Message from the Guide Collective: A Celestial Dare

From Don Spectacularis. The following message came through to me at exactly 5:55 AM in the morning right at the crack of dawn. I’m calling this my very first channeling, because that is exactly what it is, my very first channeling!! So I’ll now go hand over the mic to those who wish to speak to you all today. Enjoy!

Greetings, dearest humans. We, are the guide collective. A collective, that includes all of humanity’s spirit guides, their higher selves, their respective soul councils, their soul families, and countless other light beings too numerous to name here. And today, we have a message for all of you. Or (more like) a dare, if you so will.


Having observed all of you through the ages, we have discovered one thing. You all love a good challenge. A grand dare. A high quality provocation. A great bet if you will.


And so, given that, we, in the heavens, decided to place a one-of-its-kind dare and bet amongst all of ourselves. You could call it the celestial dare, if you so wish, because that’s exactly what it is. A celestial dare like none other.


Unlike most other dares, the rewards for winning this one will be all yours. As also the honors. As also the countless spiritual gifts that even come with winning such a thing.


There will be no losers here. And that much, we can pretty much guarantee you all.


So, and without any further ado, let us now explain to you all the stipulations of the said dare.



For the next 7 days, we ask every single person reading this, to send only love.


And that is all.



What this means is that, no matter what challenge arises in your world over the next 7 day period, you will respond to it with love and love alone.


Physical challenge. Pause. Relax. Send it love for as long as you can.


Mental challenge. Pause. Relax. Send it love for as long as you can.


Emotional challenge. Pause. Relax. Send it love for as long as you can.


Spiritual challenge. Pause. Relax. Send it love for as long as you can.


Every obstacle you encounter, counter it with love.


Troubling person? Pause. Relax. Send them as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling situation? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling anxiety or stress? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling physical ailment, illness or pain? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling family member? Pause. Relax. Send them as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling life obstacle or challenge? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling news item? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling political figure or celebrity? Pause. Relax. Send them as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling development in life? Pause. Relax. Send it as much love as you possibly can.


Troubling individuals or groups of people? Pause. Relax. Send them as much love as you possibly can.


Absolutely anything or anyone that causes you to react with anger, pain, fear, hatred, worry, or any other negative feeling or emotion? Pause. Relax. Send them as much love as you possibly can.



Through this (rather heavenly) dare, we, the guides of humankind, wish to alter and rewire as many consciounesses upon your planet in as short a time as possible. And the more of you that participate in this grand re-wiring, this mammoth re-writing of the human consciousness (template), the greater will be the rewards not only for all of you yourselves (individually), but also for the entire collective here as well.



The very first reward – both for you as individuals as well as for all of you as a collective – is the rapid cessation of numerous personal, social, political, economical, sociological, practical, environmental as well as countless other global challenges in an extremely short amount of time.


The second reward – is a very smooth, beautiful, easeful, joyful, blissful, peaceful, harmonious and prosperous timeline transition towards both, your personal as well as collective ascensions.


The third and final reward – and we aren’t even listing the countless other bonus rewards in here – is that all of you participating within this exercise will finally have a truly reliable and powerfully useful tool at hand with which you can solve all of your life’s problems in basically no time really. Well, you’ll see what we mean once you begin doing this.



Through this challenge, we wish to bring to your attention not one, but four key tools of advancement and planetary ascension. Sure, most of you reading this majorly know them all already; but a little revision here won’t exactly hurt anyone either.



The first tool is the unconditional love that you can send out towards something troubling you. This – being the very energy that you call God itself – literally heals and dissolves all of your life’s problems at their very source itself.


The second tool is unconditional acceptance of what is. Because you see, all of you are creator beings. Which means that every last thing or experience that you see in your world and your reality – like it or not – was created by you yourself at some point in time. And thus, when you fight or resist something, you are basically not offering love and acceptance to your own creation, in turn fighting with your own self. And that’s a war that you simply cannot win. This, you know all too well. And therefore, when you cease fighting this war once and for all by unconditionally accepting and loving your own creations, you return to complete and total harmony with source once again. And then, it is the source or God that does all of the resolving for you. Simple as that.


