Galacom Update: Thermal Weapons

On May 24, 2022, at 04:00 PM CET, the Light Forces’ ground team head received permission to voice the information from Guan Yin and Archangel Michael, transmitted a few weeks earlier but while remaining undisclosed. Below is a summary of this info.

Following the mission of restoring historical justice, the law of karma, and the inevitable retribution for the crimes committed, the karmic council decided to transfer to the light forces on earth the technologies of weapons that destroyed previous civilization.

From February 23, 2022, immediately after the deactivation of the old world 3D matrix, light forces on earth received the karmic right to use these technologies and weapons, created on their basis, on their own without any conditions and restrictions.

The wording “TRANSFER” was not specified, that is, these technologies could have ALREADY been transferred, can be transferred at the moment, or be transferred in the FUTURE.

What kind of weapons the message refers to?

It’s a supernova weapons which have no analogues in the modern world. They are based on new physical principles, that is, on new knowledge and the nature of things. The weapons of unprecedented destructive power, which no one has protection. Characteristically, this is not a nuclear weapon.

Speaking about the destruction of the former civilization, one can talk about at least two types of non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Obviously, there were also nuclear strikes, judging by the presence of radioactive cesium in some of the round lakes and craters on the surface. But there are already nuclear weapons on Earth.

Therefore, was meant the vacuum and thermal weapons. A well-known example is a modern aviation thermo-baric bomb of increased power to produce volumetric explosion. It is considered the most powerful non-nuclear ammunition in the world.

Vacuum weapons, the past traces of which are seen on different continents, are so-called impact devices. Their principle of operation is based on a compression explosion, or reverse explosion.

This is a kind of electromagnetic weapon, the destructive effect of which is based on the compressive effect on matter, squeezing it into singularity, up to the critical values of its decay.

This weapon has tremendous destructive power, does not leave traces of radioactive contamination. It can be used from orbital stations. There is no protection against it.

Another type of weapon used to destroy the previous civilization is a thermal or plasma weapons. Moreover, this is a completely different plasma devices that are known now.

Plasma is often called the fourth state of matter. It differs from its three less energetic aggregate states, although resemble the gas phase, but does not have a definite shape or volume. That is, plasma is far from just a red-hot gas.

The action of plasma weapons is based on the impact on matter (the striking combat component) in such a way that it is brought to the state of high-temperature plasma corresponding to a nuclear or thermonuclear explosion.

Examples of terrestrial natural plasma are lightning, St. Elmo’s lights, the Northern Lights, and the ionosphere. In Space, these are stars in which thermonuclear fusion takes place (for example, our Sun), Solar wind, etc.

There are different types of thermal (plasma) weapons. It can have a thermonuclear shock impact. Such weapons are described in the Vedas and were actively used in Space and on Earth during the last cosmic war about 50 thousand years ago. After its application, radioactive contamination remains, as from a nuclear explosion.

Plasma weapons can be in the form of artificial lightning, also thermally splitting any matter. But one of the most destructive types of such weapons is an artificial prominence.

The name of this weapon speaks for itself. In fact, it simulates the state of the Sun’s jets, a substance in a state of high-temperature plasma, rushing at ultra-hypersonic speed of 50 thousand km per hour and higher. Protection against such weapons with modern technologies is not even theoretical.

The melted megaliths in different parts of the world are a consequence of the use of high-temperature plasma weapons such as artificial prominence with a wide range of damage area.

The temperature in its substance, brought to the plasma state, is not less than 1260 degrees Celsius. This is the melting point of granite, from which megaliths were partially composed. They were melted by thermal shocks, and the remains flowed like molten plasticine.

Among the extraterrestrial technologies there are other weapons – atomic-molecular or wave. Its principle of operation is based on such an effect on the crystal lattice of a substance that leads to the decay of interatomic bonds in it. As a result, matter (any material object) decays into atoms, dematerializes. By such weapons impact, NOTHING rests.

DNI keeps eyes on the ball.

**By Lev


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  1. Calgon Take Me Away

    Wow. Is this supposed to scare people? “Weapons” in The Illusion are illusion. Blow up everything in a dream and when you wake up… nothing has happened. What is the purpose of this drivel? Righteousness mixed with fearmongering?

  2. pan211

    Thank You Guan Yin,Thank You Archangel Michael,Thank You The Karmic Council,Thank You The Light Forces’Ground Team,Thank You Lev,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.

    1. pan211

      Thank You Guan Yin,Thank You Archangel Michael,Thank You The Karmic Council,Thank You The Light Forces’Ground Team,Thank You Channel,Thank You Lev,Thank You Era Of Light,Thank You.