Archangel Uriel: Forewarned is Forearmed

Beloveds, never has there been a more uncertain time in the era of humanity. War, the ever-increasing effects of climate change, a global pandemic and new diseases entering left field are enough on their own to keep the world in fear.

However, there are many more undercurrents threatening to destabilise the equinox of energies that are circulating the globe that are talked about by some but believed by very few.

I refer to the very faint undertone of lower energy frequencies that are kept humming along by those whose agendas do not include the well-being or even survival of humanity. The incessant tones resonate at quite high frequencies which cannot be heard without intense focus and concentration. It matters not how it is done, but it matters a great deal that people are aware and ready to counteract these waves of sound that are an admirable, if not underhand attempt at keeping humans in fear and therefore firmly in the grips of third dimensional energy.

The languages of the Universe are coded through sound and light frequencies – music, song, voice, colour, vibrations – and numerical codes and sacred geometry. It is therefore extremely possible for the dark forces to use the media, social media and digital technologies to generate lower frequency codes to the masses. When you become aware that they are there you will become more attuned to what form they are generated and how they are delivered. If you really tune into your body at these times, you may notice that your mood, energy levels and though processes slow down, become sluggish and much more negative in nature.

This is not new information, but the technologies used now to hook into and undermine the human energy fields and consciousness are much more sophisticated and efficient. In this way, the dark web of deceit and lies threatens to tighten its grip, preventing the long-promised and awaited ascension of humanity from ever successfully happening.

However, knowledge is power and it is in this missive I say to you, forewarned is forearmed. Do not fall into the intended slumber that is intended to keep you disconnected from your spiritual self and higher truth of the Universe. Stay alert and aware that nothing told to you from human, higher powers can be taken at face value. Begin to be a critical listener and thinker, sifting between the layers of ‘truth’ to undercover the lies. They lurk merely below the surface!

Take back your power, Dear Hearts, and learn to trust your gut feelings, the nagging doubts and the cynical questions that have arisen with every new attack on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of humans on a global scale. Become more connected to Mother Earth and the Universe than ever before, through walking in and just being in nature, meditating or engaging in grounding, meditative practices such as yoga, tai chi and qu-gong. Work through the layers of trauma, indoctrination, self-recriminations and religious mistruths that have become embedded in your psyche until you can become one with yourself and accepting of your path. It is only when one is truly one with themselves, Mother Earth and the Universe that they will become much more able to discern the truth from the lies, to stay positive amongst the negativity and to lift themselves and others up out of the mire.

It is already happening and ascension is almost complete. Be aware, forewarned and forearmed, Dear Ones, for love, truth, honour and unity are humanity’s only way forward beyond the darkness of these times.

I Am Archangel Uriel

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


14 Replies to “Archangel Uriel: Forewarned is Forearmed”

  1. Dennis M Binns

    How many ArchAngel Uriels did the Creator of all things create? How many incarnations have you had upon this planet Earth have you had? Do you have an aura? If so, what color is it?

  2. Calgon Take Me Away

    There is no climate change. There is no pandemic. What are you talking about? It’s posts like these that makes me question this entire movement.

  3. harrrrrie

    Some think completed ascension into 5D is only five years away. I feel like it’s 7 years.
    There is a lot that has to happen. Earth is quickly moving its magnetic north pole toward Russia. But it might end up in Poland. I read it used to be in Poland (Pole + land).
    Also Earth needs to have Yellowstone erupt and create the mini ice age to change the weather patterns in southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She wants to change the desert and arid regions to
    verdant again.
    She needs to level the southern California mountains so moisture can travel across California and the other dry states so they can be verdant.
    Also, the Pacific coast is supposed to fall into the ocean to get rid of the polluted land, to move people away from California and level those southern mountains.
    She wants to create major earthquakes. One for sure in or near Japan with a tsunami again. She said she needs to move land.
    There will possibly be an earthquake in Kentucky that will create a river from either Lake Superior or Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River. The Mississippi will be 200 miles wide in some spots. I think she wants to flood the Mississippi to clean up the land.
    She wants the whole planet to eventually be temperate. She is creating 75% of the global warming to melt most of the ice. One benefit she said is that the coasts will get cleaned up when they are flooded.
    She is creating most of the fires in the US. She needs to start fresh new growth.
    The monsoon like rains and flooding in other world areas are to remove negativity she is storing that humanity has created. Same with hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes. They and the flooding are releasing our negativity. (And cleaning up the land)
    A volcano in Italy is to erupt. Also volcanos in western US. There are supposed to be volcanoes and earthquakes along the Pacific Rim but not sure how extensively. If I remember right, there will be earthquakes at the US east coast too.
    If all these changes happen, the US government will need help and they will get it from Europe. That will help set the stage for not a new world government but a new world council. Governing will not be needed per se, as everyone will become more loving and helpful. The council will be created for guidance in all areas. Police and military will not be needed for protection or fighting and they will be enlisted for helping people in need.
    ET friends, who have been friends with large country governments for years, will be introduced to all the people on Earth who want to meet them. Any people here who were abducted or visited ETs willingly will be offered to meet their hybrid children. The Zeta Reticulans are our descendants (millions of years in the future) and did some of the abductions to gather DNA to save their race (another story). The Zetas will profusely apologize and offer reparations to those they abducted, including healing.
    Before we get to meet the ETs in person, a fellow named Tom Moore and a couple family members and staff will get to board the Sirusan’s (Sirius star system) Mothership and take extensive videos and thousands of pictures for all of Earth humanity to see. There will be two full length movies and books showing life on the Mothership. I think there are over a hundred different cultures and types of beings represented on the ship from many different planets. After our people get used to ETs and learn about them, their planets, their Galactic Federation of Light, etc then we will feel more comfortable to meet them in person.
    After we interact with them more, ships from other planet systems will visit from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Zeta, Arcturia, Orion, etc. We will be able to meet humanoids who resemble reptiles, lions, dragons, insects, cats, ants, praying mantis, etc. BTW, not all reptilian humanoids are the Draconians or Archons.
    If Earth tips the planet, I think she will do it gradually. Saving people on ET ships will help the people if she does it suddenly. But a sudden tipping will destroy everything, cause tsunamis to travel over whole continents, kill all life, wipe out forests, and change ocean currents and weather patterns. I just can’t see her making our 5D existence that heartbreaking and with that destruction to sort out.
    Tipping the planet gradually might help moisture to get to the Asian and South American deserts and perhaps help our mini ice age melt.
    For sure she wants to turn Earth into a temperate garden planet. She wants us off Earth living on other planets by the year 7800. Earth will be a vacation destination and a location for scientists and researchers to study because there is no other planet like ours in the universe.
    Good news is that polar bears will not disappear because there will be some ice at the north pole. The other good news is that people who don’t have a destiny of experiencing volcanos and earthquakes or dieing in them, will move away before they happen.
    I read that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will happen first. Then 2-4 weeks later Yellowstone will erupt and then California will have their earthquakes. If I have the order incorrect for the Yellowstone eruption and the Pacific coast earthquakes I will come back here and fix it. But the Japan tsunami will be first. She said all this several years ago, and who knows, maybe none of the disasters will happen.
    That the magnetic north pole could be located in Poland or Russia does not mean the snow and ice will form there too. The Earth would have to tilt a little for that to happen, or for weather patterns to change drastically some other way.
    People will leave an area in large numbers before a disaster. So, that will be your que that something will happen in that area.

