From 3D To 4D And 5D: The Heat

Before our eyes, slowly but surely, as if with a sharpened fiery sword, the old, 3D world is being cut off.

The vibrations of Earth’s space are off the scale. Everything seems to be the same as always, but it’s not like that anymore.

The ultraviolet index of the Sun has been continuously increasing over the past weeks and days. Many people get seriously ill without understanding what is happening.

Sick children are increasingly replenishing the intensive care units of hospitals. Their bodies cannot withstand the new vibrational situation.

The difference between the frequencies of people and the environment increases all the time. 5D space upholds its frequencies, and ours are rising so slowly that an abyss has formed between the two dimensions.

If people of the third density try to behave as usual, with all their thoughts, feelings, digging into someone else’s life, anger, intolerance, criticism of everyone and everything, the kids already stop bearing it. It became insupportable for them.

It’s hard to be under the Sun. Increasingly, extreme heat is rolling in which melts our bodies. In cool weather, it is easier to tolerate increasing radiation.

Intense, transcendental Light is coming directly from the Centers of the Local Universe and the Galaxy, approaching the point of the Summer Solstice. We can only watch patiently and try to keep ourselves in a harmonious environment.

There is almost no living ether energy left in the city, and it seems that there is no air as well. Everything is rigid and limited; we can do only the most necessary things.

Outside the city is a completely different space. It is similar to the perception of a child with a pure consciousness. There is no information load of the metropolis here, and by dumping it, we reset to zero on the first day. Thoughts and feelings become clearer and calmer. City life is somewhere far away and it seems unreal.

Being in nature is the best thing we can do this summer. Sunbathing out of habit is not worth it, the radiation of the Sun (a repeater of new quantum flows) as it is penetrate through clothes. Many people aren’t ready for their high frequencies.

How to increase our frequencies? Listen to ourselves, our intuition, do not eat out of habit, but tune in to what the body needs. Starve more often and drink more clean water. Continue meditative and prayerful practices that restore and replenish energy resources, and increase vibrations. Bathing in cold springs also helps.

Now we are experiencing a time that has ceased to flow smoothly, steadily and predictably, when the future is alarmingly guessed in hundreds of past and present events.

It seems that the whole world is falling into the abyss. In this state, it is very important to look at everything from the outside, or better, from above, to see events through the eyes of Co-Creators.

3D is indeed rolling towards its end, but this is not the end of the world, but the end of the world of violence. Those who rule in it, oppressing, exploiting and parasitizing others, try to delay the events with all their might and means.

But the ongoing move, especially on the Subtle Plane, shows the inevitability of the transformation. The System built on Earth, vampiric, consumerist and inhuman, has come to the point of destroying Gaia’s organism, on which it parasitizes.

It is not the material resources of Earth that determine that threshold, but people. The biggest, most demanded and exploited resource on our planet has always been Human Spirituality.

The social values underlying the management of life today are killing the Spirituality of men, driving them even deeper into slavery.

Instead of the creative dominant of benevolence, the parasitic dominant of well-being is ruling. For a parasitic society, this is natural, and we are told that it has always been so.

Indeed, the entire history of human relations at low, 3D levels passes under the sign of parasitism. Now the millennia-long period of hellish life on Earth is ending. At the heart of the rapid changes is the GREMO Love energy as a consciously executed Law of Life and a powerful resource for parting with violence and parasitism.

The collapse of the vampic System, its disintegration and the end are inevitable. This is not another “end of the world”, which the Dark, their elite, the media and countless websites are now intimidating us with. Why are they doing this?

Firstly, to feed on the energies of fear, horror and anxiety that give them life, radiated by us if we have fallen for their propaganda and saturate with our vital force the planetary Dark egregore that they serve.

Secondly, knowledge about the power of our energy, consciousness and imagination (the ability to work with thought forms) is hidden from us for a reason. Toxic images and negative perceptions of events create negative futures.

That is how, through daily, hourly and minute-by-minute streams of info-negativity, parasites force us, against our will, to help Darks to preserve the killing present and, on its basis, to build the same future.

But this will no longer help them avoid a total and final sweep which is gaining momentum. In the hope of delaying it at least a little, the parasitic System continues to actively throw into the information networks the next scoops about the Event, the Flash, the Harvest and the End of the World.

The Darks know perfectly well that what images we broadcast to the world around us, we attract such future events into the field of our destiny. Therefore, for us personally, after such an “application” for our future, the “end of the world” will indeed come, for example, in the form of a fatal illness or severe injury. But this will be the result of our own broadcasting of negative thoughts and emotions to the surrounding.

Now, in the total cleansing, the planet is being disinfected from the parasitism virus, and those who cannot get rid of this disease from their consciousness have a very hard time. Problems with health, career, and personal life come like a boomerang to everyone who continues to emit toxicity, without ceasing to feed them the satanic egregore.

It’s very important, already yesterday, to learn how to transform a negative into a positive; not to react with emotions and thoughts to the panic news and images that the parasitic System continuously brings down on us.

These are informational suckers, with the help of which we are not only constantly milked energetically but also dragged into demonic worlds, where all the parasitic satanic rot will fall to avoid stripping and disinfection.

