Birthing the New You

The last couple of years have been like a marathon obstacle course for most of us — a non-stop challenge of pushing through drastic change, profound loss, and dealing with old unresolved traumas.

All this, along with handling deep fear about events occurring in the world that don’t look like they’re going away any time soon.

You may believe that the alarming catastrophes being broadcast from the media and the internet will probably not happen. And yet, you might sense there’s likely some truth in what you’re hearing about the food shortages, the continued health scares, the warmongering, and the financial system crashing in some way.

And maybe you sometimes wonder how much longer you can keep going on like this. You know you’re here to ascend into 5D consciousness and to also assist others on the path – but how much longer can you carry all the stress, fear and inner turmoil involved without collapsing? At times, the exhaustion can be overwhelming.


It can be helpful to understand that what you’re essentially going through is a profound death experience. This is monumental — it creates a lot of the exhaustion you’re experiencing.

Due to the 5D frequencies streaming onto the Earth, your old, programmed 3D self is dying; and yet, it’s putting up a fight, fearfully holding on and struggling to stay in charge.

An important thing to be aware of is that, as part of this death experience, you’re being compelled to let go of depending on your mind – a major aspect of your 3D self – to guide you through your life. Like most people, you’ve probably relied on – and even identified with – your mind for so long, it’s difficult to see how this is a part of your lower-density, conditioned self that won’t be going with you into 5D.

To be clear, as you transition into your new 5D Self, an aspect of your rational mind will still be with you to assist you in solving certain intellectual questions and also to help you make simple, mundane decisions; but, for the most part, it won’t be what you’ll be using to make major decisions in your life. And very importantly, it won’t be what you’ll be identifying with.

This can be scary to contemplate. The mind has been such an essential part of humanity’s make-up in 3D reality.

But be aware that your mind is something that is not only limited and impaired by low-frequency patterns; it is also responsible for giving you on-going messages that you are not okay.

It’s constantly telling you that something needs to be done to correct what is wrong in your life and within yourself. It has misused your natural intelligence to support its negative programming. If you think about it, it has pretty much always created a sense of unrest and dissatisfaction running through your life.

As strange and frightening as it may be to let go of depending on your mind to guide you through life, wouldn’t it be wonderful to not be identified with this limited and controlled 3D apparatus anymore? What if there’s something else birthing within you that is replacing your need to identify with your mind – something not designed to keep you perennially in dissatisfaction, fear, and judgment?


What if, even amidst all the turmoil you may be currently experiencing, you can now tune into a whole new identity – a glorious new Self emerging within you? One in which you can experience a sense of profound joy you’ve never before felt.

This new multidimensional Self is indeed being born within you. It is no longer something you somehow need to reach into some unknown realm to contact. It is actually settling down into your body now, attempting to anchor inside of you.

See if you can become aware of this. Tune into your body – especially focusing on the sensations in your chest – and experience the new depth of consciousness you can now fall into. Take time to fully sense this deeper space that exists within you. You’ll see that your multidimensional Self truly is coming present within your body, as well as stretching out above and all around you. Feel how large and light-filled you are.

There’s a freedom you can discover in this new YOU – a profound peace and sense of empowerment. If you take time to tune into it, you can realize that this YOU is very aware of all the chaos that is happening, both in the world and within you – and yet, it is fully comfortable with it all.

It is not concerned, because it knows all is well, that everything is precisely on track for what needs to happen.

In aligning with this new YOU, you can feel yourself to be a powerful new Consciousness that is truly in control of your entire process of Ascension. You can know you will be absolutely taken care of during the entire period of darkness we are still to travel through during these transitional times. And that you will be someone who can fully embody the 5D frequencies and be here to assist humanity in moving forward in the best way possible.


Especially become aware that there is a new Heart that has recently come onboard within this multidimensional Self.

In the past, you have likely experienced that it is within your Heart that you’ve experienced the depth of Love that is an essential aspect of your True Nature. It is probably also where you have always felt your intuition to emerge from.

But what you may now discover is that even your Heart has changed; it is vibrating at a much higher frequency. AND – it is now the center of a new “mind” within you. You are actually already thinking within this part of you.

Check to see. You can discover that, within the profound silence that permeates your new Heart, there are also thoughts that are actually being thought – thoughts that are coherent, calm, and supremely intelligent. What a discovery! This is the mind that will guide you in every important decision you will ever have to make. Listen to it closely.


And if this new mind isn’t quite online yet within you, don’t worry. Just become aware of how important it is now to shift your focus from your head/mind down into your body, where so much of the inner transformation is taking place.

In doing this, you can discover the incredible intelligence your body holds, the accurate messages and readings it’s already constantly giving you.

If you don’t hear words, you will likely feel sensations that indicate quick answers, such as “yes” or “no” — or “go” or “leave”. Follow the messages you receive, and your body’s communication will grow stronger and more precise.

Whatever you do or discover to be happening within you, know that your unique Ascension process is now unfolding perfectly as it needs to. There are no universal “musts” or “shoulds” involved — only what is best for you. Do your best to trust this and relax. All truly is well.

* * * * *

There is a wonderful Korean word for which there is no English equivalent or translation: han. It refers to an overwhelming sorrow and regret, a grief and yearning so deep it pervades the soul – but with a sprinkling of resilience and hope. Isn’t this what so many of us are experiencing these days?

