Kryon: You Have a Bubble of Light

I’m going to give you not an esoteric model but a solid metaphor that you won’t forget. You have a bubble of protective light around you.

The Higher thoughts that you can think, the more you claim to be aware, the more you claim to understand the love of the Creator and put it on yourself and practice it in your life, the stronger that bubble becomes.

I want you to think of that as a bubble of light, and as you walk from place to place, dark things bounce off that bubble. Did you get that?

This is a metaphor, but it’s the best one I have. As you proceed, your awareness bubble is there no matter where you are or what you do. Lightworker, that cuts right through the darkness and will not let the darkness get in – especially if you are practicing compassion and the love of the Creator.

It’s almost like assuming and absorbing much of that divinity that was given to you right at birth that you are now starting to see.

Can’t you feel it?

I want you to understand that this is a form of protection. Isn’t it interesting that protection is yours on how you think. It doesn’t come from another source. Suddenly the angels, the guides, are not guarding you.

It has come from you. Odd to think perhaps that it works this way, but it always has and always will.

One of today’s questions is, can evil entities, both esoteric and physical, attach themselves to me? Do I have to be careful of where I go, what I say, or all these things?

I will tell you, Dear Ones, that the evil entities that might see you coming will run the other way.

You’ve got this bubble of light, and they don’t want anything to do with it. I want you to remember something. This is a great metaphor. Darkness is defined as the absence of light.

Darkness does not want any part of you. Dark entities don’t want any part of you because they can see the divinity coming. Wherever you walk, they leave.

My partner has had this example time and time again. The first time that he presented at the United Nations in New York City, he was told that he would be attacked by darkness if he went.

He went, and what he discovered when he got there was the most beautiful, wonderful light and support he had ever had. He went in fear because he’d never gone to New York before. He’d never been to the United Nations before. He didn’t know what to expect, and everywhere he walked, he was received and loved.

That is when he understood and knew that none of the soothsayers, no matter what kind of clothes they wore or the experience they said they had, were correct when they gave a doom message.

He has been protected by his own light and that has been the way of it ever since. So this is you, Dear Ones.

This is the principle of light and dark, Dear Ones. I want you to understand this and hold it to yourselves, understand it, know it, as we say, cognize it. Make it your belief.

And so it is,

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service

**Channel: Lee Carroll


2 Replies to “Kryon: You Have a Bubble of Light”

  1. Maud

    A wonderful reality: I am surrounded by a by brilliant white light— only good can come to me, only good can come through me. Say this daily to remind yourself of the powerful Light bubble and its protection.Simple, radiant! Thank You Kryon and Lee.