Argorians Update: Blue and Gold Energies

On June 19th, 2022, at 9:42 AM CET, the new Argorians’ message synopsis came on Earth’s monitoring data.

Fan bursts of blue and gold ERMO energy radiate along the perimeter of the Giza Pyramids plateau. They form the environment by loading 5D matter development software into it.

A mix of red-blue energies is spreading along the equatorial zone. It consists of a red ERMA waves which build a five-dimensional Matrix; a blue FIADO, stimulating the mental development of a person; and a red-golden ERFAGO, that changes the timbres of sound flows to stabilize the Earth’s inner worlds.

ERFAGO affects tectonic dynamics. Earthquakes may become more frequent in seismically dangerous zones of the planet.

At the North Pole, stele receivers are actively working on silvery LIBRO energy, by which magnetic fields are controlled, and gray-blue BLIKGOR, which regulates the magnetic interaction of air planes. This helps to smooth out climatic differences in different planet’s zones.

At the South Pole, incoming quantum fluxes are transformed and distributed along the equatorial belt, and then, through channels, to the needed places along a given trajectory.

At this stage, they receive the brown energy GLASSO, that collects and removes the remnants of outdated knowledge of 3D civilization; blue-azure GRISPO, purifying and changing the space dimensionality; and lilac GLESIS. It condenses l-gamma particles and forms clumps of Intelligence energy from them in the Earth’s field.

After the expansion of the area of the Quasitron, consisting of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea, carried out by the Argorians’ fleet on June 14, 2022, the 5D plasma flows distributed by it increased significantly. At the same time, the stability of the planet is fully preserved.

The internal energies of Earth are being actively replaced by Galactic ones. They come from the star Oryx via the Gaia’s 14D-3D Multiverse, updating the structure of the planet according to the specified parameters.

As the Argorians’ monitoring results show, it will take more time and cycles, than previously predicted, to change the atom and molecular structure and replace 3D energies with five-dimensional ones. Under the Subtle Plane’s impact on the physical one, a strong tension arises due to the difference in energy potentials. Many people take it very hard.

Although Argorians are trying to smoothly regulate these processes, an accumulation of critical mass for a qualitative leap continues, so overloads will be repeated. Co-Creators track the acceleration of Time and Transition, promptly making the necessary adjustments.

In the meantime, Argorians’ fleet continues to move 5D Earth into a new vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy. The squadron entered the fourth filter (out of six) of the membrane separating the dimensions.

Filters are sections of the wormhole through which Argorians transport the five-dimensional Earth. The high-frequency energies coming through Gaia’s Multiverse have a powerful effect on men, forcing them to change their consciousness. An increasing number of people are gaining the ability to have an open mind, perceive quantum radiation, and adequately analyze external and internal changes.

On June 15th, 2022, at 9:32 AM CET, Argorians made another correction of quantum flows, with which they help the Galactic Committee transform Earth and earthlings.

From the Star Oryx (in the diagram above left), through the wave channel, the squadron directs six streams of blue-white BLISKORI energy to the 3D planet.

It forms new intellectual abilities of a person and contains the entire spectrum of frequencies necessary for this (the column of digits on the left).

They materialize 5D plasma that forms new DNA in bifurcated streams.

The streams pass through the fields, which are depicted in the diagram as colored segments superimposed on each other.

THE FIRST PAIR consists of red ERMA energy, with which the 5D Matrix, its energy structures and matter are built; and purple GLEMAR, filtering incoming energy-information flows.

THE SECOND PAIR includes dark brown GLAMO energy, radiated by the worlds of nature; and light green LIBRESSO, the energy of small vibrations. It helps the transition to a higher stage of evolution, activates vital centers of development of the animal and plant realms. In addition, it stabilizes the climate, as well as pulses and fluctuations of magnetic fields.

THE THIRD PAIR is formed by the golden energy LOBE, which loads the Time soft and programs for the removal of unnecessary energy, and builds the signal system of the planet; and the blue FIRSCO, which cleanses the thought process and stimulates the mental development of people.

