From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Channels Part 1

Like humans, all planets, gross of the closest to us seven planets of the Solar System (Latin Septenarium), are multidimensional, have Subtle Bodies, including the astral where we have seven main chakras.

They appeared in place of a single Radiant Body that people had when Earth was in the fifth dimension, and its rotation axis was oriented to the Pleroma. After the planet was thrown into 3D as a result of space wars, this Body was divided into seven energy centers. The chakras rotation vector follows now the Earth’s precession and is directed at the revolving signs of the zodiac.

On the Astral Plane, each chakra, when rotating, emits a frequency and a glow that coincides in characteristics with one or another of the planets closest to us, Septenarium.

The sequence of seven colors of the chakra spectrum is also the same with it: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark-blue and purple. This is not a coincidence but a pattern.

What are the frequency properties of all seven chakras?

The farther away from us is a particular planet in the Solar System, the slower the corresponding chakra rotates in our Astral Body.

1. Muladhara – Saturn Chakra

Muladhara (from Sanskrit mula – root, base; and adhara – foundation, basis, support) is sometimes depicted as an elephant, as a symbol of strength.

This chakra radiates red energy, characteristic of the inert world in its lowest manifestations (self-preservation, shelter and comfort).

If this channel functions normally, we increase strength and vitality, maintain high resistance to diseases, cheerfulness, endurance and determination in everyday affairs.

The vibrations of this chakra help us to do hard physical work, monotonous, not requiring brain work.

It connects us with the Earth’s energy, and gives us a sense of confidence and stability.

The more firmly we stand on the ground, the simpler and easier our existence in the material world is. After all, the day house of Saturn is the Earthly sign of Capricorn.

Houses are sectors of the ecliptic, unequal among themselves, characterizing various spheres of life and manifestations of a person or object. All houses are divided into night (1st to 6th) and day (7th to 12th).

They’re kind of paired. The opposition houses (standing opposite) complement and disclose each other. The night ones are donors to us; in their spheres, the Universe gives, and we consume. Day house, on the contrary, requires from us, takes away. Night house – introverted, closed; day one – extroverted and open to manifestation.

Muladhara, as the basic chakra, supports our main survival instinct – the need to work to achieve stability which provides us with food, shelter and family. Altogether, this is part of our role and our needs in this world.

2. Swadhisthana – The Jupiter Chakra

Swadhisthana is often depicted with a fish, since Jupiter’s night house is the water sign of Pisces, and also with a crescent moon, because Jupiter ascends in the water sign of a Crab ruled by the Moon. Swadhisthana is also called jalamandala (jala is water, and it is associated with this element).

This chakra is located at the level of the lower abdomen, between the navel and the genitals, and is responsible for sexual life and reproduction of offspring. The sex glands and uterus are most closely connected with it.

The Swadhisthana channel radiates orange energy of pleasure frequencies. Sensual and sexual activity becomes the main desire to be attractive and get everything.

If at the level of Muladhara (Saturn channel) a person is concerned about his safety and elementary conditions of existence, at the level of Swadhisthana (Jupiter channel) the world and all things in it are considered as a source of material pleasures.

The vibes of Swadhisthana are tuned to everything that brings delight. Alcohol, tobacco, titbits, sex, drugs – all this instantly feeds the second chakra, and it’s easy to get addicted to all this. Addiction consumes a person trapped in this chakra, and the zest hunger often obscures all other thoughts.

Due to the huge number of social conventions, this center is often blocked, that leads to a in sexuality decline, as well as increased shyness, emotional stiffness and numerous complexes. As a result: impotence, frigidity, diseases of the uterus and prostate.

3. Manipura – The Chakra Of Mars

Manipura is often depicted with a ram, as Mars rules the sign of Aries, his nocturnal home. The chakra regulates the flow of vital energy, its accumulation and distribution in the body, its nutrition.

Manipura is located in the solar plexus, and is physically connected to the pancreas, small intestine, stomach and liver. The functioning of this channel also directly affects our willpower, the ability to manifest and control emotions.

This chakra can be a source of both positive and negative emotions: ambition, courage, perseverance, bravery, aggressiveness, anger, hatred, short temper, irritability, a tendency to violence and cruelty.

Manipura is also called the will chakra. It gives energy to our self-confidence, awareness of our strength, the ability to distance ourselves from the influence of the outside world and at the same time to influence this world.

