Saint Germain: In the Midst of the Great Change Over

I am Saint Germain. I come at this time to be with you, to continue to express with you, to continue to bring this entire program forward.

And indeed, this is a program. A program that we, those of us, the Ascended Ones, those of the Galactics, all that have been working with this group, and with all of you that are raising your consciousness across the planet. Sometimes unconsciously, but more and more now consciously, it is all happening as it needs to.

All is happening in what we call God’s time, divine timing. And know that everything is indeed in divine timing here. Maybe not your timing, but it is divine. And it is part of the Great Plan that has been in the works for a long, long time.

And it is coming closer and closer now to fruition, at least this part of the plan, this part of the plan that has the Light overtaking the darkness here on this planet, just as it has done many other times in many other situations, many other planet systems, galaxies. This has been done many times, but not as it is being done here on this planet with your evolutionary process here together as a collective consciousness.

You are all bringing this forward as you have other times before. This time is special. This time you are indeed taking your physical forms through this ascension, which has never been done before with an entire planet ascending along with the people that are occupying the planet. So know that these are special moments that you are in now, even though it does not appear to be at times, or feel like it at times.

Even though the expressions of the third-dimensional illusion overtake you with fear at different times, just let it be, let it be what it is in the moment, and you will continue to find that you are rising higher and higher in expression. You are rising higher and higher in consciousness, in vibration.

Again, even if it is not consciously, unconsciously the energies that are coming into the planet are raising your consciousness, raising your vibration, bringing your DNA processes higher and higher again, just as they once were. Everything is working toward the raising of consciousness across the planet.

You are right now in the midst of this Great Change-Over that is happening. So look for a transition. And a transition, indeed, you are going through at this point. And everything, everything, is leading to the higher expression of consciousness within each and every one of you.

Even the aches and pains that you have will begin to fall away more and more, especially as you ask for it. As you ask for assistance, it will be there.

Because your belief system is changing as well. And as you believe, so shall ye see. That is the promise. More and more consciousness rising, vibration rising, and so is your belief process in the ensuing development.

So again, allow everything to play out. Play out as a show, or as a movie, as you call it. And know that this movie is moving ahead very rapidly. Rapidly toward its conclusion. Will it be today? Maybe. Will it be tomorrow? Possibly. Will it be next week? Who knows? Only the Great Central Source of this universe, the God Source, Prime Creator knows when this shall be.

But in the process that you are all in, continue to raise your vibration consciously at every moment that it comes to you, every moment that you think of it. Think: raising consciousness. Being of gratitude will raise your consciousness. Seeing the beauty all around you will raise your consciousness. Vibrating your chakras will raise your consciousness. Being in the moment, being in joy in the moment will raise your consciousness. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are finding joy in that moment, as long as it is not hurting anyone else, then you are raising your consciousness.

Be in joy every moment. That is the mantra you need to continue to go forward with now. Be in joy in every moment. You will find before not too long, as more and more of you are doing exactly that, it will indeed bring on the Great Change-Over, the Solar Flash, The Event. And ascension, just as it is assured at this point, will come more and more to a conclusion.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now in peace and love. And that you would continue to raise your vibration in every opportunity that you have. For that is what this entire change-over, this entire transition is all about now, raising consciousness and vibration.

Peace and love to all of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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11 Replies to “Saint Germain: In the Midst of the Great Change Over”

  1. rht smythe

    *****_______________EMERGENCY SUPPLIES____________*****

    Last week, my power went out for 7 hours due to a tornado in Michigan.
    I had plenty of lights, candles, a coleman stove for cooking, emergency supplies and food, a battery backup for a led lamp, etc etc
    The one thing I was really missing—–SOMETHING TO DO to keep me occupied while waiting. If you have kids, get BOARD games
    I had a deck of cards…LOL I played solitaire the old fashioned way.
    Books…especially “How To” books in the event of long term power outages of days or weeks I highly recommend. Very useful and helpful for passing the time.

    I have 30 one-gallon jugs of purified water from a special business that sells high-purified water for 40 CENTS a gallon! Each water plan for one human requires 1 gallon of water a day for cooking/drinking/other.

    Do you have enough PET FOOD and MEDICATION?

    I’m guessing a lot of people will “mentally Shut down” and not go to work when the Disclosure and Deep State EXPOSURE happens.
    A robust Emergency first aid kit! (not a tiny one full of small band-aids )

    Im planning on things being very chaotic for 3-4 weeks but have enough food storage for 3-4 months. I use the SEAL-a-Meal bags and buy low cost LONG LASTING food:
    Canned foods (I dont do canning)
    Salt/pepper/seasonings, seasoned salt
    HONEY, sugar
    Rice, beans, flour, oats, pasta, peanut butter, etc. etc, dried mixed bean soup, BLEACH, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, soap, alcohol for rubbing and other for drinking and trading
    FIRE SOURCES and wood/charcoal for cooking. Axe/hatchett

    IF things really do get crazy for a few weeks…..are you safe where you are?

    I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GO ONLINE and read about the best Emergency Preparedness and be ready.

    IM HOPING all my preparations are completely un-needed and the craziness only last a very short while. I grew up in Hurricane Houston so we ALWAYS had an emergency kit in case we lose power for days AND my PARENTS did 3-4 times over 20 years

  2. david k gates


    I dont channel messages but I often get intuitive blasts of info and this was popped in there while I was daydreaming. It was very strong and very clear.

    THE FUSE has been LIT. Make your final preparations, both PHYSICALLY and Spiritually

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I was in a dream just now where the elevator I was standing in was moving upwards at an insane speed and it Just. Won’t. STOP. My own personal interpretation of this is that we, as a collective, have now gathered UNSTOPPABLE momentum. So now THAT dream, coupled with YOUR daydream, taken together with TODAY’S daily 9D Arcturian Council message by Daniel Scranton which says that mass awakenings are all set to happen in June — are just way too many (and highly telling) “coincidences” for me to ignore, at this time.

      It appears that we, as a human collective, have FINALLY “made it (home)” at LONG LAST. So I’ll now be on the lookout for confirmations of the same through other channels here as well.

      Enjoy the show! 😉

        1. Don Spectacularis

          I’m not sure whether I can use the term ‘The Event’ specifically here — since it means different things to different people — though I can for sure say that this year is the year when the mass exposures and mass awakenings happen. They just HAVE TO, for the MOMENTUM towards TRUTH is now simply UN-STOPPABLE. Whether it culminates in “The Event” or the “Solar Flash” or what-else-have-you; that all depends upon which timeline you create for yourself.

          But yes, big stuff goes down this very year ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. For such is now INEVITABLE. Hope this helps!

      1. P.S.

        That’s funny, Don. I keep calling “The Event” a roller coaster to keep people from fearing it too much.

        Because of that very idea of momentum and the feeling of being out of control but safe at the same time.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Our rollercoaster, however, enjoys those long stops mid upside-down turn.

          Sometimes, for many, many years at a time 😛