From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Channels Part 2

Each of us is a small planet connected to other space systems by invisible energies channels through which we receives energy of a certain quality from Space, and give this energy also of a certain quality, but of a different kind.

How to calculate the amount of energy going to each person or planet? It depends on the level of Spirituality, that is, the overall energy level of a given man or celestial body: the higher the level, the more energy.

Our chakras are not the only channels for receiving and giving cosmic energy. All our physical and wave DNA, cells, over 5 thousand inner energy channels, and manifestation bodies in many different dimensions are actively involved in this.

3D is just one of them, the densest and most toxic, which today, before our eyes, is falling apart and cannibalizing itself.

In PART 1(see – Disclosure news, 21 May, 2022) was described what role planets and constellations play in the energy exchange of man with the Universe.

Another important participant in it is Earth.

During the day, when we are awake, we receive and accumulate a huge volume of energy information in our consciousness and sub-consciousness with all our feelings and thoughts.

At night, when we sleep, Gaia downloads it for herself from us, and loads a new one, which she receives from space.

To do this, she, like us, uses her chakras and many energy channels linked in all dimensions to us, planets of the Solar System, stars, constellations and the entire Universe.

In the Solar System on the physical plane we know 13 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris.

The last five received the status of dwarfs.

Several dozen more bodies that are beyond the orbit of Neptune can claim this status but so far they have not been officially recognized as such.

In addition, there may be 260 dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt, and up to 10 thousand in even more remote regions of the Solar System but so far they have not been officially recognized as such.

In addition to them, on the Subtle Plane, in different dimensions, there are other planets, including Earths from 4D to 12D.

Two of them – 5D and 7D – have already left the Solar System, as Disclosure News already narrated.

But Gaia and we closely exchange energy with all of them.

How does this energy exchange occur?

The Sun is one of the generators and repeaters of energy for all objects of the Solar System.

Its management and maintenance staff are located in 4D.

It’s the same on all other planets.

The main energy exchange goes in two directions: to the Sun and away from it.

The energies to the Sun are transmitted from planet to planet in the order of their distance: Pluto – Neptune – Uranus – Saturn – Jupiter – Mars – Earth – Venus – Mercury – Sun.

The energies from the Sun follow the same chain, but in reverse order. At the same time, each next planet receives energy from all the previous ones. This happens in both directions. Thus, Earth and us, on the one hand, receive energy from Mars and all the more distant planets, on the other, – from Venus, Mercury and the Sun.

For the energies transfer between the planets exist special channels in 4D. One serves to deliver energy from the Sun, the other – in the opposite direction.The channels are located nearby. Their diameter is about 1 km. There are also secondary channels for energy exchange with small celestial bodies.

As we know, all the planets of the Solar System rotate around their axis and move around the Sun, and each orbit has its apogee and perigee.But all are approximately in the plane of the ecliptic.

The channels for transporting energy lie in the ecliptic plane, and the transfer of energy (return and reception) occurs when the planet crosses this plane and the corresponding channel.

Two channels run from the Earth’s center to the Moon. One is for the descent of energies is located in the Mariana Trench (length 1,340 km, width 1-5 km, depth in Challenger Deep 11,022 m). The other is for the return of Earth’s energies; it is located in the Puerto Rico Trench (length 1754 km, width 97 km, depth up to 8742 m).Near the equator, both channels intersect with the energy exchange network between the planets.

The center of the Earth is connected by channels to the North and South Poles. Channels also run from them to the Moon.

Inside the planet, the channels for the receipt and return of energies are connected to the Earth’s Matrix which is located in its core. It consists of 80 cells and is surrounded by two permanent and two temporary energy bodies similar to human ones. The Matrix, as well as the channels leading to it, is in 4D.

In this system, accumulated energy transforms, in commensuration with the Gaia mental state and the task performed.

The Earth’s mental activity is very high, quick and violent; she’s not us with our slow pace. The planet solves hundreds and thousands of tasks simultaneously, and it requires a lot of energy of different spectrum. These spectra are produced in the core.

If a very negative energy of people is mixed with this spectrum, it is rejected, accumulated in special storages, and when overflow, is thrown into space. As a result, there are earthquakes, floods and other cataclysms which now abound on our planet.

For example, on May 21, 2022, occurred 2 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and higher; 43 earthquakes of magnitude 4+; 97 earthquakes of magnitude 3+; and 297 earthquakes of magnitude 2+. There have also been 600 small earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.0, which people usually do not feel. The strongest, of 5.8, was recorded in the Arctic Ocean, near Greenland.

Of the flows coming from Mars and more distant planets, 10% of the energies remain on Earth. The rest 90% go to Venus, Mercury and the Sun.

The energies coming from the Sun through Mercury and Venus are larger in volume. 5% of them remain on Earth, the rest go further along the chain to other planets.

The separation of energies occurs automatically. The streams of both directions are used only for the needs of the planet itself. Each type of energy enters a separate cell of the Matrix.

The energies coming from the Sun through the channel and the energies of light and heat from it are different in composition and processes. The first ones arrive in the 4th dimension, and the planets on the Subtle Plane have structures that regulate these flows. The energies of light and heat simply propagate in space on the physical plane.

From the Sun and all the planets, energy goes directly to Earth; from Earth, most of it goes through the Moon.

Everything on Earth, including you and me, generates energy that is gathered in channels and forms a common energy frame. This conjunctive symbiosis is part of the general organism of the Universe.

