Life Tapestry Creations: Enjoy Your Retirement

Dear Ones,

You may surprise yourself with your new needs.

You have likely been a caretaker for most of your 3D earth lives. Not because you were destined to do so, but because you knew subconsciously you would be on the earth at this time. So you practiced your earth-saving/humanity-saving skills for multiple lives before this earth life.

You have always known you were different.

You tried to explore that difference in multiple ways, most often involving caretaking. Perhaps activities within religious orders, attempting to save someone via an abusive relationship or becoming the neighborhood center for problem-solving, a shoulder to cry on.

You are now discovering new freedoms of asking for help, caretaking yourself, and knowing that others are as capable as you.

The first segment of this message indicated you needed to care for others because you were somehow stronger or better than others. Let us, of the Universes, help you dismiss that concept for everyone now of the earth is an earth angel with unique roles to play. Roles that were rehearsed during their earthly lives.

Your forerunner’s role was to herd humanity into a new age. That age has arrived, so your need to caretake, reassure, please, forgive and forget is over. You completed your forerunner role. Now is your personal time.

The same is not necessarily true for those following you, as those following are less enmeshed in self-care roles.

Self-care is your key role now. Self-care that gives you joy and what you need to feel comfortable within your world. Does that include dismissing a pesky friend who returns again and again to self-defeating behaviors despite your ongoing concern? Or does that involve isolating yourself from it all? Such is your quandary now as you pine for peace. A life that no longer includes taking care of others.

Many respond that you must take care of others. There is a difference between taking care of someone and encouraging them to be themselves. Caretaking is a 3D function with limited results. Encouraging others to be all they can be in whatever format is “teaching them to fish.”

So it is now – encourage others only IF YOU FEEL THE INNER NEED.

You no longer need to worry about others “making it” for every earth being has been exposed to and internalized those energies they wish to enhance their life. It is not your role to caretake them with expectations they will use the skills you provide.

What should you do about someone who is mentally unstable or too young to be independent? It is again not your role to take care of them. A statement that seems heartless. What you continue to ignore is that you have completed your 3D caretaking role, as well as helping shift earth beyond 3D.

It is time for you to rest and do what you wish. Those following you have different roles than you, roles that may include caretaking others you once felt responsible for. It is as if you are the grandparent and your child is responsible for caretaking their child. As a grandparent, you can interact with your grandchild when you feel the urge to do so – every day, a few days a year, or never. Even though that child is not your responsibility, that does not mean you love your grandchild less; you merely have a different role than is true for that child’s parents.

Your personal world has evolved in a 3D sense from child to parent to grandparent.

Often grandparents receive loving help or concern from others, which is natural because they cared for so many throughout their earth years. So it is for you now. Accept the loving care of others and stop feeling the 3D need to caretake. It is time for those following you to step into their roles. Something they will not or cannot do if you continue your 3D caretaking – despite exhaustion when doing so.


Before you do anything other than that which feels comfortable, joyful, or self-loving, ask your inner being if you really wish to do it or is it a habit? Granted, many grandparents are the sole caretakers of their grandchildren. Even though some grandparents do so with great love and joy, the majority rue their inability to enjoy their senior years without child-rearing encumbrances.

So it is for you now. Even though you love others, you wish to enjoy your caretaking retirement. Allow that to be appropriate. Allow yourself to shift from world caretaker to self-caretaker. Likely a difficult phase to complete after eons of feeling the weight of the world in so many ways. So be it. Amen.

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7 Replies to “Life Tapestry Creations: Enjoy Your Retirement”

  1. harrrrrie

    David K. And John,
    I’m not judging. I’m trying to help. You must listen to the many article’s
    depiction of a loving reality. When you live from and through your heart, cocreators like Creator and your Angels and the energies of the universe will take care of you. Living through your heart is all encompassing.
    Please love everyone and everything unconditionally, including animals, plants, trees, Earth. Please have and feel compassion and forgiveness for yourself and all others. Be kind, caring, empatheic, serving to others in need. Practice calm, peace, tolerance and allowance of others presence and behaviors, as they are struggling too.

    Forgiving yourself and others is tough but we do this easily when we realize none of us are at fault. And it’s simple to understand:
    Our souls come to Earth to live as humans in 3D in hundreds of lives to learn every experience we can possibly have including the negative. Our souls decide before each incarnation what kind of life it wants to have and what it wants to learn. For example, good life or bad life, rich or poor, evil or good, powerful or weak, leader or follower, hermit or celebrity, mediocre or talented, murderer or preacher, and everything in between. Our Angels guide us to live these lives and that’s why we make mistakes, bad decisions, behave the way we do, and not live up to the ideals of society, or the opposite with an easy, happy life. Also our souls decide which parents we are going to have so we have the correct DNA, environmental influence, astrological guidance and family upbringing. As hard as we try to live the ‘correct’ life, we are not going to if our souls have plans for a tough life in this incarnation. Yes, at times we make decisions that our souls had not planned, as we do have free will. But the Angels, guides and helpers are very good at encouraging us to follow our ‘life plan’. So our mistakes, sins, and crimes are not our fault. We were guided to make every decision, good or bad for our souls learning. And actually, Creator’s learning too.

