James Gilliland: The Real Threat to Democracy 

First we want to point out we live in a Republic with the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, not a democracy. Your government is a service corporation contracted to provide good faith and services to the American people. They have all sworn oaths to protect the people and the original Constitution and act in the highest and best good of the people. The vast majority of our leadership have broken that oath, became self-serving and have voided the contract. The acting president stated clearly the rights given in the constitution are not absolute and demonstrated it redundantly by the consistent violations of your rights. Freedom of speech, the right to privacy, innocent until proven guilty, right to a fair and speedy trial by one’s peers, and now gun rights are all in jeopardy.

When they say we need to protect democracy what they are saying is we need to protect our illicit and unlawful strong hold over the American people and keep hidden what we have done. They have politicized and weaponized the mainstream media, social media and enforcement agencies as we have seen by the random arrests of conservatives, mothers, anyone who goes against their narrative. They support the destruction of the nuclear family, perpetuate and escalate the division in race, color, gender and religions, insight riots and violence to those who disagree with their goals. Crime has become unpunishable in most democratic run states and cities unless you go against or speak out against their policies. If I did not know better, I would say we have been taken over by a criminal syndicate or Nazi regime. Sounds like some conspiracy theory?

Let us help you connect the dots. Soros started and funded many organizations that created division of race, color, and gender including BLM and Antifa. The flag for Antifa is identical to the Nazi flag. Klaus Swab and George Soros representatives of the global elite have strong Nazi ties. It is well documented. The global elite’s playbook is almost verbatim the Nazi playbook. Even the Ukraine has a standing Nazi army which is a global elite stronghold. It reeks of corruption, houses multiple biolabs, 46 as admitted to by the pentagon creating weapons of mass destruction. The funding for these labs will have the same characters popping up again and again which are trying to start a war with Russia to protect their investments. Child and sex trafficking is epidemic in Ukraine as well and if not stopped the Ukraine will be the base of the ongoing global elite’s depopulation program. These Ukrainian Nazis are the military of the global elite along with other countries with corrupt leadership under their thumb. The CCP is also involved, the Communist Chinese Party. Many are asking why are we sending 40 billion dollars to this corrupt country established by a deep state coup and why are our leaders going there in support of it? To protect their investments and their global elite puppet masters. Isn’t it against international law to fund Nazis? It is. We were allies with Russia against the Nazis why are we siding with the Nazis against Russia? How could this happen considering past history? Corrupt politicians and a deceptive mainstream media is how it happened.

English bishop about Vladimir Putin..



Holly Red Pill


The global elite is a consortium of billionaires, leaders, politicians that have sworn an oath to the global elite which goes against the oath to the American people as well as international law. Follow the money you will see millions if not billions of taxpayers money channeled into world leaders, politicians and government leaders all the way to the top. Why is the Ukrainian army out of ammo? Where did the money go? Why were most of the politicians adamantly against Rand Paul’s bill to audit where the funds go?

The two obvious ones with their hands in the cookie jar are the Biden family, other leaders mostly democrats with a few rinos and Trudeau. Billions more are funneled into big Pharma complicit in the depopulation program as we are now seeing being played out. The latest propaganda is that adult sudden death syndrome is due to global warming followed by a new plague caused by monkey _uckers and those who have multi-orifice sex at European raves. It sounds like we are moving ever closer to Sodom and Gamora where the Andromedans had to nuke two cities devolving into decadence to save the collective consciousness and insure evolution continued on an upward spiral. For those who do not know who the Andromedans are, they are mythologically known as ArchAngels.

According to the raw data the planet is cooling, oceans are not rising only millimeters in some places while others are falling. The green new deal is nothing more of a transfer of power and wealth to the global elite. Again follow the money. It has nothing to do with the restoration of the planet. This latest sudden death syndrome includes the athletes dropping on the fields and courts 1400 and counting and young men and women having heart attacks shortly after the second dose. The real science is now proving it’s a direct adverse effect of the jab. The latest documents prove the vaccine companies knew of the deadly and debilitating side effects before they released the vaccines. Research Luciferase, graphene oxide, biochips connecting your body to the internet and what happens to your immune system including your ability to fight cancer after the jab.

The Water documentary proof to support Dr. Arits claims


Watch The Water


By now it should be increasingly clear the democrat’s socialistic reimagining America agendas which have been a total fail are based on orders from the global elite. It would better be named “the take down America”, all other governments that stand in the way of their New World Order. The Georgia Guidestones have their agenda written in stone and there are many other open public statements and written statements stating very clearly their goal. “You will own nothing and you will be happy is their latest,” “The ownership of property will be a thing of the past is another stated goal.” They made it very clear that scaring people with a virus that is pretty benign to get vaccinated was their goal and the ignorant humans would march their families and friends to get the deadly vaccine. The biggest weapon is the demoralization of countries which includes dividing the races, genders and religions to fight among themselves. Divide and conquer. They have also stated redundantly they want 80% plus of the people of Earth gone or chipped as slaves living in abject poverty in total domination. They stated they would use the black race because they are easily manipulated to be the army for their agenda, Antifa, BLM, other organizations funded by Soros are in ignorance fighting for their own enslavement and demise. These are not my words, they are the words of the global elite you can find with an easy computer search.

