Human Modification

The war on human consciousness is bubbling to the surface like never before. If you are one of those that cannot see this yet you must be in a state of “necessary sedation” for some individual reason.

You can clearly see the agenda to manipulate the weather, environment, the food supply, the human DNA and the incredible manipulation that’s going on of the human consciousness through genetic engineering. For those who understand the incredible potential of our 12 strand DNA is it any wonder that the negative alien agenda has went to such great lengths to manipulate it especially during this current Ascension process. When you start connecting the dots it becomes very apparent why full disclosure is needed.

The controllers of this planet are using military programs that are designed to carry out bio-spiritual enslavement using mind control and genetic engineering. These programs are used to gain access and control of the human brain waves. Which ultimately leads to controlling thought and behavior and limits human perception. Meaning, this negative alien agenda keeps the human consciousness in a very low vibrational frequency which keeps us from attaining the incredible insight and knowledge that we would be ultimately receiving from higher dimensional planes that exists just out of our perception.

These incredible highly advanced technologies that are hidden from the public are directed towards the public for ultimate mind control. We have been guinea pigs thru the use of these covert military technologies meaning medical, pharmacological and technological experimentation. To name a few are chemtrailing, vaccinations and the production of GMO foods. Everyone of these detrimental experiments are known to the outer worlds. But, so many are still not aware of the global enslavement of the human population that’s been going on for thousands of years.

Genetic engineering is really just the genetic modification of a species using the examples I used above but also the use of broadcasting very low frequency signals (ELF) to alter the human brain waves which ultimately controls the level of consciousness/awareness of a species. Make sense?

We humans have been told genetic engineering is the act of removing genes from an organism and manually placing them in another. This is a very limited perception given to the public and mainstream science. I don’t give much credibility to our mainstream science that’s all I’ll say.

So much of humanity is not aware of the advanced light and sound technologies that are used against the human population. Basically, in a nutshell, they’re manipulating our electromagnetic field. And remember, I’ve talked about how important this magnetic field is to the human mind and it’s memory storage capacity. We cannot live without some sort of outside magnetic field. Meaning, this negative alien agenda is manipulating our magnetic field through the use of these advanced technologies which ultimately controls our consciousness.

Part 2

Do you ever wonder why this negative alien agenda has been getting away with basically destroying the air, water and environment of this planet without any serious repercussions? When we pollute the elements on Earth it also pollutes the corresponding nucleic acid in our DNA. So, is it any wonder this anti-human agenda instigates the pollution of our environment. So, basically they’re directly damaging the intelligent information that comes with the advancement of our DNA thru the manipulation of our DNA coding.

DNA is a very complex coding system and the little segments that break off from our DNA are our genes. Gene’s give us our traits. This is where the cloning of the perfect human can take you down a deep rabbit hole. Like I said many times the human race has been an experiment through the splicing and dicing of our DNA. Its purpose is to get the desired traits that can be inherited thru a hosts offspring that can untimatly destroy the original DNA blueprint. It’s called transgene short for transformation of genetics. Genetic transformation = Gene Cloning which has been going on our entire existence.

Basically, genetic transformation is a way to add new traits to that organism which is the human being that I’m talking about. You can do this with plants, animals etc also. This is where I believe we get certain alien hybridization lineages through the bloodline. Ultimately, you can enhance these traits or degrade these traits through gene modification to the organic human body. This is a very dangerous slope because the more the organic human body has endured gene modification, the splicing and dicing of our DNA, the more likely our body loses the ability to activate our original blueprint. Very dangerous!

ASCENSION is a genetic rehabilitation of our original DNA blueprint. Now are you seeing why these negative alien controllers have been trying so hard to downgrade the human consciousness and physical body thru their many avenues? When the human species ascends they lose complete control of us and their entire planetary empire.

So, basically what I’m saying is that the genetic engineering that’s been happening on this planet was never designed for the acceleration of our DNA. This is why I call it the anti-human agenda. These controllers have been playing God with our physical bodies and our consciousness and it’s time the manipulation into enslavement comes to an end.

This extensive experimentation of genetic cloning produces spiritually dead bodies, biological drones. This is who these controllers use to carry out mass shootings, many are in very high places of government, military, business, finance, pharmaceutical, educational etc. They are most likely non-organic humans.

Transhumanism is about replacing the organic humans original DNA blueprint. They use synthetic technologies, artificial intelligence programming to destroy the humans spiritual function. Again, they want to build a human being they can completely control and they can only do that by destroying a very powerful trait we have and that is emotion. Emotion contributes to empathy which they have none!

**By Teri Wade


2 Replies to “Human Modification”

  1. unionylibertad

    It is time for us to not feed into this kind of information, yet we need be aware of it without giving it our time or energy…I do not consent to this manipulation and therefore by keeping my vibration as high as possible, there is no chance for them to reach me, or anyone on this planet that does not consent…I am inn my full capacity to decide my destiny for I am a sovereign being of Light and Love…And so are YOU….Blessings…