The Real Disclosure Is Us ReMembering That We Are Always Co Creating Our Realities As One

That’s how we totally transce-end and dissolve all remaining illusions of separation, distorted Polarity and victim-victimizer Consciousness programming/ beliefs/ inverted Realities.

EveryOne is ‘guilty’, everyOne has ‘sinned’, and everyOne with a Soul carries that spark of Divine Source Light within and Original Innocence at their Core!

When we truly forgive our-selfs, we are also able to FORGIVE all others, which is what SETs US ALL FREE! As ALL IS indeed ONE! It’s understanding others’, a shift in perception, a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS, that helps us forgive and heal, not time. Seeing ourselves in others, understanding that good people sometimes do stupid and even horrible things out of fear, helps us all heal. Understanding why they (or we) did what they did also helps us integrate more missing pieces of or own Self, helping us heal and merge with Source and ALL. It helps us understand that only unhealed people hurt others. That everyOne seeks Love, wants to belong and seen for who they truly are, be loved unconditionally.

Only when we can see our-selfs in every other One, only when we truly understand why people are hurting, can we ALL HEAL AS ONE!

All through our loving compassion and neutral witnessing, whilst we also know what we will and won’t allow in our Realities. Because with True Self Love also come strong boundaries, discernment and standards. It’s all about balance!

Divine Love & Union always start Within us!

Just like Peace, Joy, Freedom and Abundance.

All Frequencies we embody as we release, alchemise and heal our remaining wounds, pain, trauma, all sense of separation, false beliefs, perceptions and projections, that have sprung forth from deep pain and trauma we held inside, not knowing how to heal it until now, often suppressed, pushed down, wanting to be forgotten.

All that counts is who we/ you are choosing to BE now!💎

Because Miracle Healings are what is possible and is unfolding now!

Where the blind will see again, all maladies and illnesses of our body, mind and soul are healing through the infinite Power of Divine Love as we fully re-member and re-claim ALL OF US, all of our True Self, our True Divine, Organic Blueprints again.

As we merge, re-align and re-birth with our Eternal Diamond Self in perfect Balance, Harmony and Unity again and a higher Divine Consciousness that a perfectly healthy and balanced body, mind and Soul is build upon.

Re-turning to HUmanity, and re-activating our Healing abilities, our ancient future wisdom, gifts and powers again, as we remember our true history, who we really are, and our Cosmic Origins again.

We came to re-claim ALL OF US, purified and healed. Our Multidimensional Self now fully assembling and rising as it’s DIAMOND Self and One CONSCIOUSNESS again, in Purity and Innocence!

Now we return ‘Back to the Future’, now that we know better.

Awakening from the quantum dream & forgetfulness.

Our Collective Heart, Soul, Body and Mind return to perfect health, vitality, balance and harmony, as we re-connect with the Eternal Source flows and life!

At One with the Cosmic Mind and Heart, with Source, with ALL!

The Holy Trinity returned, restored and ignited from deep within!

Returning Balance, Harmony, Peace, Freedom and Abundance to ALL, as we radiate this higher Diamond Consciousness and new Organic Holographic projections, out to ALL around us from deep within!

As our Diamond Avatar Self, Diamond Grid and Merkabas awaken and ignite fully now!



Eternal Love & Blessings,

**Ramona Lappin


One Reply to “The Real Disclosure Is Us ReMembering That We Are Always Co Creating Our Realities As One”

  1. alan

    This is the Key to self healing as it says ” physician Heal yourself “.
    Always Love. alan Grandfather.;)))