Twin Flames: The Surprising Origins of Spiritual Connection

Dear Cosmic Community,

In a year where ‘relationship healing’ and honouring the harmonic interaction between all souls is a key life theme, it’s ‘apt timing’ that I speak about the concept of ‘twin flames’. Perhaps you’ve never heard of twin flames and are curious as to what they are? Perhaps you feel that you’re already in a twin flame relationship or that you’d like to attract one into your life? Perhaps you’ve heard of twin flames, but have received conflicting messages about them and consequently you’re unsure of what to trust in?

In today’s ALL-NEW blog post, let’s delve deeply into the energy of twin flames. Let’s remove some of the stigma placed around this term and in so doing, open up the doors to the surprising origins of spiritual connection.

The Origins of the Inner and Eternal Flames

For millennia, countless ancient texts, have referred to the ‘spiritual light within’, as being a burning essence (an eternal spiritual flame) that can ignite and shine brighter the closer that one moves towards their own own self-enlightenment and self-knowing.

All ancient cultures contain within their myths and creation stories, the concept of the ‘eternal flame’, a light that shines out of the shadows, bringing life and renewal, as it burns through all illusion. To this day, there are physical eternal flames burning in hundreds of cities worldwide, serving as symbols of the preservation of the divine sanctity of life.

Innately, we know and can feel spirit’s force flowing strongly within us. We interpret this force of nature, as being an inner fire (in the physical sense). An inner fire that can be turned on and turned up the closer that one comes to sparking their own inner light of truth. And yet this is not a physical fire, this is an etheric one, born of soul’s essence.

When you’re deeply connected to soul, you can feel fired up, turned on, lit up, stoked, psyched, pumped and animated, all of which are terms that refer to a ‘coming alive’ within. Our language speaks of truths that many have forgotten, and yet on a soul level, you do remember who you are and what you’re made of. It just takes the ‘sparking’ of your soul’s light to rekindle your infinite origins, and this is where the concept of twin flames, or ‘twinning’ (as I like to call it) starts to emerge.

The modern day revival of ‘Twin Flames’

It was in the 1970’s that Elizabeth Clare Prophet channelled the book, ‘Twin Flames and Soulmates’, after which the concept of twin flames became popularised in our modern vernacular. Then in 1992, Barbara Marciniak’s ‘The Bringers of The Dawn – Teachings of The Pleiadians’, also spoke of the twin flame phenomena, as being ‘the male and female existing in one body, whether you are physically male or female’.

What’s happened since, in the human desire for wholeness and completion (assuming that this comes from union with another) is that we’ve grasped onto the concept of twin flames and have idealised it into being the perfect relationship. That ‘ideal’ relationship, the one that completes us, that ends karmic cycles, that brings the feminine and masculine energy flow together as one, is rarely (but, yes sometimes) played out as a romantic relationship between two souls who feel an intense attraction and pull to be with one another.

Indeed, as I’ll discuss shortly, twin flame relationships can form from a myriad of soul-to-soul combinations. And ultimately the purpose of ‘twinning’ is to realise and to act upon your own innate power of spirit.

Amplification of Soul’s Essence

The ‘inner flame’ can be physically felt as an amplification, an activation, a rising and a rush of energy coming from within the body’s major energy centres. Perhaps you’ve experienced soul’s light (your inner flame) ignite by witnessing a heart warming moment, such as the purity of a baby’s laugh, the breathtaking magnificence of a double rainbow or a flaming sunrise, the touch of one who’s in alignment with you, or from the electric thrill that lights up your nervous system when you’re in the presence of the divine?

This ‘inner flame’ lets you know that there’s a concentrated life force operating within, one that’s directing both your physical body and your life path. It lets you know that you’re more than the physical. It lets you know that you’re an energy being first and foremost and that as such, you can change and morph at will. It lets you know how innately powerful you are.

Souls Merging and Self-Ignition

Your spiritual light (your inner flame) can be self-ignited the stronger your connection becomes to the all-loving soul that you are. And it can also be ignited when you experience another’s essence (another soul) merging with your own being; igniting your own inner flame. When this occurs, your own inner light may increase and shine brighter, as your soul essence becomes enhanced and balanced.

Twin Flames

And this is where the traditional idea of meeting and merging with a ‘twin flame’ comes in. Consider that at the time of your creation and merging into the light (your soul birth) you were (and you still are) a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy. You were (and still are) whole and complete. Then you began the process of incarnation, journeying into different lifetimes and worlds in order to know yourself more fully and to experience the depths of universal all-knowing.

Along the way, you’ve been challenged greatly. You’ve served lifetimes where you’ve remembered who you are and have used your spiritual skills to advantage. And you’ve served lifetimes where you’ve sunk into the bottomless pit of forgetfulness to your soul truth.

Along the way, you’ve met and interacted with countless other souls, absorbing life lessons from one another, promising to meet again in some future incarnation, to help balance (and clear) any lingering repercussions from your interactions with each another. And these souls who keep meeting lifetime after lifetime, can take on the form of sister and brother, mother and son, husband and wife, employer and employee, a myriad of different human roles and lifestyle arrangements and sometimes you can take on the role as best friends and even romantic partners.

We call each other ‘soul mates’, for indeed, we help one another to grow and learn. Being a soul mate is a compassionate role to undertake. Even though the lessons that soul mates inflict upon one another can often seem harsh from a material perspective, from a spiritual growth perspective, they may be just what’s needed in order to heal and move beyond into a state of higher consciousness.