It helps us to defend our beliefs and resist the blows of fate. Life is constantly testing us, and the third chakra gives us the power to withstand trials that require a lot of courage and bravery.

If this energy channel works well, our emotions are ordered, and our life is rich and diverse. The main signs of channel blocking are a sense of guilt when we are forced to refuse someone, fawn over others, constant feeling like a helpless victim, unableness to stand up for ourselves. All this leads to low self-esteem and self-doubt.

4. Anahata – The Chakra Of Venus

Anahata is the Heart Chakra of Love. It is depicted in the form of a hexagram, symbolizing the connection of two triangles – male and female foundations. It is located at the level of the heart, between the nipples. The Venus Channel carries vibrations of Love and compassion, higher feelings than the sexual energy of the Jupiter channel.

Anahata is closely related to Manipura, and vibrations of Mars, since both chakras are emotional channels. When the solar plexus chakra is active, the Heart chakra is also energetic.

Love caused by the three low-frequency chakras always has an ulterior motive: security (Saturn), satisfaction (Jupiter) or dominance (Mars). But the feelings (Venus) programmed by the fourth chakra are love in the name of Love. It is not set up to satisfy primitive needs.

Our communication based on the fourth chakra is significantly different from based on the three lower chakras. The unconditional Love that we share with others comes from our awakened Heart.

From the perspective of the three lower chakras, such love is impossible. From the position of the fourth chakra, Love has no conditions; therefore it brings more peace and harmony to the relationship.

With the dominance of the lower chakras, sex is a mean to unwind, get pleasure, satisfy a power desire. From the point of view of the fourth chakra, sexual relations are an amazing opportunity to receive and give at the same time.

Having sex with our beloved is not just a physical act. We merge on the physical, emotional and mental levels. When Anahata channel works well, we easily give Love to everyone around us without demanding anything in return.

5. Vishuddha Chakra Of Mercury

Vishuddha is often depicted with a small elephant. The chakra is located in the clavicle area.

On the physical plane, it affects the tongue, throat, shoulders, collarbones, shoulder blades, arms and hands, lungs with its vibrations.

Through this channel, Mercury influences with its vibrations our speech, vocal and communication abilities, helps us express ourselves creatively.

Writing, drawing, dance, music, eloquence and other forms of creativity become available to us through this channel.

When the chakra does not work well, we may experience suffocation, difficulty swallowing, as if a lump is stuck in the throat.

It may lead to such negative manifestations as lying, fraud, theft and deception, as well as for diseases of the throat, bronchi and lungs.

6. Ajna Chakra Of The Sun

Ajna (literally – an order, a command) is located at the level of the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows (Third Eye).

The vibrations of the Sun have a particularly strong effect on this chakra which controls our thinking, imagination, logic, memory and knowledge. It helps us to concentrate, analyze and learn.

If this channel works normally, it brings calmness, purity, clarity to our thoughts, the ability to resist other people’s influence, to see the ultimate goal, to guide and lead other people; it gives an understanding of the Universe’s Laws and a thirst for knowledge.

If the channel is clogged with negativity, it becomes a source of pride, diseases of the endocrine system, thyroid gland, brain and eyes, as well as depression, low self-esteem (inferiority complex), and difficulties with self-expression.

We plunge into indecision and irritation, self-criticism and self-blame, unwillingness or inability to take responsibility and leadership.

7. Sahasrara – The Moon Chakra

Sahasrara is located in the crown, just above the top of the head. Its work: everything that we understand with the help of the Sun chakra (Intelligence and analysis), and then fully realize thanks to the Moon chakra (intuition and synthesis), turns into cognition (gnosis).

The Moon is the night star; therefore, the knowledge coming through the crown chakra exceeds the knowledge obtained with the help of Ajna (Third Eye).

Sahasrara is a channel through which we tune into our Spiritual Body, merge with it. If the astral channel of the Moon is not blocked, it leads us to enlightenment and Spiritual wisdom. Conversely, if this channel is clogged with negativity, then, a person becomes a materialist, an atheist or a religious fanatic.

Violation of the chakra work causes headaches, nightmares, epilepsy, mental disorders, nervous diseases and insanity. Hearing and vision are impaired, up to their total loss. Thinking and creative abilities, the ability to bring ideas to life are weakening.

