The Crown Jewel of Creation

When planet earth was first created, she was known as “The Crown Jewel of Creation”. She was vibrant, beautiful, filled with new Life and thus all who passed here in their Great Motherships, admired her and wanted to experience her.

Thus the first who created her, and brought life into form and being upon, her petitioned the Intergalactic Federation, and asked if they could continue living her, and thus start civilization here in earnest. Thus Elysium, the first Civilization was born.

In those days, billions of earth years ago, there was but one single continent, which geologists now identified, as the Super Continent. This embraces all of Africa.

Elysium was indeed the first paradise, and what we all subconsciously remember. It was 7th dimensional.

You can read all about Elysium and the second Kingdom, after the Wars of Heavens, in my book “Why I was born in Africa: – the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.”

In the meantime, she has gone through massive and dramatic changes, as those who colonized her, tended to end civilization, after civilization in war and destruction, and it was with the Fall of Atlantis, that even more havoc was wreaked, and this was because the Black Magi of Atlantis, nearly blew up the Whole planet, with the atomic lasers, and thus by Divine Intervention, the Great Floods happened, and Atlantis sunk forever under the sea, and humanity indeed, into the seas of forgetfulness.

Yet, this is the time, when all the Old Atlantean legacies, are now ending. The Old Earth indeed has ceased to be, and has since 5 July 2020, and with the 22 February 2022, the New Golden Age, was officially born.

I am so excited and filled with joy, this morning as I am writing it, for I have been shown last night, what the New Golden Age will look like and bring.

A new humanity, and back in the 5th dimensional state, and then ascending back into the 7th! A new human race embracing the new Lightbody, the new Adam Kadmon body, and thus indeed fully embracing the Illumined State, as we resume our Universal and Cosmic citizenship, and return embraced back into the Intergalactic Federation.

We are in a beautiful state of rebirth, and thus are ascending into a totally new life and new beginnings, and this means TOTALLY new.

I have experienced so much in the last few weeks, of what was possible and what is becoming possible again for humankind – and indeed am inspired!

Become aware that at this very moment, you are creating the future you!

Yet, know that the future you, cannot take any of the baggage of the Old 3D and the Old Earth with it!

If you are not willing to be transfigured and transformed and totally reborn no-thing is going to change.

It means letting go on all levels now.

You can only enter via the open Heart, the Power of Love, and the infinite knowing of your own Soul AS ONE with the Divine, thus embracing Divinity within your, and claiming your true Son-Daughter ship and living it – as a Master! God and Goddess within you!

The more one is lifted beyond the beyond, the more you become the Unity, the Peace, the Harmony, the Christ Soul, you in truth are. You feel it, you live it, you experience it!

You operate as the multi-dimensional, infinite SOUL you in truth are, AS ONE with ALL THAT IS!

It means dissolving into a totally unknown, unexplored and uncharted territory – yet, therein, lies the greatest blessing!

What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth.

I love it!

**By Judith Kusel