Saint Germain: Q & A Violet Flame

Question 1

Thanks for this opportunity. Please discuss the best way to practice protection before, during, and after Violet Flame practices. Is there a recommended way to invoke Archangel Michael?

St Germain: Before invoking the violet flame, using the chant given by me, “I am a Being of Violet Fire. I am the Purity God desires,” will protect you. It is in the intention. Recite this as many times as you feel necessary to remove impurities within yourself. When you have removed these impurities, you will realize that protection is not necessary. You are a being of Godliness, God has nothing to protect himself from nor should you have.

Chanting this chant during the daytime is a good way to stay aligned with the violet flame.

Speaking your truth is always good protection. It is in the lies that you are vulnerable.

Archangel Michael is always there for anyone who does work with the Violet Flame. Saying his name three times will bring him to you.

I have provided Elizabeth Prophet with a prayer to pass on to you: “Archangel Michael. Help me! Help me! Help me!” Please repeat this three times.

Me: I see him now, turning his head. Now I’m getting the chills! LOL Yes, I’ve called on him – a lot. And he’s never failed me – never!

Question 2
This is a specific question related to Question 1. Before giving the Violet Flame decrees, I currently use a script from Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “Violet Flame to heal body mind & soul,” which includes the Tube of Light decree (3 times) {“Beloved I AM presence bright….”) followed by the Breastplate prayer using Lord Michael (3 times) (“Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind….”). Then I give my Violet Flame decrees, following the structure of Prophet’s pamphlet. This appears to be effective prior to and during the decrees; however, I would like suggestions about how to ensure protection after the decree session.

St Germain: Continue to recite the decrees if you feel protection is necessary. It is about your alignment – when you are aligned with God, no protection is necessary. When you align with your countenance, then you are in the lie. You will feel the energy of strength and protection flow through you when you are practised enough in these decrees.

Question 3
This is a specific question related to Question 1. I would like your suggestions on how to invoke protection on an ongoing basis, so I may visualize Violet Flame in my daily life as events unfold. Thanks for your time and consideration.

St Germain: This is worthwhile indeed. Again, it has to do with your intention, your beliefs and whether they mislead you. The violet flame is protection enough, my friend, you are transmuting negative energies, there is no more protection than that. Those you seek to protect yourself against are what you are transmuting with the violet flame – negative energies.

The Indigo, the lamenter of the fact that they are the transmuter of negative energies, is in fact the most protected starseed upon earth if in fact they would utilize these protocols and develop prowess at them. Otherwise they are attacked and depleted of their life force.

Note that Ashtar Sheran is an Indigo, he is depicted with the violet ray in his upturned palm. Do you think that God would mis-create the being that was to come to earth to take on the dark forces, those of negative energies? No, when used proficiently the violet flame is protection itself. Indeed!

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


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