The Event (That You Missed)

Yesterday, a truly spectacular event of magnificent proportions took place upon Planet Earth. An event, that began as a pure-yet-spontaneous expression of absolute human bliss, and culminated into an absolute crescendo of ecstasy that was felt by the very soul of the planet itself.

What? No one even told you about it? No one reported it on all of those mainstream media sources out there as an event of global significance? No alternate news sources thought of giving it even as much as a mention?

That is, of course, understandable. After all, when was the last time a celebration of pure joy made it into the news headlines anyways? (Definitely not during those trucker convoys, eh?) For all they (both the mainstream, as well as the alternative media news sources) care about is all of these wars, hatred, fear porn, pandemics, us vs them, the cabal vs the mankind, good vs evil, red vs blue, and everything else that keeps you away from your true, blissful, joyful identity (as spirit)…do they not?

You can click here to view the event in question in all of its fascinating, spontaneous, and miraculous glory.

An event, wherein but a tiny little group of humans (who were likely not even all “spiritually evolved” and all that) broke into a spontaneous celebration of pure joy, bliss, ecstasy, love, and utter, exciting, HARMONY.

On the surface, an absolutely insignificant, forgettable event – I mean, that’s what your news outlets would have you believe anyways, right?

And yet in truth, a truly incredible display of love-light and spontaneous celebration that gave not only gave our very collective consciousness – but also our very planet and its many blossoming positive timelines – a much needed “booster dose” of pure joy, ecstasy, fun and celebrations!

Make no mistake here, these “little” events on some random corner of the planet are by no means “small”, “forgettable”, “pointless”, or “insignificant”. Instead, these are incredibly powerful and potent manifestations of group harmony, love, and joy that can tilt and shift ENTIRE TIMELINES into a more positive, loving, and harmonious direction.

For never forget, JOY is the compass needle that directs you towards the very HIGHEST positive timelines imaginable. I mean, just answer this question as deeply, honestly, truthfully and soulfully as you possibly can, what news would your heart and soul rather read? Some news about disease, disaster or war — or a bunch of humans spontaneously coming together to create utter MASTERPIECES such as THIS ONE?

And I know you’ve answered that question before I’m even done asking it.

And now, I’m going to ask all of you reading this to do something truly EPIC. Draft a sweet little message – in your own special words – lovingly requesting your news broadcaster to start showing you more such loving, wholesome, and harmonious content — instead of all of that war news, pandemic updates and crime stuff. Yep, I want you to link them up with these two very videos right away. And then, all I ask is that you copy-paste the said message and send it to as many news outlet emails that you can find online; and also send it to these ones via direct messages on your Twitters, Facebooks, and what-else-have-yous.

And, as should be rather obvious at this point, don’t expect them to respond to you right away…or, in some cases, ever! And yet, that’s perfectly alright. We are just planting a teensy little SEED within their consciousnesses here. And all seeds take time to grow (and in some cases, even as much as sprout!) And seeds of love and light – you’ll be most surprised to find – find a way to sprout, grow, and spread even on lands deemed most barren! Or, in our case, people who have cemented beliefs that darkness and evil is the only thing that sells; hell no it doesn’t!

Two more quick things: One, be sure to use only the most sweet and loving language whilst crafting your message. Attacking them for spreading fear and negativity won’t serve your purpose; hell, it won’t serve anyone’s purpose (or any purpose in general) at all. Because such hate and anger based approaches never really work out anyways. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, after all. And that’s for a damn good reason.

So keep it short, simple, powerful, and LOVING. Then bless the message, ask for divine assistance in getting it to all of the right eyes and ears and delivering the most impact for everyone’s very highest good, and then, just let it all go. Your job is done here…well, almost!

Your task number two: Quickly screenshot (screencap) the message that you sent out, and be sure to post it on all of your social media outlets; explaining just WHAT you did and WHY. Encourage all people reading (the said post) to do the exact same thing. You’ll be surprised to know just how many people will most willingly follow YOU, the consciousness-shift LEADER here. After all, everyone out there is (consciously or unconsciously) looking for more of that delicious love-light, you see. Most just don’t know what steps to even take towards it!

Finally, if someone from the news media side (positively) responds back to you, be sure to post THAT PART on all of your social medias here as well! Let people ask you questions about this and get interested! Let all be encouraged to do the exact same thing! After all…

LOVE goes “viral” faster than ANY random virus concocted in some vile vial. FACTS!!!

You can do this even to change the very energies of the Social Media platforms that you are on as well. Intend and Visualize all of Social Media becoming more loving, more kind, more human. And put it into action by posting only and ONLY kind and loving and positive and blissful and up-lifting posts, messages, replies, and comments alike! And let the whole world know you’re doing so (and encourage them all to do so) in any case! You’ll be SURPRISED to know as to just how many people have just been waiting for someone to remind them of (even just the sheer POSSIBILITY of) THIS. VERY. THING!

FACT FOR THE DAY: FUN and CELEBRATIONS are the SECRET SAUCES for experiencing the very HIGHEST timelines imaginable!

So go INTEND, VISUALIZE, BLESS and PRAY FOR the very highest, most EPIC outcome for this incredible initiative of ours, and JUST HAVE SOME FUN with it! After all, you never even know as to how very truly POWERFUL you can be, unless you actually go out there and just TRY! Get CREATIVE and have FUN, it’s the very greatest way to serve the world out there there even is!

Last, but by no means the least, do SPREAD THE WORD AROUND too! SPEAK ABOUT IT with your loved ones, and even your acquaintances for that matter. BRING IT UP FOR DISCUSSIONS it in your Online or Offline Communities, Groups, Chat Groups and Clubs — especially so the spiritual ones! FREELY SHARE THIS MESSAGE on every social media outlet that you can possibly find! Also, do help TRANSLATE IT in every language that you so know of, and also MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE for anyone with reading challenges or learning disabilities! Finally, SET AN INTENTION TO SHARE IT WITH ALL HUMANS upon the astral planes before you go to sleep, and KNOW that such shall indeed be, DONE!

P.S. For those looking to reach me, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn by clicking HERE. Yes, I know, weird choice of contact point and all; but what to even do? At least this platform is (relatively) low on the daily dosages of negativity here lol. So far, so good!

– Don Spectacularis

P.S.S.T: Do comment below if you’re giving this idea a shot! 😉

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  1. unionylibertad

    How do you know what anyone missed? Everyone follows their own path and everyone is where they should be, doing that they need be doing…So. I ask again…How would you know what anyone missed…Have a blessed day!

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Alas! This website does not allow the direct posting of links! 🙁 In any case, if this comment somehow gets posted, here’s the link in question:


      Just copy-paste the link in your URL/address bar, delete ALL FOUR dashes (in the link), and hit Enter! THAT is ALL! Should work like a charm! 🙂 🙂

    2. Don Spectacularis

      Also, here’s the second link in question. As with the last one, simply copy-paste the given link in your URL (address) bar, delete ALL FOUR dashes from the link, and hit Enter! That is all! Cheers!!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Don Spectacularis

      Cheers Nancy! Hope you found the article to be somewhat helpful! 🙂 🙂 Unfortunately, the links within this article didn’t appear for some reason, so you can view it in full here instead:

      https:// bit. ly/ 3PJttMV

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      Much love! <3 <3 <3

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you Li! Truly hope you felt inspired by this somewhat! Cheers! 😀 🍻🥂 🍻 🙂

  2. Don Spectacularis

    Alright folks, it appears that the links didn’t show for some reason. You can view the article here instead: https:// bit. ly/ 3PJttMV

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      1. Don Spectacularis

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