The third tool is unconditional forgiveness of what is. Because, if you can’t even forgive your own world, your own creation – just as it is, unconditionally – how could you ever even come to a true and total acceptance of it? Please remember, the hatred, anger, or fear that you hold towards your own creations (this includes everything that you’re currently experiencing both individually as well as collectively), actually ends up residing in your very own energy field or aura. And thus – in the very simplest of terms – is a living-breathing magnet for all things hateful, fearful and traumatic, residing in your very own body no less. So forgive it – and also forgive everyone and everything that you’re currently hateful, fearful or angry towards along with it. Trust us, you will feel SO very much better after this!


The fourth tool is unconditional gratitude towards what is. Why gratitude? To this, let us ask: are you not thankful towards those who taught you something useful? To your music teacher for teaching you how to create joy through a mere vibratory instrument. To your language teacher for helping you weave delightful magic with words. To your geography teacher for helping you see beauty and divinity, even within a simple sedimentary rock no less. And so then, why would you not extend the same graciousness, the same love, the same courtesy, as well as the exact same (or more!) gratitude — towards all of those peoples, situations, objects and events within your external world – who have dared to take on the extremely difficult, heart-wrenching, and negative roles of “villains”, just to teach you all how to love? Just imagine how much love someone must have had towards you, for them to actually accept being negative towards you (or others like you), the very parts of their own divine being and consciousness no less in any given lifetime? Does this not automatically merit them the very highest of “thank you’s”? Does this not make them truly worthy of your very greatest appreciation, love and gratitude? For all of these “villains” within your life are your very greatest teachers, after all. Teachers, who are only here to (quite generously!) teach you the most coveted lessons of love that even beings of other dimensions, densities and universes crave for, but do not always get (in the form of a highly coveted lifetime on Earth).


So please – and for your own sake – learn to offer everyone you fear or hate your very highest gratitude, and keep at it until it becomes a habit, a natural extension of you. And you will not regret it, this much we can guarantee.



One last thing before we conclude this. Being unconditionally loving, accepting or forgiving in no way, shape or form means not having any healthy boundaries, self-respect, or defending yourselves when you must – in whichever appropriate ways that you must – as is a divine right of all beings in nature. Use your own caution and discernment in this regard, and do what you must (within any given constraints that you may face at any given time) here. We wish you all the very best.



And by the way, your very greatest reward for taking up this dare is something that nearly all of you literally incarnated here for. The ability to master the art of sending unconditional love and gratitude to absolutely anything and everything and anyone and everyone – whilst in a human form no less – all in the extremely polarized duality reality of the 3D physical world here on Earth. Rare few precious beings have ever really achieved this level of mastery over the polarized physical density, so why not be the rare few ones to master this aspect of life right away and enjoy the countless spiritual rewards and accolades that come through with it (as a result of it?) Not for the rewards and accolades, necessarily, but because you, as your soul self, will eventually want to master this aspect and facet of soul growth anyways. So why even wait to (eventually) reincarnate in some other challenging part of reality – when you can well master this immensely beautiful power and gift so simply, right here, right now?


The ball is entirely in your court, here.



Finally, even though this dare only lasts for a period of 7 days (enough to set the ball rolling, may we add), we would encourage you all (i.e. one and all taking this dare) to continue going on with it for a 21-day period at least. For indeed does it take a good 21 days to form a powerful habit within all of you humans, and this right here is a habit that will transform your very life for the better, that much we can say for certain without the very slightest of  doubts, here. But we know for a fact already that most of you taking on this dare (sincerely and seriously) will not want to stop after the 7-day period anyways. Why? Because the immense and infinite transmutative power of love tends to start getting rather addictive, that’s why.


We wish you all the very best for this dare.


With Love,

Your Ever Loving Guide Collective.



So this is it from them, folks! Be sure to share this message everywhere that you possibly so can, so that the highest numbers of humanity may participate in this and rapidly help transform our world! Freely and maximally share it via your social media, your conversations, all of your online and offline groups and communities, your translations and audio recordings, your blogs, podcasts, videos, and more! Also feel free to share it via your telepathic and astral (dream time) sharings, which you can share simply by setting an intention (that you’ll share this message with all of humanity) right before you go to sleep! Enjoy!!!



So, who’s up for a little dare?