  4. Vrdio

    So “meditative practices such as yoga, tai chi and qu-gong” 😁
    That is from lower astral. Those are dragons practices for dragons’ (most Asian) children.

    1. Denise

      That part is really a perspective thing actually, to someone outside of of our timelines “soon” could mean 100 years for all we know. 😉

    2. Swan

      Ancient Eastern cultures developed spiritual practices of meditation and healing to a high degree. These are universal teachings just as relevant today.

      Modern Western cultures developed technology to master the physical world.

      When the wave of lightworkers called “hippies” incarnated in the West after WWll, we embraced Eastern teachings to help bring humanity to a higher realm of Unity/Peace/Love.

      Only when East and West, ancient and modern, spirit and matter are harmonized will Earth become whole. Then we shall ascend together into higher dimensions. Our Celestial and high-plane ET guides affirm this in many different ways.

      1. Vrdio

        “lightworkers called “hippies”” 😂
        You mean CIA/Cabal mass drug testing period on those light brain testing rabbits? Yeah, go sex with anyone, wow! Dance in the mud, other will pay you costs. Just be yourself and take as much drugs as you can, and then pretend that you are good non-manipulated reasonable person?

        Then, later, when US drugged killers returned from Vietnam, and state formed DIA, as one should do something with all those useless killers that returned home, then they destroyed nice good hippies?

        I think you are very old and still believe that Hendrix was creating high vibratory music.

        Swan, let it go. It does not matter if you were part of it.

        1. Swan

          Dear Vrdio, there were many different kinds of hippies rebelling against a very materialistic culture: Political revolutionaries, back-to-the-landers, druggies, artists, spiritual seekers, etc. (They often overlapped, of course.)

          We seekers set off on wonderful quests for higher consciousness. That may have briefly involved hallucinogens, but quickly developed into spiritual practice that emphasized self-mastery – the very opposite of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.”

          Actually, my parents were grateful that their artistic, starry-eyed daughter started following a high spiritual Path of meditation, purity and service!

          50 years later I still follow that beautiful Path, along with many friends from those college days. And my father – a renowned doctor and medical researcher – also got initiated at the ripe old age of 78!

          I’m sorry you are so cynical. Not a joyful way to live!

          1. Vrdio

            Dear Swan, unfortunately maybe, but my life learned me to be so, especially during Mercury retrogrades like these days 🙂

            You know: be like “swan”, but think like serpent. Do your own research.

            Well, now you expanded the hippies term, and that makes it another way of looking.

            I have less then half of your years, live where people swear the most, survived war as a kid while my relatives were butchered and killed, lived in communism where my old relatives are killed, living in false capitalism ruled by old communists and their children even today, lived at the border of 3 religions, lost most loved one in teenage years, and still I managed to be one of the best in school and love the Light.

            People who I know experimented with hallucinogens, are all heavy alcoholics today, and mostly destroyed families. They are not lucky as you, to have parent who is “a renowned doctor and medical researcher”.

            People who I know liked and behaved like hippies, most of them are wearing ties now and work in pharmacy industry. Imagine the irony.

            I am glad for you to live in more free country, don’t know what war is, although your country provoked more then 90% of them, have best medicine and life support, have so many easily accessible opportunities, protected by the most strong army, have cheap gas, oil and transport, and have so wonderful and respective parents.

          2. Swan

            Just read your Reply to my Hippie comment…

            Thank you for sharing some of your life story. You sound like a brave warrior-soul sent into difficult territory to anchor Light.

            I apologize for assuming you were just being “cynical.”

            A hundred years ago, my grandparents all fled Russia/Romania/Poland to escape the terrible persecution of Jews. They worked hard to provide a better life for their families here in America. It worked!

            It’s a great tragedy for the planet that America has so misused its power – but we’re grateful for the goodness that’s still here, and maybe American lightworkers can help balance and heal the harm our country has caused others.

            Blessings, brave one!