From 3D To 4D And 5D: The War Part 1

No matter how events occur today in politics, economics, social sphere and our personal life, the main ones continue not on the Earth’s surface but on the Subtle Plane, in all eons and dimensions of our Local Universe.

For years, Disclosure News has been narrating in detail how this invisible world works. As how defected to the Light Side, the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and his son Yaltabaoth (now Yaltabael) built their eons.

During the last Cosmic Night, created by them, the Dark and Gray races waged space wars, destroyed and captured constellations and planets, including Earth, turning them into their colonies, natural resources and energy donors.

With the end of the Cosmic Night and Gaia’s exit into the Source’s line of sight, this millennial power came to an end. Fully realizing that the coming Cosmic Day would kill them with its high frequencies, many Black and Gray races and their Hierarchs voluntarily went through an almost fatal inner transformation and joined the Light Forces.

Only the most irreconcilable and aggressive remained, categorically refusing to change. They turned Earth into their fortress, using the remnants of the huge infrastructure that the former Black Co-Creator erected on the physical and Subtle Plane in the Local Universe and on our planet.

Now there is a fierce war in 4D near-Earth space, in which both Forces fight to the death. What is happening on surface is only a very faint echo of what is going on in the astral and mental fields of the planet.

On June 3, 2022, at 04:38 AM CET via a Direct Hierarchical Channel, the Karmic Council conveyed the following info. After analyzing the current situation in detail, it came to a conclusion that clusters of negative and destructive energy, remained in the Local Universe, prevent the rapid removal of parasitic forces and hinder the purification of space.

On Earth, they are supported by the backup 3D Matrix and many hidden structures that the former Black Co-Creator and his son Yaltabaoth built on the planet in the past.

With the activation of the old Matrix, they also resurrected in the form of Dark and Gray energies that flooded Earth. Now, by the Karmic Council’s decision, both Hierarchs have begun to collect these “unaccounted” energies. They will burn and transform them into Light in the crucible of Absolutized Fire, so that Gaia and the earthlings could fully feel the transition to 5D.

For both Hierarchs, this will be a very painful process, a new inner Armageddon, which DNI narrated. But since the old Matrix has reappeared on Earth, strengthening the fierce confrontation of demonic and constructive forces, then according to the Universe’s Law, all creatures that are ugly and do not have their vital energy must be destroyed by their parents.

They decided not to involve World Mother Sofia in this operation. She will be the kipper of their new Matrices, by which, later, father and son will anew restore their Absolutized Bodies.

In the meantime, they are actively involved in the removal of three-dimensional energies which Galacom and all friendly space civilizations are actively engaged in.

On June 3rd, 2022, at 10:59 AM CET, the Argorians’ fleet conveyed an info about their operation in near-Earth space.

Taking positions at five points above the equator, they formed a giant energy ring.

When it was completely filled with by power, it began to pulsate and rotate counterclockwise along 0 degrees of latitude.

The GREMO and BLISKO energies began to flow from it to the poles through silver threads-channels which gradually strengthen the planet’s force field.

Those people whose vibrations do not correspond to the GREMO Love energy will again experience its extremely painful effect of zeroing out their accumulated negativity. Those, who resonate, will receive additional nourishment and could generate even more.

Constant jets of negative human thoughts and emotions have created a huge number of craters and holes in space, destroying Earth’s field by their low-frequency dark purple charges. Thanks to op, it began to fill with the light blue energy BLISKO, affecting the men’s mind.

Then, Argorians formed a magnetic grid from silver threads and stretched it along the equator. From that grid, flashes of violet-purple energies entered the Earth’s core and came to the surface through the North Pole, like a huge blooming flower of energies, flowing around the entire planet.

In the op’s end, Argorians firmly anchored the net in space. It will be another damper to prevent low-frequency radiation and neutralize negative energies.

This process is not fast, as very powerful Forces are fighting with each other on the physical and Subtle Plane.

From the outside, parasites can’t penetrate the protective energy dome that covers the planet. Therefore, they attack from the inside, trying to destroy the timeline, built as a bridge to 5D.

A huge number of occultists, esotericists, magicians, psychics are involved in the attacks. About a hundred Portals have been opened inside the dome, through which a Darks’ counter offensive is being conducted. Energy is taken from its large reserves in a 3D Matrix.