    When we realize we are not at fault, and no one else is at fault, because it was all planned by our Souls, it is so much easier to forgive ourselves and all others.

    Which brings me to this: Forgive and love yourself and all others, even politicians and terrorists. Start replacing all negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors with all positive ones. See the beauty everywhere. Feel joy that you are alive and can do what you can do each day. Appreciate everything frequently. Realise and believe someday you will start experiencing your powers. Realize and believe you get help from Creator, your angels and the Universe’s energies. Realise and believe there is no place for fear or trepidation. You are protected. The time of 3D is ending. The riches in all areas of life will be here for all of us, in our lifetime. This is the Golden Age. Living in love through your heart will guarantee you a place in this new lovely world. In the meantime, Creator and your Angels will take care of you. Believe they will help you, they have your back, no way do you have to give up.

    Living through your heart with love takes practice. Replacing every negative thought, feeling and behavior with the positive takes practice. Being appreciative and joyful at all times takes practice. But it gets easier and easier. Then it becomes automatic.

    Don’t judge others for their mistakes, looks, behaviors, etc. And this includes groups, society, animals, Earth and Creator. Forgive them and realize they have souls too that guided their lives. Judgement of the weaknesses and situations of others creates negative energy in you and sends it out to all the earth and the universe. We are the most beautiful planet in the universe but we are also the most negative. We are here in this Golden Age to change this now.

    Also, if you cannot help/care for others in need, sending them love is just as good. Send the whole Earth love everyday and the whole Earth will receive it and use its good energies.

    All loving feelings, thoughts, and behaviors you emanate goes out not only to others but also out to society, all Earth (and inside and above Earth), our Sun, our solar system, our galaxy and the entire Universe. I even send love to other Universes to help maintain good loving relations with all the cosmos.

    When you emanate or intentionally send your love, it comes back to you 100-fold. It helps Creator and the Angels to make sure you get the help you need. I’m not saying it’s negotiable or a bargain made, not at all. But, when you emanate and send out your love and it comes back to you 100-fold, the Angels can use that good energy to help you even more and in ways that will surprise you. Wonderful things will happen, miracles and exciting surprises. That’s the Golden Age we are living in now. These are the same powers we will use that we create in ourselves and from the 100-fold. It’s all connected. We are Angels too, we just don’t know it. We now can start acting like it.

    It’s so incredibly important that we are loving, compassionate, caring, kind, empathetic, non-fearful, non-judgmental, joyous and appreciative. It’s the key to a much better life and seeing the Golden Age blossom and become our reality. AND for all the wonderful ways Creator and our Angels can help us in the meantime. It’s been said over and over again that they cannot help us in special ways without our request or consent. So say to Creator and your Angels that you would like their help with so and so and in any other ways they think we could use their help. It might not happen immediately, but they are working on it and can help you in ways that do not go against your Soul’s plan for your life. Since you are alive now in the Golden Age, with free will, and can decide to live through your Heart, you have some say in your life plan. And it can be a wonderful life if you believe so.

    Remember the saying God helps those who help themselves. We help ourselves now by loving ourselves and all others. Send that love. Show that love. Be that love. It’s your destiny if you want it.

    I hope this helps. Love and strength to you all.

    If I have forgotten anything I’ll add it later. Thank you for this opportunity to try to help.

    1. Swan

      Beautiful and inspiring message, Harrrrie! Thank you so much!

      (Note: My other Reply here relates to the main post, not Harrrrrie’s wonderful missive 🙂

  2. Swan

    Strange message!

    Yes, caring for ourSelf is essential in order to serve others in a loving, balanced way – but we each come into this incarnation with important karmic tasks, and serving those in need (including by helping them become more independent) may be vital to fulfilling our own destiny.

    True Service-to-Others brings great joy! If there are struggles, then pray for guidance, listen to your heart, take a vacation – and understand that there’s a unique answer for each one of us.

    Everyone’s destiny is unique, and blanket generalizations as in this post can’t possibly apply to all of us older folks.

    1. Vrdio

      If you read her older posts, one can find that there are no more “karmic tasks” per Brenda.

  3. david k gates

    Im about to partially retire at 60. Im tired and worn out from 3D work! work! work!
    I dont own a house or land so I would have to keep on working, the rest of my life, just to survive…or become homeless and old. Lost my savings TWICE in 2001 with the Dot.COM crash and then again in 2008.

    I have a little money I will live on the next 3-5 years but Im expecting a MUCH different Planet by Dec 31.
    If all this turns out to be BS…then I wont want to live here at all and will leave when the money runs out.