Asking for Your Support

Greetings friends! We are in mid June of 2022, and due to the timeline shifts, it feels as if we are experiencing many events all at once, also separately, and jumping back and forth. At times revisiting the energies of the “past.” And often the energies, glimpses of the future. In the dream state I often experience entirely different realities, which help me see greater versions of myself, helping me understand why we are here. We continue striving ahead on this journey, and offering support where we can, where needed. And it is your support and donations to the Era of Light which keeps us moving forward, bringing us to share all that we can. With immense gratitude we accept whatever you’re able to give in support of Era of Light. As always if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see posted on Era of Light, or more of things we already post, please send us an email. If you wish to support us, via paypal, please read this here. Thank You!