Ashtar: No Nuclear War, Elections, and a New System

Ashtar: Do they really think that those in power now are so strong of mind that they would stop themselves or others from blowing up this world? Do you really give them that kind of credit? If you do, you are deluding yourself.

These are not benevolent people with a benevolent agenda. They have developed nuclear weapons with the intention of using them upon other planets!

Their agenda is sick, and we are fed up with their threat. They’re evil. It must be dealt with and this is their last stand. This is where we have them. They will not get off planet earth and planet earth will benefit from their evil agenda as it rises in consciousness. You will see the truth, and you will take matters into your own hands. You will overcome them! The People will.

Me: Speaking of which, Ashtar, some pundits are saying they don’t see an American election this November.

Ashtar: Elections are fraudulent and only being used to forward the globalist agenda. You saw this in the last two Canadian elections. Nothing is being done to stop them. In fact an entirely new system will be put into place. It is said that 38% of the people of Ontario voted because obviously people are aware the system is rigged, so now we must put into place a voting system that is untouchable. This will be done through Starlink.

Me: In time for November’s election?

Ashtar: No. After November’s election. What will happen first is arrests.

Me: I think using the legal system is constitutional but frankly I feel it’s ineffective to deal with the DS right now.

Ashtar: I agree. When the system is rigged to favor their side, absolutely. So you institute a new system.

Me: People are going to wonder what that means, Ashtar. Can you be more specific?

Ashtar: A new system. One the people can use that is not corruptible will be put into place. In fact it already is. Why do you think they’re panicking? The new system will become more visible within the next few months. You’ll start to see a new system developing.

Me: So watch Elon Musk?

Ashtar: Among others. You see you have Truth Social.

Me: I can’t even get on it!

Ashtar: Nonetheless censorship free social media is there. You use rumble, you use your website and now the QFS has reinstated your youtube account. Yes, you realize this. You were told last night that youtube censorship was overridden by the QFS and it was. We watch all of this

You’re being watched, Sharon. On many levels. The Alliance is aware of you and they watch. If you have a message to get to them, you can just post it.  Yes, you have insider contacts. Your activities are being tracked, so don’t worry.

Me: Thank you. What everyone wants to see is the Biden administration being taken out. That means there won’t be a government anymore.

Ashtar: Yes. That will happen this year. Keep focused on it. Archangel Michael is asking you to send energies to the Biden administration and this is to disempower them. The June solstice is coming up so this will be a good day to do so. You are feeling the effects of the energies in your personal life now as everything is being quickened. You’re doing good work, Sharon, keep it up.

Me: Thank you. It’s hard.

Ashtar: Changing a world is hard.

Me: What kind of new governmental system will they put in for the States?

Ashtar: One where the people have control over their vote. It will be based upon issues, not voting for specific people. Why? Because people are corruptible. And there will continue to be corruption. And we will continue to arrest them.

Me: Got it, thanks Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


22 Replies to “Ashtar: No Nuclear War, Elections, and a New System”

  1. 一个深爱生命的人类

    important thing is , the reality is everyone co-create our life on earth. not by trust&doubt “some hero one” save us, everyone is one of drops in ocean, every human is the star of himself. 5D earth everyone is equal .
    the important thing is
    “ what u do to the world now?and every moment ”
    freedom coming because All Human are All Shiny Heroes, not just “some one”
    in your every ways Shiny yourself!

    1. harrrrrie

      No president has divided the country like Trump. I don’t understand what people saw in him. He said make America great again. Was America great again when he left office? NO!! He was a retard who didn’t want the job, (he wanted adulation), buffooned his way through it, showed no integrity and was relieved when it was over. He’s now just trying to stay afloat, continue his act for more adulation and threatening to run for president again. The Cabal doesn’t want him. The US doesnt want him. He’s not going to be president again.
      A lot can happen in the two years to the 2024 elections. I bet there won’t be an election.

  2. Emerson

    I don’t understand how many of you speak as if you have personal insight; like you can see all things from above, and know who is “white hat” and who is of the dark forces. It seems to me we believe our source. If we follow and believe the MSM, then we dislike Trump, and if we follow our own chosen [alternative] sources, we support Trump. Seems that simple to me, but how can we know the truth yet? Full disclosure has not yet come, if it EVER comes! We might just move forward in love and forgiveness, all beings that remain ascending, and we may NEVER know exactly what all went down. This is not what I want to happen, but it just may. If it does, I think we will be fine with it, because we have already shown our ability to adjust to things not to our ego liking.

