Jeshua: The Love That You Are

It is with great joy that I come to abide with you today, for I come from a place which is of great joy, our true Home, where you abide with me eternally in that place of joy. I always wait for this one [Judith] to get finished with whatever she feels needs to be done first, and I let her know my energy and my excitement and my joy in sharing with you and coming to be with you.

She feels she has to stop and take a deep breath and perhaps become centered. I have let her know that any time she or you stop and turn your attention from the world and from the things that are going on around you and turn to that quiet place within you, I am there immediately with you. And I come with great joy because that is truly where we abide as one, as children of the One God.

I come with great love because I am that Love. I come with great love because you are that Love. I come and I share with you because I honor you for the awakening that you are doing. You have all chosen this lifetime to awaken, and I honor you for that decision, and I say, “God speed” along that path. And when I say, “God speed,” you know that that speed is who you truly are.

I come today to speak to you and with you of the Love that you are from before time began. We have talked of the whole Mind of God, the whole Mind of God that you are. You are participating in this as one of the attributes of the whole Mind. Before time was, the whole Mind of God, knowing Itself in its expansion, its ever ongoingness of what it is now and always has been and always will be, thought to express Itself in manifest form.

You are participating in this as manifest form. And we have talked about how when first what I have termed Mother Earth was birthed, you were there, and you helped in that birthing. Your consciousness, your desire to be the expression and to see in manifest form the God energy that you are, was here and participated in the birth of what we have called Mother Earth.

W h e n t h e r e w a s a p h y s i c a l manifestation upon which to be, you desired then to be upon it. You were here in the consciousness that helped it form, to bring the molecules of the God energy together. And then you, as attributes of the ever ongoingness of the whole Mind of God, wished to experience manifest form, and you came and took on what is now called the body. You collected unto yourself the molecules of physicality.

In the beginning – and I use that word because as you look at time, you mark a beginning, and you mark an ending – at that time you as Light beings still very much knew your connection with the God energy and knew the attribute that you are. There was a communion that was ever ongoing. But as you desired – and as the whole Mind of God desired, because there is no separation – as the whole Mind of God desired to experience more fully the manifest form, you have come into more, what you would call, density, and in doing that you have put around yourself a veil which has seemed to be heavier.

But I come today to share with you that you have gone as far into physicality and into materiality as you will go, and there is now an ascent and an awakening which is happening, a remembrance that I have called a remembrance of the Light and the Love that you are. You are a great ray of Light. You are much more than the body that sits on the chair and the personality that you identify with in this time and this space. You are a great ray of Light, energy ever ongoing, energy that can be and has been, in your physical world, measured, energy which experiences itself as Love. All one, ever ongoing.

To look at what has been called The Descent into physical matter as something that has gone wrong is to look at it in an invalid way. This has been part of the purpose of the whole Mind of God: to experience Itself in every dimension, in every way, and to garner unto yourself the experiences thereof.

Many there are who have chosen not to come into physical form but who are one with you and who are right now in this room, filling this room with their Light and with their love – and many of you can feel that love and have tuned into it. Those who have not chosen to be incarnate, as you call it, to be in body, are also experiencing what you are experiencing, because they know there is not separation, and they are able to always tune into and experience what you are experiencing.

This is why I have said unto you: think not that your life has small meaning. Think not that you just get up in your mornings and you go to your workplace, and you do what needs to be done that day, hoping and waiting for the time to put your head upon the pillow and be finished with that day. No, what you are experiencing is a great blessing to those who are not in body, who are experiencing also with you, because there is a great sharing that takes place.

It is only when you get caught up into what you feel is the body and the personality that you feel that you are not one with the ever ongoingness, and I am here today to remind you that you are of the Father, that you do share, you cannot help but share with others in what you would term the unseen world. Therefore, you have received messages, as you would call them, from others who may be tapping you upon the shoulder. You may physically feel this energy. They may be trying to get your attention in one way or another to say unto you, “You are more. I am more. We are more. We are the ever-ongoingness of the Mind of God, ever wanting to experience Itself in various infinite forms of expression.”

So that when you, in terms, wake up from the dream and become one with your realization of the flow of the infinite Life, that will not be the end. You have been taught in your religions that once you lay down the body and you go on to what is called heaven, then that will be the place where you reside forever and ever and ever. In some ways, this is true because you reside forever and ever and ever in the whole Mind of God. But it is not a place that you go to and you stop and it is finished. This is why I have come to share with you that in my Father’s house are many mansions. There is much more than what you have dreamed there would be. Even the whole Mind of God is experiencing an ongoing.

All desire is of the Father. When you feel a desire or a vision within you, it is of the Father. Now, that is not to say how those manifests and how you bring it forth in your life is truly the desire of the Father, because this can, when you feel separate and you get into limited thinking, you can manifest other variations upon this desire. And that is as the Father has planned it.

This is part of the purpose and the plan of the Heavenly Father: to experience all. It is as I have said: there is One Who weaves the great tapestry of life and knows how to bring all the threads together.

You, when you are caught up into limited thinking, may not know the purpose and may not know how the threads can all come together, but there is One, the grand Weaver, who    will    weave    this    tapestry perfectly. So therefore,

even as you may have looked upon something in your lifetime and have judged it to have come out of limited thinking, know that this is the freedom of the whole Mind of God to experience Itself and to know — to bring you back around to the place where you know the whole Mind of God.

That is why I have said every desire is of the Father. Your desire is to create, and you do create moment by moment. Sometimes in limitation, other times creating with the Will of God. When you will go to that quiet place within the heart, resting in the knowingness that you are one with your everlasting Father, then you create from that space what is real. This is why I have said unto you to extend the love unto anyone who crosses you path every day. This is truly Who you are. This is all you need to know, to remember: to extend love. The Love of the Heavenly Father is simplicity itself.

The peace of God is forever within your mind. To experience it, it must come forward and be expressed. Be ye, therefore, expressers of this peace. Be the peacemakers. For in Truth, blessed are the peacemakers for they live in the peace that they extend. You have your homework for the week: Be ye, therefore, in the peace of the Heavenly Father.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

in expression through Judith Coates


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