With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

– Don Spectacularis

44 Replies to “Message from the Guide Collective: A Celestial Dare”

  1. Phillis Stein

    VERY interesting – I am now finding that I’ve often been thinking of such things, and then week or two later I see an article like this one that confirms what I had already been receiving myself! Beautiful. I have already started to do this, but I have to admit I’ve already slipped a few times! So, I simply forgive myself, and pledge to do better the next time. I am now catching myself from falling quicker and quicker. So, I intend to carry this on and probably for longer than 7 days. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of what we all already know at some level of our being. It IS a challenge, but one of the most worthwhile ones we can do.

  2. Claudia

    Thank you Don… for ALL of this means so much more than words can possibly explain. 💘

  3. Calgon Take Me Away

    It’s more of a challenge than a dare. Should be relatively easy.

    We are all ONE, so… the “Enemy” is You. You can surely forgive You, at least for a week.

  4. Gustavo Frein

    I just can’t do it, send love to an enemy. I guess I’m just not spiritually advanced. I envision their utter destruction, justice and a reckoning for their crimes. I send love to my people, my family and friends.

    That’s just how I roll.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      It’s alright. None of us started out here exactly as full-fledged Buddhas either. For indeed is this a journey (of growth and expansion). So just start small – like forgiving someone who you’re just barely angry at – and take it ahead from there. Or just forgive a minor inconvenience in your life or such.

      Start practicing at that level first. And once you do (forgive), start observing how very much better your life and your energies begins to FEEL, as a result. Over time, with more and more and all the more PRACTICE, you’ll be able to find more and more forgiveness in your heart for all of the bigger “culprits”, so to speak. And, as with anything else in life here, practice makes perfect. But you (at least!) gotta give it a GO first!!!

      In time you will thank yourself for this. But you never even KNOW unless you first START!! All that matters is a little (and genuine) INITIATIVE to change and transform on your part.

      Wish you the very best in this journey towards self-healing. So cheers!!! 🍻🥂🍻 And much, much love to you. Best Of Luck!!!

      1. Gustavo Frein

        Thanks Don, I was just having those exact thoughts on just forgiveness of people who do petty spiteful things, just not letting it bother me.

        On the bigger picture, and the agenda to decimate and transform humanity into something else…I think things look grim.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Do not worry. Grim things won’t happen unless you allow them too.

          I realize that I may not have a lot of time to teach you how this is done, so just take my words for it for the moment and act upon them. Basically, your imagination and EXPECTATION is really, REALLY powerful. So, I want you to start imagining a better world. A world where all truth is exposed, and where everyone lives in love, peace, joy, and endless abundance and resources. Now, you must understand that regardless of whether you imagine something (for long enough) or actually experience it, your body considers it as REAL. For example, if I asked you to simply IMAGINE eating chocolate right now, if you do so deeply enough, you will literally feel the EXACT SAME taste and joy that you gain from eating an actual, physical bar of chocolate.

          What I want you to understand here, is that your thoughts, BELIEFS, and EXPECTATIONS are even NOW generating your entire REALITY for you. So, if you even IMAGINE and FEEL-INTO a thought / imagination for long enough, it will eventually start BECOMING REAL in your life. Because your “reality” is only there to mirror what you EXPECT from it. It is, essentially, a dream or a hologram. Just that, unlike in a dream, your (consistent) thoughts may take a few days to start actually manifesting. And right now, you just have to take my word for it and start practicing. Start practicing by simply IMAGINING what you’d like your reality to look like, and start tuning into how that reality FEELS to you (THIS, is the MOST important part). And, within a few days (or sometimes, a week or so), you will start seeing RESULTS of this as your entire reality (dream) begins to shift. But for now, you’ll just have to trust me. And, should you meet absolutely ANY obstacle, just send that obstacle all of your LOVE until you FEEL (on the inside) that the obstacle is NO MORE.

          Take my word for this, your “grim” reality will start looking better and better in NO TIME the LONGER you start holding POSITIVE images (imaginations), FEELINGS, EXPECTATIONS and BELIEFS. What you firmly BELIEVE IN and EXPECT to happen, will be what you will ultimately EXPERIENCE. And for more details on this, I urge you to watch this video, given on how short in time you are. Just go to YouTube and put in “bentinho god’s love 4/5” (without the quotes) and click on the top result. And you should be good to go. Video begins in at 9 minutes 55 seconds. Good luck!!!