    Love to you all!!

      1. Emerson

        harrrie, but that’s what I mean right there, the attitude in your very reply says “I know the truth and if anyone disagrees with me, they are wrong” because I have read from many people who have the exact opposite take on Trump that you do who think THEY are correct and have intuition, and know the truth about him. I never understood how one can know “my opinion/intuition is truth, when there are other people who believe the same thing about themselves but hold the opposite view on a topic. What makes me right over them? Are they not also a valid and Divine human being as am I? I may know what I believe FOR ME, but how an it be stated as imperial truth up against what others believe and feel?

        Thank you for your thoughts~~~~

  3. John

    I will not abandon President Trump or President Putin i know that most of the msm have been demonising Mr T and Mr P for years one either knows the truth or does not

  4. TheNOWTeam


  5. JAM

    Blockchain is and will be the new system. Unhackable and fully transparent. Returning wealth and decision making to the people.

  6. Gustavo Frein

    Truth Social? Dr. Sherry Tenpenny was thrown off Truth Social for criticism of Trump’s beloved Death Jab, his baby, Operation Warp Speed which has killed millions and injured 10’s of millions more.

    Abandon Trump

    1. Mitch

      Gustavo- I too was extremely saddened by Mr T’s endorsement of the jab. But the information I’m getting is that the jab doesn’t harm us bodies of light, only the NPC’s/Props. He knows this, which is why he promoted it.

      1. Geoff Turner

        People endlessly try to justify Trumps actions, they go through mind bending contortions examining his actions and twisting them into something positive.

        I am sorry for you. You are wrong and can’t face the truth.

        Trump is cabal, always has been, always will be. He is not the saviour of humanity. He has done more than anyone else to try and end humanity.

        1. Emma

          Okay mr know it al ego mind.
          Why dont YOU step up, sort out all this political stuff, arrest all the bad guys and free the world?

          Lets pretend Trump is a bad guy. Thats okay, if he gets rid of some other bad guys, the less bad guys the better, unless YOU have a plan to rid ALL bad guys now.
          Step up you lousy armchair general.
          Trump never mandated the jab, but Biden did.

          So the pure hate they, and you, have for Trump, tells me that he is NOT a cabal. I have intuition, I am divine, and they could not attack this much if they liked him. So for now, YOU are the cabal, until proven otherwise.

    2. Maud

      Trump is a dithering being. Not truthful, not courageous. A dead leaf in the wind. Just like all political animals addicted to power over others.

      1. Emerson

        You pigeon-hole and judge people harshly, but how do you know but what each person is playing their role precisely as they agreed and signed up to do? Maybe they took on a dark role of low repute, while I (and many others) chose a character of one that would have an easy life, no enemies, living in the light etc, in which case my hat is off to all the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, and Trump’s for their willingness to play a role of questionable character and ill reputation etc.

        Onward Love, Light & Ascension!!

      2. Gustavo Frein

        Yes, he is very much like Chauncey the Gardener or Mr.Magoo, he was not planned by the DS but fumbled his way into being POTUS.

        He’s not as stupid or senile as Brandon, but certainly not very intelligent, and not on the side of the American people.

        At one point in his presidency he proclaimed himself “King of the Jews”.

    3. Dubious

      My understanding of the situation is that there is more then one Trump. The fake DS Trump is the one that promoted the vacs. Stands to reason that if the DS can produce clones, doubles (and they do, there is a multitude of proof to that) then why would they not use a fake Trump to demonize Trump further, and demoralize his supporters.

      Real Trump has actually stood against the vacs on numerous occasions, and I know for a fact that he has always stated the they should never be mandated and people should have a choice. So why should he flip/flop like that on the vacs? Why does his appearance frequently vary so much? It has to be that there is more then one Trump.

  7. Linda Rosa

    Wow this is amazing. It seems as though the evil plots and plans of the DS toward bringing harm to humanity are being utilized by the ehite hats to trick the tricksters and protect human beings. Praise God for that!!

    1. P.S.

      From what I understand, most of the people we call “White Hats” are former Cabal members who decided they didn’t want to go along with the Cabal’s plan anymore. That’s why the “White Hats” are able to turn everything the Cabal does on its head using its own methods–because the key operators are already in the know.