After passing all three pairs of fields, the flows diverge into two arms and twist into spirals (fractals) of right-hand and left-hand rotation.

In the space between them, the dark red energy BAROUR creates a new information field of Earth and 5D plasma formations in the atmosphere with the help of eight different frequencies (digits at the scheme bottom). Reflected space is formed synchronizing the 5D plasma jets. The waves of five-dimensional energy enter the separation chamber (the vertical toothed strip at the bottom right) and are distributed from it in different directions.

In addition to Argorians’ info, on June 18 and 19, 2022, new details about the Darks, who four days ago tried to kill some State leaders, seize the Logos and egregorts of the countries they run, and destroy the abodes of the Light Forces in the Local Universe (see – The War Part 4, Disclosure News, 18 June 2022).

The attackers turned out to be veterans of the Black Priesthood of the Third Atlantis, who settled on the astral plane of Earth.

The assaults were carried out by them as absolute pros in their field. They exposed themselves with it, were instantly calculated, because specialists of this class can be counted on the fingers. Plus, it was their special modus operandi, inimitable style.

First, to distract attention, they launched a “worm” virus with fakes about the States’ leaders into the info field. At the same time, they hacked the intended Logos and egregores to load “Trojans” into their cores and take under invisible control and management.

But it didn’t go away. The Higher Light Hierarchs and their ground team uncovered stealth attackers, and the consequences of the unauthorized invasion were quickly eliminated.

It turned out that the ground team leaders are well acquainted with these entities from previous incarnations. In the golden age of the Second Atlantis, with some they attended the Mysteries School, were friends with others, studying together at the Space University of Natural Sciences and cognizing the Laws of the Universe, matter, energy and technologies for running them.

At that time, one of the Lightwarriors’ ground team head was a lecturer at this University, as well as the keeper and operator of the Servophototron, the main crystal power plant of Atlantis.

It was installed in the capital’s Great Temple of Fire, and served as the central energy source for the country. The concentration of Solar radiation passing through numerous prisms reached such density that it could be transformed and transmitted to the entire territory of Atlantis in the optical range (see – Disclosure News, On The Way To The 5th Race, Part 2).

There, at the University, students mastered technologies for the materialization of energy, the cultivation of living crystals, the creation of an artificial Merkaba of Earth and a man-made Sun.

They were reprimanded for modeling a reaction based on the splitting of the uranium atom cores and thermonuclear blows at the test site, as they violated the Space Laws.

Later, some of the graduates entered the caste of Black Priests, who brought the Third Atlantis to destruction. They doomed Ancient Egypt to the same fate, where they emigrated after the flood.

In subsequent epochs, moving between the physical and astral planes, they continued to use their knowledge for Evil, considering themselves gods, and people slaves.

This is how the current program of the world government, the Golden Billion, the backup 3D Matrix, the artificial planetary Logos, AI, looped for eternal Kali Yuga, and the entire parasitic-vampiric system on Earth appeared.

Like the top of the Third Reich at the beginning of 1945, another of their offspring, they understand that now the end is near and inevitable. This is also known by the Higher Light Hierarchy which once again invited them to go over to its side and start fruitful cooperation.

It is possible not only on Earth but also in the Solar System. For example, in the project of the Galactic Committee for the restoration of Mars that started in 2021. Due to the Third World War, this project has been put on pause. But not forever, and all constructive forces are invited to participate in it.

To end the post on an optimistic note, Disclosure News once again reminds that on June 21, during the Summer Solstice, another high-frequency wave of Light will come to Earth. And if our planet is a growing Crystal, then Man, the bodies of the manifestation of his Monad, is also a growing Subtle crystal.

Now, in parallel with Gaia, there is another stage of such growth. The size of the etheric body increases, especially its energy-informational capacity, the range of assimilated vibrations, the throughput capability, the transformation of the chakral system and its crystallization occurs.

Similar processes continue in the physical body: DNA reprogramming, the disclosure of latent brain clusters, the unfolding of Stellar (incarnation) memory, etc.

**By Lev