The Satanic Cabal’s Attack on America

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

America has been sold to the highest bidder, America has been weakened on purpose, the depths of their treason is unimaginable. When you are awake you can see clearly. They are traitors every single one of them. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole the closer you get to the insane amount of evil that has been perpetrated on the human race.

These satanic rulers have waged a merciless war against humanity to humiliate and control our spiritual advancement and keep us in economic slavery. These rulers have infiltrated every religion, financial system, judiciary, law enforcement, education system and built an empire of synthetic poison through big pharma to destroy our physical bodies and minds.

They distract us to control where our attention and thoughts flow through violent entertainment via music, video games, movies etc. This is mind control through black magik which is a very low, dark frequency being bombarded on our psyche every single day.

These rulers hide behind the deception of the church. They sell the story of light and salvation but it’s all deception. They watch humanity worship them oblivious to who they really are. Personally, religion and its deception being pushed by the church sickens me. The church are just veins that flow from a central pusher of evil the Vatican. The church is the Great liar!

These psychopaths that hide behind light sacrifice and traffic humanity on a scale that would blow any sleeper’s mind. We live on a planet that happens to be a very busy corridor, shall we say, meaning the trafficking, and selling of the human race is sickenly prevalent here. We are a major commodity on and off world in many ways.

These dark off world entities cannibalize our race and infuse our blood through the deceptive practices through blood donations. And the real sickening part of it all is its been right in front of our eyes our entire existence. Oba*ma was nothing but a Trojan-horse, a vampire who was let in and whose job was to bring America to its knees to make a path to allow the Witch to finish the job.

These parasites know their time is coming to an end and they are going to throw everything at us in their power. They knew this was coming it was inevitable their push back and resistance is futile. We and the raising of our consciousness, our awareness to this deception will DESTROY THEM!

**By Teri Wade


5 Replies to “The Satanic Cabal’s Attack on America”

  1. harrrrrie

    Teri Wade sometimes writes something truly spiritual and good. But this article mentions one thing that is way off the mark. I’m wondering if she’s racist.

    “Oba*ma was nothing but a Trojan-horse, a vampire who was let in and whose job was to bring America to its knees to make a path to allow the Witch to finish the job.”

    Obama did everything he could for America without getting assassinated by the Cabal for doing too much good. Obama knew what he was up against in the Cabal and Deep State. We the people forget what Obama was up against in his own D.C. backyard. What was the kicker and prevented Obama from doing his job were the Republicans. Instead of supporting Obama and any good the country could reap from the presidency and their running of the Federal government, the Republican NO Party didn’t want Obama to succeed in anything because of their racist agenda. They even declared on TV that their #1 goal was to get Obama out of office. Their goal should have been fixing the country but they weren’t going to have any of that.

    Anyone who thinks that Trump was the Savior is very mistaken. There was never a president who divided the country in every facet of life like Trump. The Cabal and Deep State did not want Trump to be president, but there was a mix up and the Cabal got Trump elected. The Deep State was elated because of the loosh and negativity unleashed by Trump dividing the country and spurring on outright hate and violence. The Deep State just sucked those negative energies right up and it made them even more powerful. Trump served the Deep State and the Cabal so well by dividing the country, it pushed back our advancement in ascension, prevented bettering the country, and lowered the vibration of so many Americans. The hate and racism he promulgated is his legacy, and the negativity he encouraged to feed the Cabal and Deep State will be a topic in school for centuries to come.

    1. Vrdio

      harrrrrie, you are proving that yourself have fallen on the oldest trick of division: Divide et impera.

      Obama = Trump = all others at that level

      “We will bring back our troops from… ” No! He started new wars 🙂

      Why did he sent his daughter to brief “education” at rapist Weinstein’s place?

  2. Linda Rosa

    Teri Wade – This was great. There’s so much evil hidden in plain sight, but one has to open one’s eyes, minds and hearts to see it. There appears to be a club, of sorts, a tight knit, hush-hush fraternity of devil worshippers in place at the top of the pyramid on back of the dollar bill. They control the world. Don’t forget, the Holy Bible says that the devil runs this world. The devil is the god of the air.