If the total volume of Earth’s energies is taken as 100%, then their distribution looks like this:

15% remains on the planet to ensure all its structures on the Subtle Plane;

5% – goes to Earth’s Matrix;

30% – goes to the Sun via Venus and Mercury;

10% – goes to Mars and other remote planets of the Solar System;

40% – goes to other space races and Higher Hierarchies.

These energies are not the same in frequencies. Earth, other planets of the Solar System and the Sun receive energy of lower ranges: 70% of the energies of the Nature worlds and most of ours.

The high-freqs’ energies are sent, first, to the Moon, and from there to space civilizations and Higher Hierarchies.

Energies go into the Subtle Bodies and the Matrix of the Earth from:

1) The Sun and all the planets;

2) All the evolving realms where Souls incarnate – elementals, minerals, protozoa, plants, animals and people;

3) All parallel worlds in other dimensions;

4) All processes of the planet – tectonic, volcanic, thermal, and etc.

These energies go through a channel located in the Mariana Trench. Through a separate compartment of this channel, imperil (a concentrate of dirty astral and mental energies) is discharged into the inner, hollow space of Earth which is about 50% of her body.

One of the civilizations living there (about 5 million inhabitants) burns part of imperil. Waste from incineration is stored in the inner space, and, then, brought to the surface during the volcanoes eruptions. The rest of imperil is annihilated in the Sun.

In the center of Earth, the energies from above mentioned points 2, 3 and 4 are mixed with the energies from the Sun and other planets (point 1). After that, most of them (60%) are concentrated and sent to the Earth’s Matrix.

The remainder comes through other channels to her Subtle Bodies.

The Sun and the planets of the Solar System receive Earth’s energy from:

1) Burning imperil (only in the Sun);

2) The evolving realms;

3) Parallel worlds;

4) Planetary processes;

5) Thoughts and feelings of Gaia.

The share of these energies directed to the Sun and planets is 60%.

They duct from Earth’s center to the Moon, and connected near the equator with the channels of energy exchange between the planets.

For cosmic races and Higher Hierarchies, Earth’s energies come from:

1) All the evolving realms;

2) The parallel worlds of other dimensions;

3) The natural processes.

The energies from points 1) and partially 2) go through the channel connecting the North Pole with the control center of the Souls incarnation on Earth which is located above UK.

From Earth’s center to the Poles there are channels through which energy is transported from points 2) and 3) for these directions.

Then, the energies are sent to the Moon: from points 1) and 3) – through the channel from the North Pole; from points 2 and 3 – via the channel from the South Pole.

Only the main channels for the transportation of energy are described here. In reality, they are hundreds. Some are in 4D, some – in 5D. Channels connect all the centers of the Souls embodiment according to their hierarchical subordination.

All parallel worlds in other dimensions have their channels, as well as various Earth technical support services. Energy is transported in special capsules. All energies are compacted before entering the channels, and after delivery, they are de-compacted.

And how are the energies generated by man and all others sources, from elementals to planetary processes, distributed to the next addresses?

From burning imperil: 100% goes to the Sun and other planets;

From the evolving realms: 50% – to the Sun and planets, 50% – to space races and Higher Hierarchies;

From parallel worlds: 30% – to the Sun and planets, 70% – to cosmic civilizations and Higher Hierarchies;

From planetary processes: 80% – on the Sun and planets, 20% – to space races and Higher Hierarchies.

On the physical and Subtle Plane, the entire energy turnover is served by five civilizations living in different dimensions. The total number of their inhabitants is about 500 thousand, about 100 thousand in each. By their level, they are several times superior to modern humanity.


We each and the rest of us are part of a single, Intelligent, and evolving organism of the Universe.

In our Solar System, Mercury serves as the beginning of everything; it first receives the Sun’s energies and transmits them further.

Venus reunites the purified Sun’s energies.

Earth condenses energy into matter using the energy of thought in this work.

Mars runs the outflow of planetary energy prominences.

Jupiter forms the energy fields and a radiation system for the transfer of finished plasma (energy) in the Solar System.

Saturn transmits Intelligence plasma to all planets from the Sun to the asteroid belt; converts energy into vital power to bring it to the Nature worlds on Earth.

Uranus forms a bundle of Galactic energy and accumulates it for thermal processes, both for the entire Solar System and for Earth.

Neptune, through the Moon, launches programs for the formation of new life forms; regulates the frequency characteristics of the population of air layers on Earth and other planets with an atmosphere. This population includes 2D, 3D, 4D and partially 6D entities. The latter are now being embodied in 5D to become the basis of the Sixth Race.

Pluto changes the composition of the air shells of the planets of the Solar System, where they exist. This dwarf played an important role in launching the 3D program on Earth and its life support, from the ozone layer to the core. Today, plasma, emanated from Pluto’s orbital field, is directed to the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, accumulates in it, and then, in the form of energy information, is distributed throughout the Solar System.

The asteroid belt is also a membrane regulating the energy flows of the Galaxy through Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

This part of the Solar System operates under the shield of the second asteroid belt – Kuiper (beyond the Neptune orbit), and the entire Solar System is fenced by a dense energy wall of the Oort Cloud.

The entire system has only one exit – a Portal to the Galaxy. Sort of a cell in our body. The solar System is a cell; the Universe is an alive and sentient organism. And we are part of it. Let’s keep this in mind.

**By Lev