Hatonn: Great Wealth Of The Lightworkers

Greetings to all souls. I have some major lessons that all souled ones have at this ending time. I just remind you of whatever you are experiencing at this time is from yourself.

What I am saying to you is that the lessons get more difficult at this ending time than all the lessons you have learned throughout your entire life on this 3D Earth Shan. You volunteered to reincarnate your present on this schoolroom for great soul growth. I did not make you reincarnate, but you chose to be on Earth to help her and to accomplish your mission you set for yourself in order to gain great soul growth.

Everything that has happened to yo , you have ordered, not anyone else. You must also know that every lesson is repeated until you learn that lesson. Earth is like a school room. You do not graduate to the next level of learning until you have passed the lessons where you are at this time. The lesson get harder, as you approach the time when Earth turns on her axis ad you judge self as how you have followed the gReat Laws of God and Creation.

You can compare it to the 12 grades you have in your present school room. I can compare it to that but not to what has happened to your school learning where sometimes the student is shoved to the next grade without passing the present grade the student is in because the teacher does not want that undisciplined one to return to her class and disrupt all.

However, in the Lighted Classroom of soul growth, you do not graduate to the next level of learning, because lessons repeat until you have learned them.

Here is another thought. When you reincarnated on Earth you, for the most part, ‘you returned to experience the very opposite of what you are in the Lighted Realms. Also, Satan turned everything around or just the opposite.

Take, for instance, the great wealth that is stored up for the Lightworkers at this ending time. Most people believe that that statement meant money and great wealth. Read 50, the end of chapter one, pages 11 ad 12 entitled “Unlearning the False.” http://www.fourwinds10.com/journals/pdf/J050.pdf

What is the great wealth? It is the pearls of spiritual consciousness and the overcoming of death. It is NOT monetary wealth, nor having the American Dream of a big house cars, and all materialistic stuff that is of this illusion. One must grow spiritually to gain this great wealth. I hope you understand that of which I speak.

One last important thought! You are NEVER alone is learning your lessons for we stand by to help at a moment’s notice. Also, I have given you a most wonderful Guide,The Phoenix Journals. Although they present information about your government there are great spiritual gems throughout them. I did not say it was bad to read about your government, but only to give you their secrets and hidden agenda so you are informed about their tricks to capture you with their lies and deceit. That is how the Satanic and Niburian Empires operated.

My final words to you are this. Stay focused, balanced, centered and calm. Work and pass these last lessons and read and meditate with the Lighted Realms. Realize that you are the most important one to you……YOU AND YOUR SOUL GROWTH! You can win! You can complete all lessons with flying colors! All the Lighted Realms are here to help any time you ask. Do NOT be discouraged, depressed. Sad or FEARFUL. Call upon us to help at any time.



I Am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander In Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation, Ashtar Command:  Earth Representative To The Cosmic Council And Intergalactic Federation Council On Earth Transition.  You May Call Me “Hatonn.

**Channel: Ann Bellringer


3 Replies to “Hatonn: Great Wealth Of The Lightworkers”

  1. George E Hopkins

    If there is no money then the St. Germain Trust and the rv are a lie. Receiving money we deserve does not mean we are not heart centered or materialistic, for one day we will not need money.
    This sounds like those type posts designed to cast doubt in the readers minds, so they will create the opposite, in favor of the Cabal.
    I’ve seen this on almost every spiritual or RV site, a lot of truth distorting posts designed to confuse the readers. Golden Age of Gaia is one that uses discernment and takes responsibility for what is posted there. Remember if you are told you should quietly skip over these type posts without speaking your truth, you are experiencing the same techniques that have been used for eons to keep you sedated and in line. Truth never minds being questioned, a lie will try to silence you. Freedom of speech is what I defended this country for. It’s not just your right, it’s your responsibility, your duty, to speak your truth. Money in this case is to help those in need, including ourselves, and to bring balance and healing and abundance into our lives, by Divine Design. It is to refine our relationship with money and manifesting our lives for the better. You will know how to use it by staying centered in your heart. When we learn how to manifest at will, then money will not be needed.

    1. Francis

      I can relate. & I certainly hope our ability to manifest abundance is not tied to the lessons we pass or fail otherwise that would be completely senseless. Felt something off about this post.. generated nagative feelings of Giving up.