Magnetosphere Momentum: How It Attracts “The Light”

The magnetosphere is the magnetic field surrounding Earth/Gaia beginning several kilometers above our planet’s surface and extending tens of thousands of kilometers into space.

“Charged” particles are strongly affected by the magnetic fields of both our planet and the Sun.

There are many other “spheres” as well and just a few of them are: ionosphere (extending from about 50 to 600 miles above our planet’s surface and containing ions that are able to reflect radio waves); stratosphere (comprised of temperature layers with the warm layers being high up and the cool layers being low and located above the troposphere); troposphere (the first and lowest layer of our planet’s atmosphere, and it has a rotating turbulence with mixing layers of air); etc.

However, the magnetosphere is usually more focused upon because it acts like a shield that protects Earth/Gaia from harmful cosmic particle radiation and erosion of the atmosphere by potent solar wind streams carrying cosmic rays (neutrons).

When mankind began to conduct dangerous experiments and pollute the waters, soil, and air of Earth/Gaia and when warfare and all sorts of other turmoil has happened, the magnetosphere received the energies and vibrational frequencies of these dire situations, and these disturbances did not just occur a few centuries or decades ago.

They began many thousands of years ago in human time calculations. Every 26,000 years or so, mankind sees the results of its thought waves, emotional settings and actions because these have ENERGY (Life Force), FREQUENCY (the number of times a given action occurs in a particular time frame), and VIBRATION (oscillations or movements of ENERGY or Life Force).

Let us review the terms “Mankind’ and “Human”.

The phoneme “Man” is from the ancient Sanskrit word “Manas” and translates as “Mind” and as “Consciousness”.

The term “Kind” is “Type”.

Thus, “Mankind” is to have a “Type of Consciousness”.

The phoneme “Hu” is an ancient Medu Neter word which translates as “Creative Utterance”.

The origination of “Man” has already been discussed, and thus, to be “Human” is to have the capability of “Creative Utterance” or “Speech” whether it is done audibly or silently.

When someone thinks, he or she formulates pictures, and the pictures have verbal definitions according to the language that the person speaks and understands.

The thoughts and pictures created by the brain (the storehouse of images) have an emotional response.

The thoughts (electrical energy) and emotions (magnetic energy) together create a specific action (outcome).

Our planet’s magnetosphere receives the thoughts waves, feelings, and activity motions of the collective consciousness.

Not only this, but it also continually receives the fluctuations of solar energetics (flares, winds, CMEs, helio-spheric current sheets, co-interaction regions, and other “portals” of LIGHT throughout the cosmos).

There is a constant pushing-in, pressuring, and flowing of cosmic energetics in the magnetosphere—sometimes at a faster rate, sometimes at a slower rate.

According to the pace of the pushing, pressuring, and flowing of the cosmic energetics, time can seem slowed-down or quickened.

Time perceptions affect the “Schumann Resonance” (also called “Power”)—the vibrational frequency and amplitude of our planet’s inner core and outer arena—as tectonic plates and grids are stirred, shaken, and pulsated with certain rhythms of ENERGY, FREQUENCY, and VIBRATION.

In all “time lines” and in all “space/time continuums”, there is a specific and substantial percentage of SOUND AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION being exchanged between “mankind” and the cosmic forces—energy waves, sequences of happenings, and movements of the steadily occurring aforementioned energy waves.

Thus does the magnetosphere billow and sway, pulse and spin, with what it receives—attracts—from its surroundings, and what is attracted is played-out in particular ways.

Yet, there is a caveat to all of this.

In an ancient message revealed to Rishis from SOURCE, it is taught that whenever conditions on a planet become so horrendous that a very small percentage of righteous beings exist, the DIVINE ABSOLUTE will take on form and destroy the evil and protect the righteous because the DIVINE ABSOLUTE— the IMPERISHABLE ONE— is LOVE and LIGHT.

Those persons who study cosmic forces—whether they are traditional or non-traditional in their research, all agree that there are strange, i.e., mystical happenings in space that cannot be explained by academic theories and concepts.

Black Holes (such as “Sagittarius A”) are behaving vastly differently than what has been commonly taught.

Star formations seem to become dim whenever horrible events happen and then re-appear later (these are known as “Star Surges”).

Solar flares explode even when no significant sunspots have been detected on the face of the Sun, and each pushes out a coronal mass ejection.

Lots of cosmic energy is coming into our realm from the far side of Earth/Gaia at times when it cannot be detected from the Sun-facing side.

The Sun is a gleaming bright white LIGHT and no longer can we use yellow crayons or paint to symbolize it.

It also sometimes has a rainbow-like glow of colors surrounding its inner core. SOURCE is here and is appearing as LIGHT! “ITS” rays are penetrating into all creation—above, around, and below our planet.

Perhaps the most important study to pursue in this “Now” is how “mankind’—“types of consciousness”—affect everything from a small flower petal to out into the vast cosmos and how regardless of how “mankind” has misused its originally given blessing of free will, SOURCE LIGHT is proceeding with a transformational process that has been unfolding for many eons.

So, for those who are awaiting “Jesus” to walk down a street or fly from the clouds in ancient robes with long hair, blue eyes, and Anglo-type skin—or for those who are awaiting Krishna with dark skin, brown eyes, and his flute—or for those who are awaiting the Mahdi—or for those who are awaiting any form of “GOD” (and in male form as most people believe “GOD” to be) to arrive in some type of physical representation (even as an extra- planetary being), consider that “GOD”—SOURCE— has been here for a very long while.

In fact, “GOD” has never left!

Thus, “GOD” has never had to come back!

Our free will has been allowed to create certain experiences.

“Now” our free will is being adjusted.

It must match the will of SOURCE which is UNALTERABLE GOODNESS.

Remember when Yeshua Ha Messiah (“Jesus”) said: “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

If we are the “light” of the LIGHT, then SOURCE, as stated above, never left.

Why? Because we are here.

Each being needs to review how he or she is employing their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The magnetosphere is receiving daily our ENERGY, FREQUENCY, and VIBRATION, and SOURCE is sending “ITS” LIGHT to cleanse whatever is sent that is not wise and to prepare us for an even GREATER LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali