointing out something that’s not too surprising. They’re saying that deep down, and sometimes very consciously, a lot of people are saying, “The world is changing very quickly! Economically, politically, socially, an awful lot is changing! “Am I going to be able to shift with all of these changes, and keep my life in some cohesive pattern, and manage to avoid some outer disaster? Manage to hold things together economically or health-wise, when who knows what might happen next?”

Or, “Am I going to be able to manage this or that coming up in my own life? What about my loved ones who are already in a tough situation?” And so, the questions bear down on you sometimes.

So let’s work with that energetically for a moment. Bring forth whatever it is that’s personally troubling you. Any questions about, “We’re in this beautiful time of transition and Rebirth–-new Creation, but it’s difficult! It’s very difficult. What the heck is going on!” “Is NESARA going to happen before things get much worse?” is another big question, understandably.

We encourage everyone to start their day with chanting a mantra. Or meditating. Or doing some tapping. Yoga practice. Being out in Nature. Something that’s going to calm and center you. Don’t start the day immediately with the headlines! Don’t leap into the day without a quiet moment for at least a few minutes.

And say to your Spirit team, “What do I need to know right now?”

So we’re calling on your Spirit teams, and asking that all of these shifts and changes be mitigated, in ways that are not too exhausting to you. Not causing too much of the heaviness in the body or the heart-space.

[Working energetically] So we’re pouring a lot of Light in, for all of those questions. The nagging worries, the unsureness. Drink plenty of water, preferably structured water! That’s going to calm you down.

Your Spirit teams are encouraging us to say: Image right now, being handed the document that you sign to receive your NESARA financial blessings, and other blessings. Image signing and dating that document, including writing right above your signature, the verbiage that says:

“Non assumpsit, without prejudice, reserving all natural

God-given birth rights, waiving none, ever.”

Image that right now! If you want to date it June or July of this year, that’s fine. Sometimes specifying a date helps to bring something into fruition much sooner!

Your higher selves are saying, they would love for everyone to use the I AM statements, which are very empowering.

The one they’ve chosen is “I AM always perfectly provided for, no matter what!” They want you to use that beautiful affirmation. Write it down if you’d like. Use that beautiful affirmation to affirm that you’re always provided for. There are always Divine solutions! There’s always Divine Abundance for you! There’s always Divine Protection for you! It doesn’t matter what’s going on outwardly in the world.

You yourself will be an oasis of peacefulness and Abundance and calm.

Should the whole world be in turmoil, you are still master of your own co-Creation! It has to do with the vibration that you carry, and that can be adjusted at any time.

So this is why we strongly encourage you: Do the meditations! Write out the affirmations! Speak the mantras! Spend any time in Nature that you can. Listen to high vibrational music. Keep your vibration high and positive. Keep your expectations high and positive. And if you feel a bit exhausted by all that, just rest. Drink some water, and then just rest. Let yourself let go.

The left-brain thought just wants to know Why, and What’s going to happen next. It will drive you mad with that, if you allow it. Because this is how you’ve been trained to think, for millennia. Stay in the present moment! Just breathe. That’s all you have to do.

So let’s put the whole Earth in this beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame [of Saint Germain]. This is a cool Violet Flame. It shifts energies to a higher level, and it takes all the shadow, and births from it something beautiful in you. So put some part of your life or all of you in that Flame as well!

We are very honored to work with all of you, and to know that you are moving along this beautiful path of Light, becoming increasingly empowered every day, remembering who you are. All of you are increasingly rebirthing into Light Being status.

And Sylvia has written [in the Zoom “chat” space] the Buddhist chant, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo,” chant of miracles.* Wonderful!

You are all of you contributing so powerfully! We cannot imagine the shifts and changes happening in this world if you were not here. The Dragon tribes, all the tribes of Light who came in long ago to assist, are fully awakened, and are working with all of you, as well as with the Angelic and Faery realms. Every particle of the Earth is awakening!

So be patient with Lady Gaia as well as with yourselves, dear ones, because you’re all experiencing a powerful new Becoming!

And so, we send much Love, and many blessings, thrilled as always to be in your company. Call upon us at any time!


**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


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