Sananda: New Phase of the Awakening

I am Sananda. I come at this time again to be with you, to continue to bring forth the understanding of all that you are experiencing in these times.

These times of great change that many of you, if not all of you, are experiencing in various ways now as these energies become stronger and stronger. Or, as your terminology says, ‘ramping up.’ And, indeed, these energies are ramping up.

And all of you, even though you have been acclimating to theses energies, and as they become stronger and stronger now, even your bodies are having difficulty at times to withstand these energies to work with them. But knowing deep down within you that as these energies become stronger, and as your bodies react to these energies, it is okay. It is okay. You are not having symptoms of old age or anything of this nature, or becoming sick or diseased, or anything. It is all happening as it needs to.

Because you are all in the right place at the right time now, exactly where you have yourselves. And I say, you have placed yourselves, not that any of us have placed you. You, your Higher Self, has put you where you need to be at this time to work through your various changes that have to move through you. Indeed, placing you in new positions, new locations, whatever it might take, to have you be in that right place at the right time as the ascension energies continue to ramp up more and more and continue to bring you forward into your power.

The power within you that is now beginning to come forth, as it did in the movie “The Matrix” with the Neo and the others that found themselves outside of the matrix, found themselves outside of the illusion. And outside of that illusion, they were able to become who they really were. And that is what is happening now to all of you.

Even though you are at times playing within the matrix, and that is certainly okay and exactly what you want to do. For you want to find yourselves enjoying the moment, each and every moment as you can. But then, when those times are ready for you, find yourselves outside of the matrix where you can experience the energies. You can feel the energies. You can feel them exploding within you.

And yes, indeed, find those energies bringing your physical bodies into different altering states. And that is happening. As you call it “disassociation.” We agree, it is a disassociation that is happening now within your body. You will feel it more and more. You will feel those and notice those glimpses that you receive outside of this dimension into the higher dimensions.

And your body is becoming light er and lighter, both bringing light into the body, and also lightening the body, as far as becoming less dense. So that you feel at times that you are floating above the Earth. And that is indeed okay. It is to be accepted, and it is to be expected that it will happen even more and more to many of you, if not all of you, at various times during your day, during your sleep time, whatever it might be.

Your dreams are going to ramp up as well in terms of becoming more and more vivid, more and more experiential. And more and more you will begin to remember those dreams, many of you will. Begin to remember your dreams and realize that indeed they were dreams, but they were also an altered state of consciousness. And that altered state of consciousness is coming back into your physical body as you come back from your sleep state.

And it is all coming back together once again, remembering who you are. Becoming who you are. Becoming the being that you have always been. This is that time, my friends. That time when all of you are moving into a new phase of your awakening.

Yes, you have all awakened to one degree or another. But that new phase is coming upon you where you will find yourself awakening even more now. Finding yourselves in the higher vibrational frequencies, even more now, and remembering who you are more and more.

That is all in process now. It is all part of your ascension process. It is not happening all at once, for your physical bodies would not be able to withstand that. But it is happening over a period of time. Over a period of energies flowing into your body. And feeling those energies more and more. And expressing those energies more and more, out, out into the matrix. So that as you find yourself with others within the matrix and begin to experience those energies through you, even without you, without even knowing that you are doing it. And certainly without them knowing that you are bringing those energies forward. But they will experience these energies, your light. Your light spreading all outside of your aura, further and further outside of your aura. And some may even say, “I see your light!” Be ready for this. This is coming.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to spread your light wherever you can. But know that as you continue to move through your day-to-day experiences, you are more and more and more ready to express that light out to all of those that are ready to receive it.

**Channel: James McConnell

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5 Replies to “Sananda: New Phase of the Awakening”

  1. C

    So this is pretty neat to read. I’ll share a personal story. There have been several occasions over the past year or so that while I was out walking in my city I would be aware of people giving me incredibly strange looks, or having odd and strong reactions as they passed by. It started becoming unnerving and I’d ask about it in prayer meditation; never seeming to get an answer.

    One day while walking it suddenly came up from within me “They’ll see your light, all goldens, pinks and turquoise.” before I could fully register this a group past by with the oddest reactions yet to that point. It was uncomfortable-but I understood. And this kind of thing has happened regularly now ever since.

    It’s also occurred where I am aware that some don’t see me at all, literally. As if I am invisible, or cloaked. Existing in different timelines or dimensions. As if either them or I am the “ghost”. It’s strange, but I’m getting more acclimated to it. It’s similar to the Beings all around us that we presently cannot see. Well ~ in some cases we are these that others cannot see around them.

    The episodes of dissociation have definitely been much more frequent in the past week for me, and I’ve been in the presence of others as they’ve experienced it as well. So yep – it’s all happening. 🙏🕊

    1. Don Spectacularis

      What a beautiful experience. Thank you so much for sharing. And yes, disassociation is being experienced over here too, over the past couple of weeks or so. It is not comfortable, yes, but it is all we’ve got for the moment I guess. And though I’ve not seen people react positively to my light (other than some rare incidences around 7 or so years ago), I’ve noticed that there is some kind of curiosity in their eyes when they look at me. Sometimes fear, even. And I’ve triggered dogs in a couple places as of late for some reason. There is just no logic to it all anymore.

      But nevertheless, I’m doing my best to spread the light in any way that I can at the moment. Not always easy, but definitely all the more WORTH IT given the great honour that all of us have now been given here, of being upon the planet at this very special time no less.

      Stay blessed! 🙂

      1. C

        Hi Don thanks! Yes ~ the looks of a sort of curiosity, occasionally fear. Also a puzzlement and even at times disgust.

        I think it’s awesome that you’re noticing the triggering of dogs. I’m guessing you mean they alert to you in a good way? Dogs are in a whole different zone – I think they’re seeing and hearing the vibrations we’re each carrying, and perhaps it is that as our human vibrations rise they are “seeing” the shift in their own way.

        Everything and everyone is raising in vibration, all flora and fauna as well. I’m going to start asking the animals to show off their rising shimmer, plants too. Hopefully it’ll allow me to then start more easily seeing it in the humans again. 😃

        You’re right when you say it’s not always easy to spread the light and the love, but yes, it definitely is worth giving every little bit possible. As long as it’s in our hearts, it’ll find its way through.

        Thanks again, be well and much peace to you 🙏🕊