New Moon in Gemini, May 29, 2022 – Harmony

Beloved Ones,

We end and begin June with a New Moon at 9 degrees Gemini together with the second Saturn semi-sextile Neptune on the next day. Gemini represents duality, and indeed this is what we, as ascending souls, are constantly working with – the synthesis between opposites polarities. Gemini is a perfect sign for creating balance. Gemini represents our silver and golden (feminine and masculine) aspects, and like them, it is in embracing each other in an equal and rhythmical dance of Love and Oneness, that we can truly be at peace.

The essence of this Moon is about creating more harmony, so we can align with the new harmonic timeline that has already been created. This is a very powerful moon, as it is surrounded by many important planetary encounters, that when properly integrated, will help us into the dissolution of the old, so we can begin anew, from a space of joy, love, and passion towards what we wish to create.

Saturn and Mercury are the two main influences of this moon. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, square Saturn, and invites us to bring all we envision in our mental plane into the physical, committing to our goals and focusing on bringing our desires into fruition. The other influence governing this moon is Mars conjunct Jupiter. Planetary encounters that invite us, as Saturn in Aquarius remind us too, to break free from limited thought patterns if we wish to move into a new personal cycle.

Energies that also remind us of the importance of reconnecting with our true essence through the power of joy, as this is the energy that Gemini invites us to cultivate if we desire to connect with all we wish to create as well as feel in a more peaceful state of being. Mars conjunct Jupiter is a wonderful frequency for us to align with the strength, courage, vitality, and passion within to conquer any difficulty and begin a path of conscious creation.

These planetary forces give us the energy, the push we may need to move forward from old scenarios, and focus on that which is going to help us build our new reality, as old situations are only alive only when we choose to continue thinking about them, recreating similar results in the present.

It is time to move from the old, and the old for us is anything that belongs to a previous moment, for when we chose this conscious path, we knew that change was going to be a constant letting go, as the only way to integrate again, and evolve.

A New Moon that aligns with Aldebaran, within the Taurus constellation, a star very similar in Essence to that of the Warrior, Mars, and that also happens while Mars and Jupiter align, as this Moon has no planetary aspects, but it receives many influences from other cosmic encounters. Energies that if we learn how to conduct it, can lead us to transform ourselves and our lives, coming back to empowerment and a more illumined state of being.

This is a passage that is going to trigger a great amount of energy for those who are willing to work with the many frequencies that are now coexisting on earth. Energies that once anchored will remain for when we are ready to align with them and create significant changes in our bodies and lives, for we are just beginning to transform the physical aspect of us.

A period of grace after the long integration phase that we just had, and that will continue with the harmonic phase that June brings to us through the 6/6/6 portal, together with many other influences that remind us of the importance of staying in the illumined presence of who we are, resting, rejuvenating, healing, and preparing ourselves for a new embodiment, as this has become our new reality now, to be constantly adapting to change.

I wish you a joyful and loving passage, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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