Let us deeply feel the sorrow and grief within us so we can release them – but also be aware of the resilience we are developing, and the hope we are experiencing. Let us focus on the knowing that we will make it through these times and finally experience the beauty and freedom of the New Earth that is now emerging.

**By Vidya Frazer


13 Replies to “Birthing the New You”

  1. harrrrrie

    LORI JO,
    It’s not your imagination. I found out through a channeling that a deceased older authoritive female figure was trying to tell me what to do. I knew something was wrong and it kept bothering me but I didn’t know what it was. When I found out, I asked my Angel to tell her to stop talking to me and to not contact me. I immediately felt better. If you want the name of the channel email me at
    Another thing. There could be a relative, friend, coworker, spouse etc with strong energy who might not know consciously that you want to ascend but they know unconsciously or subconsciously and they are uncomfortable with it for some reason. You might be picking up their energy, or they are showering you with their energy. Or the same could be happening with someone who knows you want to ascend.
    Another thing. It could be as simple as asking your Archangel to have this person let go of you and to not contact you any longer. I would word it as such: Dear Archangel. I’m requesting a most benevolent outcome. If there is a spirit or person who is contacting me without my knowledge to influence me in any way, please ask them to leave me alone instead. Thank you. If you use something else, try to word it so it’s not negative.
    There are lots of spiritual people on the help and info site called Give them the same question or look at their questions that are already answered for ideas.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

    1. Claudia

      Dear harrrie: The integration of our I am presence is an all or nothing task, globally AND personally. And that includes “anything however awfully annoying” and even if you can”t manage to understand the POSITIVE meaning of who or whatever is knocking at your door you need to accept it/let it in.

      It’s Mikro = Makro, and with only one piece missing “the bill doesn’t add up” = “the phoenix” (= YOU) can’t rise. Remember the many articles talking about just that?

      1. harrrrrie

        Dear Claudia,
        I understand what you are saying but ‘no thank you’. I appreciate your trying to help me but I can’t agree on the methods you suggest.

        We are all individual and who or whatever I let into my life is based on my feelings received from my heart, body, and intuition. I do not feel I must let someone in just because they are knocking at my door. Integration of my I Am Presence is a personal endeavor with Creator. I don’t let beings in, especially the “who or whatever”, and “anything however awfully annoying” because they may be positive.

        If I get what you are saying, because I am integrating my I AM Presence and it is “all or nothing”, I need to welcome anyone into my life  because it doesn’t matter that I can’t manage the positive meaning.

        We are at an especially risky time right now. Many of us are in or are now entering the 4D. The 4D is full of beings who do not have integrity nor best intentions.

        I made the mistake of asking any or all beings for help and ended up receiving help from a deceased, older, authoritive, female figure who made me extremely uncomfortable with her trying to run my life.  In the future, If I have any doubt as to the station of a being who is knocking at my door, I will ask my Angel for guidance.

        We all have an I AM Presence to integrate.  That means becoming the best we can be, and aligning with Creator. Yes, I love and have compassion for everyone, good and evil, and I’m fine with that. I feel good and I feel Creator in me.

        I gave Lori Jo some information and advice and it was based on her statement, “It is someone else holding onto me, struggling to stay in charge, not willing to either also ascend or let my 3D self die and ascend. And I have no idea how to resolve it.” It didn’t occur to me to tell her to accept and keep the being who is holding on to her. She did not say she was glad or it felt good. Had it occurred to me, I would not have suggested it. We have been told dozens of times to not hang with people who make us uncomfortable, sad or those we can not relate to any longer because of negativity. That includes spirits and beings who are negative.  We can still love them, but we don’t need to hang with them or have them in our lives.
        Hope this helps.

    2. Lori Jo

      Harrrrie….thank you for the insight!! I belive I do know who is trying to influence me and it is someone in this lifetime. I have been in contact with my Spirit Guides and will take your good advice and kindly ask them for assistance. Thank you!!!

  2. Lori Jo

    “Due to the 5D frequencies streaming onto the Earth, your old, programmed 3D self is dying; and yet, it’s putting up a fight, fearfully holding on and struggling to stay in charge.”

    It isn’t MY 3D self that is holding in….we are ready to GO! It is someone else holding onto me, struggling to stay in charge, not willing to either also ascend or let my 3D self die and ascend. And I have no idea how to resolve it.

    1. Claudia

      Good job you’ve got no idea Lori Jo, bc your comment is expressing only good news whilst YOU (= that 3D aspect) are only not aware of it.

      The INTEGRATION OF OUR “I AM PRESENCE” has reached the 99% marker “today” and the “1% bit” is THE SMALLEST BUT MOST PRECIOUS part “about us”. I call it “my passport identity”.

      YET until “it’s over” it feels just the opposite way. And that makes total sense as you might soon find out too.

      So you’re fine, regardless of what your feelings are saying.

      1. Lori Jo

        Claudia….thank you SO MUCH for your words of reassurance and encouragement. They help me a great deal. “My passport identity”….what a wonderful description!!

  3. Claudia

    “Dear Me”, what an awfully precise explanation of what I’ve been thru. The “letting go of THE MIND” was extremely hard in the beginning but what she says about the body communication never left room for doubt.

    And though “THE INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE” never showed up with messages but only in very short moments in which I immediately felt like “SCOTTY BEAM ME UP!!!” bc I KNEW THE BUNCH I’m connected to INSTANTANEOUSLY.

    … what a nightmare this trip was.

  4. John

    Wonderful you have put into words that which i have been feeling for months. much love to all