Cosmic Consciousness And Solar Strangeness 

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) magnetosphere chart is indicating that solar wind speeds are a mixture of medium-strength with faster-paced winds flowing within, and plasma particles are surrounding Earth/Gaia with most of the plasma coming into the far side of our planet.

Plasma pressure is potently building.

Neutron counts (high-powered cosmic rays from outside of our solar system) which were rated as “Elevated” for several days are now being given “High” status as of Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Solar flares are in the lower “C-Class” range (“C.1”) as of 10:18 Universal Time (UT).

However, a strange phenomena is occurring on our Sun relative to a newly developing sunspot on its southern sphere.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has stated: “For one thing, it is circular. For another, its magnetic field is tilted 90 degrees away from normal sunspots. This one merits watching”.

The sunspot is seemingly a collection of tiny spots all aligning in a circle, rather than the usually seen randomly scattered patch of individual sunspots.

The upper portion of the circle is negative polarity (-), and the bottom portion is positive (+) when the normally seen southern solar spots are the opposite—positive (+)/negative (-).

Cosmic events have been “strange” for many years as traditional scientists attempt to analyze and categorize them.

Most now have a “wait and see” attitude, realizing that our solar system, galaxy, and the entire cosmos cannot be easily completely understood in their movements and subsequent pulsations of energy vibrations.

The new 26,000-year transformational pattern of creation is like watching a painting take shape and not knowing what idea the painter has in mind so we cannot imagine ahead of the finished painting what it will look like.

In this case, the painter is SOURCE, and we are observing the creation take shape.

We “sense” and “feel” the cosmic energetics whether they are coming from within or outside of our particular solar system.

We “know” that creation is changing from the inside-out, and many are endeavoring to glean understanding and comfort as the “New Now” formulates.

Every 26,000 years, our planet moves in a wobbling motion on “Her” axis; global weather patterns change; our planet begins a new journey through the Photon Belt; all of creation (humans, animals, plant life) are gradually transformed; new species of animal and plant life emerge; humanity is “downloaded” with HIGHER KNOWLEDGE while cellular records and the DNA within them are “upgraded”.

An evolutionary process (dramatic change—not in terms of the way in which Charles Darwin believed in evolution) is occurring.

The first aspect of humanity to “evolve” is consciousness or “mind”.

New ways of conceptualizing, analyzing, and actualizing life experiences are developed such that people begin to realize, for example, that divisions based upon so-called racial types or cultural patterns are artificial groupings made for the purposes of controlling, manipulating, acquiring others’ resources, etc. by certain segments of the human population who sought to make themselves superior to others.

In order to do so, the “others” had to be made to seem inferior.

Another aspect of “evolution” of mind is believing in a HIGHER DIVINE POWER whose “spiritual frequency” can be connected to for healing, protection, etc. that is SELF-CREATED, SELF-CREATING, and EMPOWERING ACTION.

Thus, “IT” is SOURCE FREQUENCY which has delivered revelations throughout what we know as a space/time continuum of history—a time frame only truly known by SOURCE “ITSELF”.

For our own convenience and to be organized as humans, we have developed and mathematically calculated certain time frames that we refer to as ages (or eras), centuries, generations, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.

In the “New Now”, time seems to have been sped-up by cosmic events which usher our planet through the shock waves of mixed winds (“Co-Interaction Regions”); sends our planet solar flares of photons, electrons, gases, and other substances; changes our magnetic north; allows cosmic rays to enter our domain; wobbles us through the Photon Belt; and, of course, far more than time frames are activated by these few cosmic energetics.

All the while that consciousness is shifting higher, emotional responses are also changing to fit the higher patterning of the mind, and as is constantly being studied, the physical vessel is releasing carbon energy, and it is being replaced with an energy that is crystal-like.

All of this—transformation of mind, emotions, and physical form constitutes what many are calling the “Ascension Process” or “Spiritual Ascension” and what many traditionalists relative to religion refer to as the “Rapture”, although most do not actually understand what the “rapturing” process entails.

Many around the globe are becoming frustrated with the laborious experiences of consciousness elevation.

They are depressed about awakening tired, not being able to achieve a good night’s sleep, having headaches, muscles and joints aching, being floaty or dizzy, heart rhythms being rapid, feeling anxious, etc.

Even when these experiences are not daily occurrences, they are still happening too much.

They no longer want to hear that we are receiving LIGHT or that we are still in the “Age of Chaos” (“Kali Yuga”) or that we are in the “labor of re-birth”.

Some are saying: “Enough already!”

They are beginning to disbelieve in “Ascension” and to instead believe that the discomforts are solely due to the onslaught of “5G” radiation and other dire technological experimentations.

Yet, even the disbelief is one of the “experiences” of the evolutionary journey, and those who are attempting to regain control and manipulation of most of humanity are joyful about the disbelief because now they can step-up the pace of their mind-controlling experimentations.

Frustration leads to giving-up. Giving-up leads to allowing other than SOURCE to be the guiding force. Remember, just when a Mother can almost no longer handle the labor of birth, and when she is crying out in pain, finally, the baby moves down and out of the birth canal.

Yes, there are some Women who experience easier births than others, but no Woman desires to go through labor each day.

We are moving as a collective down the birth canal, and accordingly, it may seem that situations, circumstances, and experiences are almost overwhelming.

Let us hold onto SOURCE LIGHT. Let us pull down the “Pillar of LIGHT” as much as we need to in order to remain calm.

In this manner, we can each elevate beyond consciousness to SUPER-CONSCIOUNESS which is our being centered in HIGHER SELF/SOUL/SOURCE.

Cosmic events are going to continue to be strange, mystical, and not easily understood.

Some have been researched for many eras, and we do indeed know their messages to us.

We have been taught by Avatars, Sages, Prophets, and Angelic presences.

We are still being taught.

We must be diligent students and come to the realization that Yeshua gave us in interrogative form thousands of years ago: “Know ye not that ye are gods?”

Now, here is an interesting notion to consider.

There is some linguistical studies which suggest that we should render this sentence in this manner: “Know ye not that ye are God’s?”

Notice the difference.

In the first sentence, we are being told that we are “gods”.

In the second sentence, we are being told that we “belong” to God—thus, the word “gods” is supposedly actually “God’s”—we either are “gods” or we “belong” to God.

Either way, we are enveloped in SOURCE LIGHT.

In truth, everything does indeed belong to SOURCE because SOURCE created everything of good, allowing mankind to have free will to orchestrate chaos and confusion if that is the desire, but consequences of this behavior happen.

One of the descriptions of SOURCE in ancient scripture is that “IT” is UNALTERABLE GOODNESS.

So, if we are “lights” of the LIGHT”, then are we not both “gods” and “belonging” to God?

Then let us declare that the “New Golden Age” will be birthed quickly.

Let us use the power that we have been given.

Cosmic forces are “messaging” us daily.

Are you reading the “text message”?

**By Dr Schavi M Ali