Each Portal in the form of a plasma ball emits a flame that, like acid, burns out the space and structures of a new, 5D reality.

The energy of many people walking the Spiritual path and healers is also pumped into the Portals. The parasites managed to upload their programs into their helpers’ subconscious, and now some of the Light Forces have joined the Darks’ attacks, since the latter are experiencing a chronic shortage of resources.

Archons are very cunning and inventive. Posing as Keepers, they communicate with the channelers from the mental and astral plane, pumping them with their information. People’s Egos are inflated, they feel hyper-Spirituality in selves and their consciousness is overwhelmed with superiority over others. Some convinced that they are gurus and don’t suspect that they are only tools and donors.

Gained online recognition, fame, status, power and respect that satisfy their Ego, they are desperate to maintain dominance over their audience. Some of them lead Spiritual groups and websites, and are the most vile and unethical in their attacks on others, using any justification for their actions.

Through software and techniques of influencing the subconscious, the Darks pump out large clumps of Light from them and their adherents, using it for Evil. The protective dome let in the Portals filled with these energies, as it identified them as its own.

Co-Creators and Galacom will have to change the settings so that this never happen again.

The Portals are also neutralized. In each, inside the plasma orb, the size of a walnut, there is a huge amount of nodes which are interconnected by a large network.

Every node belongs to and is filled with the energy of a man. And there are more than three hundred such nodes in only one Portal. That is, more than three hundred people in different countries are involved in its work.

To destroy the Portal, all nodes are dismantled; a torus is made from a plasma ball, and then a ring. It is cut and unfolded into a beam. A blue ray is singled out of it which burns out the radiation of the Portal along with itself.

Not everything goes with a buzz. On June 4, 2022, at 02:17 PM CET, the Galactic Committee shared its analysis of the situation.

Last years, there were several setbacks in the Earth and humanity’s evolution. All of them were systemic, that is, they were caused by purely technical nuances of the 3D Matrix functioning.

Such rollbacks are usually carried out by Matrix administrators with the approval of the Chief Programmer. This was necessary to eliminate software errors, conflicting algorithms, remove viruses, clean registry settings, etc. A sort of routine maintenance and computer restart.

During periods of such systemic Matrix rollbacks (usually lasting no more than one or two months), events on Earth take on a chaotic character. After the backsliding is completed, everything returns to normal, in a new, updated quality.

What is happening in the world now is also a rollback. But, unlike the previous ones, this is NOT A SYSTEMIC BUT AN EVOLUTIONARY ONE.

The difference is that it is not caused by the deliberate actions of the Matrix Programmers. This is the result of Earth’s entry into the inter-Matrix field on February 22, 2022. After the activation of the New World Matrix on March 21, 2021, everything was supposed to be completed. But that didn’t happen.

A new software algorithm was introduced into the scenario (not without the OK of Absolutes), according to which new code is loaded into a certain segment of the world script. It tunes the Matrix to a new range, to a self-organization wiggle room. Simply put, in the near future, some of the World’s events are being released for self-assembly.

This mainly concerns the confrontation of 3D and 5D Matrices, including their corresponding forces and energies. Instead of the expected automatic Matrix change, the Local Universe’s dipole Absolutes wanted to get a NEW EXPERIENCE…

Another Armageddon has begun on Earth: a duel between the Darks and Lights.

This time, ALL DARK FORCES on the planet have step up and activated.


Under the circumstances, occurred a strong evolutionary rollback, the zeroing of much that was done earlier. Namely, the disintegration of the Earth’s crystal grid, shaped as a stellate polyhedron instead of an Absolute Crystal form. The same thing happened with the planet’s Crystal – the Causal Matrix of Earth’s Logos.

A rollback also occurred in the building of the 3D/4D/5D all-fractal eon. Of course, its functioning as a single whole is impossible while such a bacchanal is going on 3D Earth.

Everything does not happen smoothly in the Local Universe as well, especially when an algorithm of self-organizing range is introduced into the World scenario. The leash of freedom of choice (actions) is lengthened.

A separate component of the evolutionary rollback is karma. Starting from 06:06 on the 06th of the 06th of the month of 2022, the temporarily revived Karmic Board activates the wartime karma program for 3D Earth’s humanity.

What is it? Explanations were given by Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, aka the New World Mother and the Universe’s Karmic Board Head…

(To be continued)

**By Lev