Global Consciousness Connection To The Divine Realms

It is no secret that LIGHT has been intense in its various ways of soaring throughout our solar system and into our planet Earth/Gaia.

For many weeks, solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and more have been at heightened levels.

The “KP Index” has been rated as “Elevated” for the past three days thus far, and several times, incoming activations to our planet have been labeled as being “Unsettled” (ratings are from “Quiet” to “Unsettled” to “Storm” to “Severe” as researched by the observatory in Oulu, Finland which NASA and other observatories around the world follow).

As our planet is activated by all of the foregoing, so too, is all of creation—including humanity.

The LIGHT is allowing us to see that old ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving are not conducive to peaceful and healthy circumstances.

We are given many opportunities to shift collective consciousness, and in various ways, we have witnessed how the acquiring of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE has caused people to consider clearly their actions before being hasty, erratic, or impulsive by allowing the HIGHER SELF/SOUL/.SOURCE to be the ultimate guide.

Once again, the cosmic energetics are allowing an opportunity to elevate further in collective consciousness.

On Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, the Moon will move into Tropical Aries (at 5:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time) and Mars will also move into Tropical Aries a couple of hours afterwards (at 7:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time).

Aries represents new starts and pioneering leadership when it is in a high vibration.

It can also be impulsive and erratic if not careful.

The Moon governs emotions, and Mars governs where energy is placed as well as issues of anger and warfare.

Jupiter is already in Aries and has been since May 11th, and it governs beneficence, justice, and greater wisdom which can help to calm any confused and chaotic situations brought forth by the Moon and Mars.

With Mercury retrograde in its own sign (Gemini—until June 3rd), this is an excellent time line in which to engage in a GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS CONNECTION so that the New Moon on May 30th in Tropical Gemini (at 7:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time) in conjunction to Mercury can assist in the focusing of collective attention on envisioning PEACE, LOVE, HEALING, and ABUNDANCE on our planet.

This is, therefore, a call for everyone who reads this message to recite the following prayer three times (morning, afternoon, and evening) on this Wednesday, May 25th, 2022.

However, more than this—it is a call to envision our planet brightly shining with SOURCE LIGHT so glowing that all disharmony dissolves and only the harmony of what has been just stated above—PEACE, LOVE, HEALING, and ABUNDANCE— exists.

If possible, it is also a call for those who can and who are willing, to take a day off from work as a “retreat” day so that other types of spiritual rituals can also be engaged in more extensively such as meditation, mantra-chanting, and reading of the scriptures of the individual paths.

So much is occurring in the “3d” realm that cannot be ignored as it adds to the already chaotic environment: Ukraine/Russia warfare, China/Taiwan conflict, lack of sufficient baby formula, continuing pandemic (plandemic?) crisis, dangerous chemicals being inflicted upon the populace, Roe versus Wade, famine around the world (it is said that the Sahel region of Africa will be in serious famine within the next three months, mass shootings, etc. etc. etc.

When a raging fire is ignored, it continues to blaze and to destroy.

Even though fire is also metaphysically a transformational element like the phoenix bird which rises out of the ashes of the blaze, we must make certain that we are engaging transformational energy and not destructive energy.

Prayer works wonders.

Please feel free to add your own personal prayers from your specific paths to the prayer below.

However, if we all at least also recite the same prayer, the vibrational frequencies of it will become a powerful spiritual atomic event that can call forth ANGELS—“LIGHTED BEINGS”—“SHINING ONES”—to surround us and to intercede for us in our pleas. Here is the prayer:

Oh, Divine Absolute, Thou Who Has Many Sacred Names And Forms But Who Is Above Them All,
We Humbly Seek Thy Peace, Love, Healing, And Abundance To Shower Upon Us Like Sacred Waves Of Splendor.

Pour Down Upon Us The Joy And Wisdom That Will Dissolve All Disharmony Into Nothingness.

Bless Each Aspect Of Plant Life —Large And Small, Each Species Of Animal Life, Each Bird As It Flies Above Or Walks Upon The Ground, Each Of The Creatures That Crawl, Each Fish Of The Sea, Each Human Being—All Of Thy Sentient Creation—With Thy Source Frequency.

Forgive Us Our Errors Of Thought, Word, And Deed. Allow Only Our Good Deeds To Stand Before Thee. Cause The Truths Of Thy Divinely-Revealed Promised Blessings Throughout The Scriptures Of Humanity To Thrive. Comfort Us And Wrap Us In Thy Protective Embrace.

Sacred Praises.
Sacred Praises.
Sacred Praises.

Remember, “retreat” day is this Wednesday. Thank you for your participation.

Please print-out this prayer and share it with others.

We need to engage in as much prayer and meditation as possible in this “Now”.

We can never do too many rituals.

They keep us anchored to the SHIP OF SOURCE.

The above prayer is also offered as a special petition to SOURCE as we engage in prayer specifically for the healing of our planetary waters on June 21st. See details below.

Again, the magnetopshere is densely particle-filled. High solar flares and winds could occur later. The “KP Index” is still rated as “Unsettled”, and neutron counts are rated as “Elevated”. Solar winds are currently traveling at 488.4 km/s. There has been a “C.5-Class” flare.

Sunspot group “AR3014” is still harborning energy for “X-Class” flares, although at only a 5% level today. “M-Class” flares are more likely to occur.

All of these cosmic energetics could shift at any time to higher intensity. The Sun nor our planet is quiet.

They are always surging with strength daily. LIGHT is steadily coming in brighter and faster to our cellular records and DNA for upgrading. LOVE and LIGHT!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


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