They also planned to flood the borders taxing the infrastructure to the point where it collapses. Fuel and food shortages are also part of the plan along with blackouts. The false flags, random shootings at schools and malls including 911 again are part of their modus-operandi. Without taking your guns like all other genocidal tyrants did resulting in the death of billions over history their plan will fail. That is why they are ramping up gun confiscation and laws making it impossible to defend yourself and your families. They know with enough money morally and ethically challenged people will do anything. The most morally and ethically challenged rise to the top as we now have seen in our own government, until the people wake up to their true nature then they fall.

Stalin said it matters not how people vote it only matters who counts the votes. Watch 2000 Mules. If you find it hard to believe it is actually worse.

2000 Mules


The vast majority of our leaders have taken massive amounts of money from the global elite, Russian Oligarchies and the CCP, hostile foreign governments and if it is not obvious by now by their actions owe their allegiance to them, not the countries they represent. Now there is a word, represent, Re present the will of the people is their job not the will of the global elite, the major corporations or other countries hostile or otherwise. It might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the words sedition and treason. Know their definitions. The corrupt politicians and the mainstream media that scream treason are the very ones committing it. They always accuse others of what they themselves are doing.


Those involved in the latest January 6th hearings all might as well wear swastikas. This could all be ended by asking one question, “Have any of you taken money from hostile foreign governments, global elites who have professed to take down America and have you taken oaths and made agreements that go against or in conflict with your oath to protect and serve the constitution and the people. If they were to be truthful the majority would have to resign.

When the truth comes out the January 6th event was an orchestrated trap to punish conservatives and destroy Trump’s future in politics. According to Laura Logans research there were Ukrainians involved, the Azov Battalion “Nazis”, antifa and BLM masquerading as Trump supporters, the FBI and a host of other officials that orchestrated the event. The main instigators were FBI informants who have been identified and are walking free.

They opened doors, took down barriers, waved the people in, even the magnetic doors barring anyone from entering were opened with only a few people having that ability. Once in they began beating the protestors, killing some of them. Grown men in uniform beating to death little old ladies and anyone that came to their aid. Is this standard White House or police procedure? It is all on camera. The biggest tell is why did Pelosi refuse extra security and the National Guard as Trump recommended and signed the order? Would they interfere in their trap, their false flag? None of this would have happened with the National Guard if true to their oaths were present. Now the corporate owned mainstream and social media are whipped into a frenzy pushing their false narrative and agenda.

The Truth about January 6th


Laura Logan Non-Stop Truth Bombs


The last thing we want to leave you with is which politicians went to Ukraine and pushed the 40 billion in aid. Are they the same people involved in the January 6th hearing with no counter arguments or presentation of evidence that would cast a dark light on their behavior? When women with children can’t even get baby formula in the US, our economy is in free fall, crime is through the roof, we cant afford gas and it is a well known fact much of the Ukrainian Army are professed Nazis wearing the insignia why the hell are we giving them 40 billion dollars?

The answer is obvious. Unless one is void of all critical thinking, refusing to research anything other than the pathological liars tell them on mainstream and social media. By the way, I am in farcebook jail again, for telling the truth, I spend more time in jail than in the app. For those who think I have abandoned them or am not returning their message it is due to Mark Smuckerturd. Censorship and the violation of free speech is epidemic there. Maybe Elon will buy face book and nuke his mind controlling AI world Meta. It is the first step to transhumanism. Critical thinking, personal research and self-mastery are imperative in the days to come. Denial and ignorance can be deadly.

No matter what color, culture, religion or belief it is time to awaken and unite. Unity, love, forgiveness, service to others, courage, these attributes are held in great disdain by the global elite and destroy their New World Order. Time to awaken and come together.


4 Replies to “James Gilliland: The Real Threat to Democracy ”

  1. Phillis Stein

    America has become the epicentre of this cult, but it is worldwide. I started smelling a rat almost as soon as I was old enough to do so – in fact, according to my late great aunt, I pretty much came out of the womb frowning! There are people who have been speaking about these issues for a very long time, and the “self-appointed so-called elites” (who are nothing of the sort) have also been speaking about all of this for a long time also. I could add MANY examples of such things. I’ll give one example and one quote, just to give two very small examples.

    One example – go and have a look at the wonderful Rudolph Steiner. Now, here’s a man that died around a hundred years ago and YET – he predicted the exact “vaccine” that we have recently seen. Another one is a reference to the group we now know as ANTIFA from Winston Churchill:

    “”The fascist in the future will come under the guise of anti-fascists”
    ~ Winston Churchill

    This is an example of INVERSION, which is a Luciferian ideal. I could give SO many more such examples.

    Thank you for your great article, James. I am not even in America, but this is ALL so clear to me. Sadly, only 2% of the population can actually think critically, and then there is another 8% who think they can think. Some, sadly, are completely incapable of waking up and so we may have to accept that not all will be coming with us – but the more the merrier!

  2. Bethernee

    You’d have to go a *very* long way to find another body of writing that contained so much truth as James has written here. He tells it exactly as it is. It’s happening under everyone’s nose, if people would only open their eyes and apply their attention span long enough to focus on the 💩show playing out around them. Those who deny its veracity or choose to denigrate it are showing their true colours. This is an excellent exposé of what’s going on, James.