After all, parasites will need uncomplaining milk ewes there, too.

That’s why if we don’t cut off all the tentacles and suckers in time, our life won’t change for the better.

How to do it?

Watch less negative news and negative movies. If we don’t have the strength to give up TV, then it’s better to turn on programs about nature and animals.

Not to react to others’ attempts to bring us out of emotional balance. We need to understand that such people are under the control of Dark egregores and infernal entities, and our emotional response will deprive us of vital energy and feed larvae, possessors and other parasites.

Currently, new fleets of friendly space races are staying in the space from the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt to the Sun. They deliver heavy construction equipment to continue the quantum reconstruction of Earth.

Even those who were not expected responded to the call of Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy and Galacom. Everyone is overwhelmed with enthusiasm that so many civilizations have responded to the Call.

There are many former Gray races among them who have undergone a deep inner transformation and have become part of the Light Forces. They are especially purposeful, determined and with all their thoughts in the upcoming work.

It doesn’t stop for a minute. The deep gravitators inside Earth continue to change the structures of the planet. All pyramids work at full capacity, as receivers and repeaters of energy.

Many people often hear an unusual hum arising in space – this is the ultrasonic transducer of the planet. It functions with distortion due to the impact of the huge amount of negativity that people continue to emit, causing the planet severe pain.

To update the mentality and cells of our body, condensed 5D plasma is transmitted through the space control centers. It accumulates in the DNA and RNA at the molecular level.

The new, five-dimensional Hologram continues to accumulate 5D energy on its platforms. The planet’s energy fields, disrupted in the process of reshaping the Earth’s core, are being stabilized. The finished 5D plasma, stratified by a spectral beam, is transferred to new temporary programs.

Channels of meridian connections unite all energy fields, a Hologram and the Earth’s surface, which switch to a high-frequency mode.

The Love energy GREMO condenses the fields. After purification, their structures are transformed, forming 5D matter and info-field. Software with new knowledge is loaded into it by ultrasonic pulses.

The Mediterranean Sea remains a powerful source of radiation. By compressing the fields consisting of Intelligence l-gamma particles, its radiation opens new Portals to the worlds of Nature to receive quantum flows.

The finished 5D plasma is formed in atmospheric layers and moves into the internal structures of the planet, affecting its energy complex. Reacting, it ejects coronary emissions from the Earth’s core.

Their energies impact on tectonics, cause earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions, tsunamis and other cataclysms. The anomalous zones of the planet, including the pyramids, which play the role of energy converters, are also involved.

Vibrations emanating from the bowels of Earth change the climate, and affect people and their Subtle Bodies. Such an impact changes our consciousness, body and destiny. The Hologram and Matrix, which are already working in 5D mode, act similarly.

With the help of the Siriusians’ control unit on the Moon, which is located in 23D, magnetic fields and vortices are created in the Earth’s space by the superimposition of pulsar radiation, activating cleansing tectonic and volcanic processes.

For example, only on June 13, 2022, within 24 hours, occurred one earthquake of magnitude 5.0 and higher; 44 of magnitude 4+; 102 of magnitude 3+; 227 of magnitude 2+; and 411 earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.0. The strongest earthquake of magnitude 5.1 was at 28 km from Ercis, Turkey. A whole swarm of M5+ was recorded in the southern part of the Atlantic Fault; M6+ and M7 are in the forecast.

Many volcanoes located nearby are waking up. So, on June 14, the Bulusan volcano in the Philippines increased its activity, throwing out clouds of steam and ash to a height of up to 750 meters, covering a region still restoring from last week’s eruption. 69 earthquakes were recorded at the foot of the crater during the day.

When stellar and planetary fields come into contact, a powerful pulse occurs at the concentration point of certain quantum waves.

Using it, the Lunar control center with the help of purple energy PURZH cleans the Earth’s space and saturates it with condensed 5D info-energy.

This energy in the form of clumps of Intelligence plasma, passing through numerous glazed tunnels inside the Earth’s crust, comes to the surface, transforms plants and biological bodies, stabilizes energy in space, and increases people’s ability to perceive new information.

The impact of the PURZH energy changes the density of the orbital field which works like giant parabolic antenna, receiving new quantum radiation.

By the 5D timeline and the compression of the fields that transform the plasma, the energy coming out of the bodies turns into neutrino clumps. New life programs are loaded into them.

Pressure surges, heart disease, esophagoptosis, depression and insomnia, which many people experience today, are caused by exposure to the yellow energy SFIRO, neutralizing side effects during the transition to 4D/5D.

With the help of ERGAMO radiation, the human brain is affected. This light green with blue and an admixture of crimson hue energy creates Subtle whirlwinds of thoughts that are perceived by each of our cells. In them, new information is loaded from 5D.

Many are still absorbing it unknowingly. An unprepared consciousness takes it as a signal for the self-destruction of the organism. Some try to drown out the effects of new energies with alcohol or drugs which is tantamount to suicide. But in more awakened people, vibrations increase, immunity strengths, biological needs change, and many disappear.

Thanks to the powerful quantum flows coming to Earth, all negative energy, and our mental and emotional dirt is washed away. We are new every day. Get used to this mode.

**By Lev