When this channel closes completely, we stop controlling our lives and behave recklessly. We are overflowing with illusions and lies. When the channel is fully open, our Spirit guides us, saturating us with Divine wisdom.

These are the energy properties of the Septenarium. But there are three other planets beyond Saturn’s orbit: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

From Earth they are not visible to the naked eye, so they are called invisible or higher.

The properties of their frequencies are extremely important and wide. In the topic discussed here, the vibrations of Uranus are the highest octave of Mercury, Neptune is the highest octave of the Moon and Venus, and Pluto is the highest octave of Mars.

The described mechanism is just an extremely simplified version. In fact, it is much more complicated due to the movement in different dimensions and the changing configurations among themselves of large and small planets, stars and constellations. They can be harmonious and inharmonious, and their frequencies directly and indirectly affect many of our manifestation bodies and chakras on the Subtle Plane.

What is the influence of the stars and constellations energies? In short, it’s the following.

In constellations, the positions of stars are indicated by letters of the Greek alphabet for the convenience of describing energy properties.

Alpha – activity, impulsiveness, thoughtlessness, inspiration, idealism, great energy, spontaneity;

Beta – concreteness, inflexibility, stubbornness, materialism, stability, inflexibility, design, fruitfulness, greed;

Gamma – contacts, partnership, receptivity, maneuvering, reasonableness, trade, travel, interest in fine art;

Delta – sensitivity, emotionality, moral assessment, perception, internal processing, deepening;

Epsilon, zeta, eta, theta – study at a higher level;

Iota, kappa, lambda, mu – mental and spiritual understanding;

Nu, xi, omicron, pi – deep understanding, transition to the Subtle Plane;

Rho, sigma, tau, upsilon – participation in cosmic karmic programs; the highest of the really accessible levels of perception; the vibrations of the stars.

The energies of each constellation have both positive and negative manifestations. Which ones exactly?

Andromeda – vague hopes that “beauty will save the world”, and should manifest itself to the Universe.

Gemini – the need to come to unity with the Universe, otherwise a person will be torn apart by irreconcilable internal contradictions.

Ursa Major – the need to get away from aggressiveness and conflicts with the outside world, to distance self from everyday problems and be fully devoted to the service of Higher Forces.

Canis Major – the need to serve, to learn the secrets of the world for the sake of happiness and prosperity in the future, even if it is a distant and seemingly unreal.

Libra – the need to smooth out contrasts, reconcile contradictions, not to freeze in conservatism, to perceive the pulse of Time.

Aquarius – the energy of rapid progress, familiarization with the Highest Realms, a warning about the danger of falling under the power of a rigid egregore and the disintegration of personality.

Auriga – vibrations of temptations ending in falling and bringing troubles to others; the need to comprehend who or what is behind this temptation.

Lupus – the animal instincts; sacrilege, unbelief; the need to abandon egoistic attitudes.

Boötes – the need to combine courage with knowledge, actively bringing new truths to the world, otherwise – the danger of becoming a victim of one’s rash actions.

Coma Berenices – a willingness to sacrifice for the happiness and well-being; an ability to be grateful and independent decisions.

Corvus – the need for transformation and Divine help to a person who is ready to embark on this path; whether or not to go down this road, a person decides for himself.

Hercules – the temptation of an easy life, focusing only on work to find a place in life.

Hydra – a poisonous aggression towards the environment due to the fact that a person, with all his mind, sees only evil in the world and considers it possible to respond with the same evil; the need to acquire Spiritual values.

Columba – higher energies, bringing Divine truths into the world.

Canes Venatici – energy of malice, vindictiveness, inhumanity, approach of trouble, the desire to dominate, regardless of the consequences.

Virgo – a vibes of generous reward for everything done; energy of harmony, peace, abundance and glory to a pure person and bringing prosperity to other people.

Delphinus – a savior and protector; an indication of the true path, the need for communion with Higher values, otherwise – the disintegration of personality; going into materialism and materialism is very dangerous.

Draco – the combination of mercantile interests with a sense of supreme justice that can lead to collapse if Higher values do not become dominant.

Monoceros – a unique opportunity to reach the Highest level, provided that inner purity and sincere altruism in actions are preserved.