    These creatures have no use for human beings created by God “from the dust of the earth” because perhaps our dna differs from theirs. Perhaps these top feeders have been made “in the image and likeness of (their) god.” and therefore have no problem harming humans created by Almighty GOD in Genesis Chapter 2.

    In any case, the veil has been lifted and their very visible icons, brandings and symbols reveal who they are and which GOD/god they worship.

    Where are they hiding???? In plain sight, of course. Hollywood’s dark stars, church leaders, corporate execs, scientists, philosophers, poets, priests. The list goes on and on and on. It is a huge cult of devil worshippers/doers. And, they do what they do, wink with their eyes keep their dark secrets – all in plain sight.

    Friends – does anyone recall the Superbowl halftime show from perhaps 6-7 years ago where the actors were in hospital beds and syringes were being shown and the entire “show” was diabolically weird?

    Fast forward to 2019 when the big C began and people were warned to get jabbed – or else???

    The diabolicals operate with rituals and magick. We watched that halftime show, didn’t question it and just accepted it.

    This revealed to the diabolicals that we were okay with the virus, the masks, the jabs and the lockdowns.

    2022 is the year of joy, peace and love in the world. Focus on that instead of the bad news continually being broadcast into our brains. The diabolicals are images/likenesses of their god. They lose their grip on us when we focus our minds on joy, peace and love. They have no God-given power.

    WE do!!!

    1. Vrdio

      Linda Rosa,
      “The devil is the god of the air.” that is very silly. Other stuff, yes, very close.

      You would be shocked…of how many actually there is non-humans in human body…


      I will try to be short:

      After war in our solar system, fallen ones, aka aliens with large heads, landed on Antarctica (no ice then), they recuperated, then during years moved north to Egypt, then across Europe.

      Those snakes ruled like this: kill all men, rape all woman, then kill them also after successful birth of mixed ones. So, allow only mixed ones to live and spread, as they got reptile soul attached to “default” one and start behaving like non humans (fear, wars etc), but most important, they function with hive like mind, so fear fear fear all life. That is reason why the ones who get scared easily get vaccinated without any doubt (hive mind – just listen authority).

      Subtly, that means: all mixed ones have still human soul BUT ALSO reptile one attached!!! And large majority of “people” have two souls!

      So, there are few types of “humans”:

      1. humans with soul with God seed inside – 7 chakras, can advance
      2. humans with soul and reptile soul – 7 chakras, but reptile soul forces only use of 3 lower ones
      3. humans with only alien soul – they got only 3 lower chakras…no love at all.
      4. clones (millions of them mostly in China) – no soul at all, hive mind, workers

      All rulers are type 2. or 3., mostly 3.

      Most of the souls with God seed, the original ones, are left within Slavic people!
      Yes… that is reason for current war in Ukraine. Probably one on Balkans also during ’90s.
      Their tactic, aka Roman one, is: Divide et impera!

      So, split the Slavs, make them look ugly and stupid (Hollywood job) , but actually point is to kill last remaining larger minority of people with God seed, and finally have all humans without no God seed soul at all left on this planet, before Transition happens.

      Yes, Nazis won WW2, yes, with help of advanced weapons, UFOs (check who created NASA, operation Paperclip) they rule Roman brainwashing creation called USA with help of aliens (“live American dream” 😂), yes, there are the most brainwashed “humans”, and yes, point of the Nazis was the same as the fallen ones. It is all over same story… the same non-humans doing the same stuff (kill real humans) since the fall from heaven.

      Yes, plandemic point is to insert alien gene (per my info DNA of the one type of the Grays) into type 1. humans to make them at least type 2. if not 3, so upper 4 chakras are cut off (destroy God soul).

      If you want prove for plandemic check

      As always, again, same story, false flag, the day after the last day of grand jury, Putin attacked. Wonder why? 😉