Adama of Telos: Releasing and Healing

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Dear Ones, part of your Ascension journey is the integration of your

I AM Presence into your being and world.

Your I AM Presence is the individualized aspect of God, and you are the physical embodiment of it.

As you went through countless embodiments, you have accumulated more and more human discord within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This process cut humanity off from their I AM Presence.

In the Ascended Realms, such as Telos, the Ascended Master Realm, the Angelic Realm, the Cosmic (Galactic) Realm of Light and the Elohim, we have fully integrated and are one with our I AM Presence.

That is why we speak about the I AM Presence and how you can become one with it so often.

As you are releasing and healing more and more of your human discord in your four lower bodies, it is important to continue to invite your I AM Presence into your being.

You can imagine your I AM Presence as a golden Light with a rainbow colored causal body around it.

As you are imagine this, you can then begin to make your intent and commands as your I AM Presence.

This is one of the reasons, why many decrees include the words “command.”

Begin your decrees with “I AM my I AM Presence, and in the name of my I AM Presence, I command…!”

You are creating your reality with your decrees as your I AM Presence, which is an aspect of God.

You ARE God and as such, when you wish to create something, you are commanding it the way God does.

Begin to feel the difference, when you give power to discord or when you give your power to your I AM Presence and you are commanding for discord to go away.

Feel the power of God within you, commanding for discord to leave your being and world.

As with all of these things, it is a process and needs to be done on a consistent basis over time.

The human vehicle is a dense one and it takes time to create momentum…

But, once you have created enough momentum, you will become a powerful Divine Creator of Light and Love!

We champion your victory in the Light!

Welcome Home!

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.

**Channel: Asara Adams


4 Replies to “Adama of Telos: Releasing and Healing”

  1. Linda Rosa

    John 1:1 – “In the beginning was the Word and the Word of God was with God, and the Word of God was God.”. Jesus Christ is the Word.

  2. Gavin Swinden

    You are not God… You are a child of God… God does not need to be reminded how to create ..LOL