Ara – the energy to get over the conflicts, and the lower motives for achieve the common goals; asceticism but without avoiding problems.

Pictor – an ideas embodiment by creative imagination and their promotion.

Camelopardalis – aspirations to the distant and exotic leave an imprint on the course of everyday life; difficulties due to inability to adapt to realities.

Grus – freqs of kindness, mercy, righteous life; fragile harmony.

Lepus – diligence and speed in doing things, lack of concentration, momentary benefit obscures distant prospects; fertility, but inability to fidelity.

Ophiuchus – getting rid of suffering through the expansion of consciousness; shock therapy; victory over fears.

Serpens – the danger of wisdom; events that are not connected in everyday life acquire integrity at the level of Higher reality; the fear of getting rid of the suffering that has become habitual.

Dorado – the advancement of the world through unsettled reality (disconnected, not yet formed worlds); the nonverbal influence on the world; in the negative version – an excessive hope for a chance.

Indus – a cherished identity rejected by others; pride in one’s origin, simple and clear concepts of good and evil, militant nobility.

Cassiopeia – boasting of one’s innate qualities and feeling one’s exclusivity are dangerous if a person does not realize that all this is given to him from God to fulfill a certain karmic task.

Centaurus – attunement to the Nature Laws; in the negative version – animal instincts, in the positive – the moral purity of animal life; return to Nature, knowledge of its healing powers.

Cetus – a destructive fate, the effect of which can be overcome if to find the strength and unravel the requirements hidden in terrible events; the impossibility of passively accepting fate and avoiding solving problems.

Capricornus – dualistic tendencies in life, leading, on the one hand, to the abyss, and on the other hand, to heights; return or exit from the Wheel of Samsara; the impetus to the development of the highest and most powerful ideas, or to free rein to the grossest instincts.

Argo Navis is a selfless combination of efforts to achieve an ideal goal; an egregore of support and protection in extreme situations. This formerly vast southern constellation is now divided into four parts. Exactly,

Carina – a missionary, a pioneer; an egregor leading to the achievement of a higher goal.

Pyxis – an egregore indicating ways to achieve a collective goal.

Puppis – one of the fundamental structural elements, the importance of which is manifested in extreme situations when it takes a blow on itself.

Vela is a conductor of vital energy that ensures normal functioning before the critical events.

Cygnus – a selfless striving for the knowledge of higher truths; commitment to eternal principles, which are carried out through interaction with other people, and participation in their affairs; the danger of falling into an edifying tone.

Leo – self-affirmation at the expense of others, the desire to dominate others, to shine, regardless of the consequences; an open demonstration of strength; disregard for the changing situation, which can end badly.

Volans – training of the Spirit and body that helps to break into areas inaccessible to ordinary people; soar into High spheres but only for a while; the need to return to the realities of life; not lose touch with the origins.

Lyra – the energy of great creative achievements if a person carries them to people without shutting himself in, but also without losing modesty; otherwise, a person and his talent will fall into the claws of predatory exploiters.

Vulpecula – cunning, cruelty, insatiability, which at a high level turn into the ability of unexpected guesses, an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge, to solve the mysteries of the Universe.

Ursa Minor – loyalty to friends and like-minded people, a sense of security, guardianship by wiser and older people or a leading Higher egregore.

Equuleus – the energy of imitation; development of the ideas of predecessors; philosophical understanding of the creativity of other people.

Leo Minor – the ability to dominate others thanks to the patron; pampering; numerous talents may remain unrealized.

Canis Minor – the teaching energy; love for knowledge and faith in the future; an impact for inner changes.

Microscopium – search for the secrets of the world and patterns in life; attention to microprocessors; sensitivity to the slightest changes in the environment and personal inner world.

Musca – vibes of curiosity and importunity leading to entanglement in negative circumstances; recklessness; negativity leading to purification.

Antlia – the energy of the surrounding space in a scattered form concentrates on achieving a real goal; an inner emptiness that helps to solve life problems.

Norma – the mechanistic perception of the world peculiar to technological civilizations, which lost connection with Nature; directness bordering on rudeness; an ideological crisis.

Aries – energies that periodically endanger a person’s life; he can play the role of a sacrificial lamb, but unexpected help comes to him at the most difficult moment.

Octans – the desire to fit all the diversity of natural phenomena into the framework of a mathematized system.