Most people are in more than one soul mate relationship at a time. These are your primary teaching relationships.

Very few people are in a twin flame relationship, although the more that every individual raises their consciousness, the more we will see this occurring. For it takes lifetimes of deep inner work and conscientious dedication to the path of the light in order to attract another soul (in this lifetime) who upon meeting you (whether physically or etherically) sparks your own inner flame to an even higher degree than what it’s already operating at.

“You can recognise a twin flame, where upon meeting, you experience the acceleration of your own inner flame. Together, you feel at one – an amplification of both souls. It’s an exhilarating and sacred experience. It can also be a personal experience, the merging of your head into heart, personality into soul that ignites your own inner flame. The twins can be within you”

— Elizabeth Peru

The Phenomena of ‘Twinning’

  • You’ll know when you’re ready to draw towards you a twin flame, a soul that is on the same path as you, a soul that has deeply worked upon their evolution (as you have) and one that ignites your soul. You’ll know when you’re ready to give of yourself fully to experience the light of another merging with your own, together (as one). You’ll know when you’re ready to perhaps, also experience a twin flame illumination within yourself, when your head and heart join, as one.

  • I liken the experience of two souls, amplifying one another’s inner light (inner flame) as a ‘twinning experience’. You’ll both become so in sync with one another, that you need nothing from one another. When you’re together you’re at ease and at peace. You feel more of yourself. You feel whole and complete.

  • The twinning energy that’s generated between deeply similar souls, on a similar life journey, meeting one another, either physically (or etherically, because one may be incarnated and the other may not) is usually brought on by a combined mission of some sorts.

  • Together the twinning souls (the twin flames) join together when the time is right during both of their life paths to not only elevate their own personal light (to an even higher level) but to also pass on that light and influence the collective light on this planet and beyond.

  • You may also experience an internal (self-produced) ‘twinning’ as a merging of head and heart, personality and soul – as one. This experience often precedes any physical meeting between two like souls who ignite one another’s inner flame. Those who can generate a personal twinning experience and have worked diligently upon integrating head and heart (over many years, or even lifetimes) may choose to stay with their own internal twinning experience, or to take it further and share their light with another – attracting a twin flame towards them.

  • It’s a strong and immediate connection when you have a twin flame experience. You may suddenly feel incredibly optimistic about your life and the future path for humanity. Love will become all-important. That being the essence of love, the source of soul, rather than romantic overtones. Although, an intimate and pure physical relationship can ensue between those who meet and ignite each other’s inner flame.

  • When you’ve had a ‘twinning experience’ you’ll literally feel another’s presence as part of your own consciousness. You’ll begin to take on the masculine or feminine qualities that your twin flame has in abundance, the qualities that bring you into greater internal harmony.

  • For a woman, who seeks the masculine twin flame, she may find that she begins to embody empowered masculine traits (absorbed from her twin, whether male or female). For a man seeking greater femininity to balance his energy, he may begin to embody greater feminine traits from his twin flame (whether a female or male). The twinning process brings forth harmony, balance, comfort, ease, exhalation – and a flowing wholeness within.

Body Integrates Soul
You’ll also notice distinct physical changes with your body, when having a twinning experience. This occurs, as the feminine and masculine energies balance and begin to harmonise your energy field. You’ll start to feel that there’s no distinction between where your body ends and your soul begins. You’ll feel at one, whole and complete. A physical and non-physical unit, all at once.

As you can imagine, a twinning experience is quite rare, this doesn’t readily happen to everyone. Twinning is a beautiful experience that comes after great spiritual growth and much self-reflection and application of your lessons learned. It may or may not happen to you in this life time. It’s not a harsh experience when it happens either. If you’re experiencing difficulties with partners, family or friends, they’re most likely your soul mates (we all have them) those who come from similar soul groups are here to help you grow, rather than being twin flames.

Growth Experience for The Soul

If you do happen to experience a connection with another (or a connection within your own being) that ignites your own inner flame to such an extent that you become more of who you are, know that you won’t lose your individuality within the twin flame experience.

Instead, you’ll actually amplify and heighten your sense of self and knowing of who you are as a soul. There’ll be great respect for one another and for the individual path. This is a hallmark of twin flames. They lift one another and the world around them even higher.

Deepening of Connection with Others
After a twinning experience you may also notice that you deepen your connection to others, as well as your innate appreciation of the world around you. This naturally flows forth when you’ve integrated head and heart (personality and soul) and have drawn to you a twinning (twin flame) experience.

Compassion and Honouring The Sacred Path of The Soul

What is primary when we speak of soul and the inner flame’s ignition (soul’s essence and light) is that the on flow of compassion increases. A hallmark of a twin flame relationship, whether it be within yourself, or with another human who sparks you, is that your levels of kindness and compassion will multiply.

You’ll view and interact with life from a more enlightened position. You’ll still be working on yourself and you’ll still be mastering your path, but you’ll be doing so at a faster rate, because instead of accumulating negative karma, you’ll be attracting good karma from your turned on, compassionate soul state.

Mostly, if you hear nothing else from this blog post, hear this. Consider that the human mind loves to think that there is one special soul out there who simply completes you. When in reality, YOU complete you. Another soul can reflect your love back to you (twin it to you) but that love must and does, always come from within you…

**By Elizabeth Peru