Aquila – pride, conceit, brilliance, soaring in the heights, purposefulness, sometimes reaching cruelty.

Orion – valor and bravery on the verge of permissiveness with negative consequences; the need to be guided not by selfish motives, but by the Higher values.

Pavo – contemplation, withdrawal in illusory reality (but not passivity); inability adapt to life.

Pegasus – transmuting negative energy into an inexhaustible creative force; inspiration that helps in difficult times.

Perseus – karma predetermined interaction with magical forces to achieve specific life tasks; the need for unquestioning submission to a Higher power so that these magical forces do not turn against a person.

Fornax – processing the gifts of Nature according to the needs and requirements; balanced preparation for a difficult period.

Apus – an opportunity to transform personal life, to blossom a gray existence through art or religion.

Cancer – the energy of originality, eccentricity; the need to go untrodden paths; actions that are inexplicable to other people or misinterpreted by them; the apparent opposite of content and expression; the need to do dirty work but keeping inner purity.

Caelum – the energy of the realization of the Highest Idea into concrete forms (an intermediary between creative thought and material).

Pisces – withdrawal, rejection of the past, unpredictability, diversity of potencies, omnivorous; lack of an inner core; unity of opposites, inclusiveness of the worldview; self-knowledge, insight into the essence of things.

Lynx – the ability to see what others do not notice but also suffering from it; the significance of small things; vacuum energy.

Corona Borealis – the energy of progressive leadership; achievements in non-traditional fields; aspiration to the future.

Sextans – a revision of concepts, a search for the interrelation of phenomena, determining the place of each phenomenon and things in one’s life.

Reticulum – freqs of intrigue, cunning, and vampirism; careful study of individual phenomena of the world.

Scorpius – violent passions, aggressiveness; negative reaction to attempts at contact; touchiness, pettiness and the desire to destroy everything that causes irritation.

Sculptor – the spiritualization of matter and recognition of its ability to express the high values of humanity.

Mensa – the desire to classify the newly discovered, to find a system in a variety of unique and inexplicable facts; consolidation of what has been achieved.

Sagitta – the purposefulness, promiscuity in means; narrow specialization; stubbornness, inflexibility; inability to turn away before danger; danger of becoming a victim of bad habits.

Sagittarius – knowledge about the Universe passed on to students; wisdom that does not save from suffering.

Telescopium – a cosmic worldview; the desire to study and use of the experience of distant countries and times.

Taurus – indomitable energy; the ability to achieve the goals, promiscuity in the means to achieve them that makes dangerous enemies; the need to resolve contradictions in personal and public ethics.

Triangulum – striving for universality, but also for the simplification of complex phenomena; the need to realize the absurdity of everything that is “right”.

Tucana – original forms of behavior; “white crows” in society; feeling harmony with Nature; an alternative to the usual life.

Phoenix – resurrection, manifestation of the Higher ideas in any conditions; eternal renewal of Truth.

Chamaeleon – external mutations with internal integrity; willingness to sacrifice little for the sake of observing deep principles.

Cepheus – the energies of dangers; responsibility for the actions of others; power that cannot change the course of events.

Circinus – the Spiritual energy; the replication of beauty; the replacement of the human mind and skill with AI and machine labor.

Horologium – the energies of discovery and invention; a sense of the structure of space and Time; understanding the inner connection of externally unrelated events.

Crater – perception of the Higher truths; accumulation of energy for radical renewal, service to the idea.

Scutum – the energy of protecting shrines; the willingness to fight back against enemies; the need to focus on danger.

Eridanus – the mythologization of the life path and the introduction to the Higher realities; the ideas of an ideal reality.

Hydrus – the energy of vitality and fertility; knowledge of the phenomena causes, and ability to make a synthesis.

Corona Australis – accumulation of values; pride in traditions and past achievements; aspiration to the past; inability to resist time.

Piscis Austrinus – the wisdom energy; comprehension of esoteric principles without profanity and self-promotion.

Crux – an understanding of the deep meaning and purpose of existence, inner Spiritual guidance, the discovery of esoteric principles for ready-to-perceive students.

Triangulum Australe – the energy of harmony and perfection in the teachings of the past; idealization of the past, rejection of the modern world order.

Lacerta – the ability to survive in any conditions due to mobility, undemanding and the art not to attract attention.

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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