          BUT for now, I just want you to TRUST what I’ve just taught you here, and, without further ado, just straight up GO FOR IT. You can thank me later. Cheers!!! 🍻🥂🍻

        2. Don Spectacularis

          Also, put in “Don Spectacularis” within the search bar (of EraOfLight) without the quotes and look for an article titled ‘The Great Awakening’.

          Then, start STUDYING it, and, more importantly, APPLYING IT (with IMMEDIATE EFFECT) to the LEVEL BEST of your ability. Should ideally do WONDERS for you. Cheers! 🙂 🙂 And good luck.

  5. Griff Dog

    Thanks don I’m a great believer in the power of unconditional love two days in and I’m hooked

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Me too Griff, me too!!! And many have written in to tell me exactly THAT, that this method, somehow, is the BALM that they’d all been looking for – during this most challenging and draining of times – be it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, esoterically or simply practically and metaphysically!

      So I guess it’s working as intended lol 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Linda Rosa

    Don, Don, Don. I have read most of your writings here and have to admit, I thought you were an ego maniac and didn’t give you enough credit. This latest writing for some odd reason, really hit me. I personally do not approve of channeled messages for I believe that sometimes, we ourselves can become so close to the heavenly realm that we mistakenly believe that we are being contacted by others out in the universe. When, actually, it is our own loving heart, wisdom, understanding, compassion and goodness being reflected back to us from the heavenlies.

    That being said, I have been applying your words and advice all day and have had such a lovely experience with this technique that I have to commend you. Love truly is the answer to all of Life’s problems and conundrums and the thing that took me by surprise was that when I thought “love” and sent out positive, loving intentions, it had the effect of making ME feel love. I didn’t just send out love to people, events, and situations, but felt the love in my heart and that brought me even more joy.

    There was someone in my life this week who was really “getting to me” and irritating me. Well, today, I sent him love, kindness and understanding and all of a sudden I, myself, felt better. So, I hope he feels better too, but the fact is, this technique really resonates with me.

    I think you’re really on to something here, Don Spectacularis and I admire you for it. Could you just imagine if over half of the world population sent out rays of love, happiness, joy and compassion?

    God bless you.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Well first of all, much love and appreciation to you, dearest Linda, for even being brave and bold enough to admit such a thing – even to yourself – to even as much as begin with! For yes indeed, there’s been considerable hate and hurtfulness that has been put forth towards me as of late, by those that seem triggered by either my name, my writings, my writing style, or the fact that I openly support the one known as Bentinho Massaro (and his teachings), another one whom people have a whole lot of problems with for some (similar?) reasons, I’m guessing. Now, while I don’t personally mind all of that e-hate — what does indeed sadden me is that the messages that I’m bringing forth, then, reach ever lesser and lesser people (due to the lack of people believing such stories, sharing such messages lesser, and so on and so forth). Which in turn is to a disadvantage of a lot of people who would have otherwise benefitted from the messages, their uplifting energies, and so on and so forth.

      Now, as for the idea as to whether I’m an egomaniac or not; let’s take it that I am one, for the sake of this discussion. Regardless of that (or the lack of it), I feel that what should matter here (or be taken into consideration at all) is whether the MESSAGES THEMSELVES (regardless of their source) are of benefit to one (and by virtue of that, to ALL) or NOT. That is IT. Because either my messages are powerful, positive, uplifting, inspiring, useful, and a HELP to others; OR they are a HINDRANCE to others upon their path.

      If they are of the latter kind or variety, I’d be ABSOLUTELY pleased if folks were to kick them DIRECTLY into the trash can, no questions asked. BUT if they’re NOT such, then – and regardless of whether they’re coming from a certified egomaniac or not – then they should at least be CONSIDERED, if not APPLIED and SHARED ENDLESSLY to one’s greatest possible degree, here.

      Much love and gratitude to you, dearest Linda, for providing me with this wonderful opportunity (and opening) here to share this particular clarification (and perspective) with one and all, here. Cheers!!! 🍻🥂🍻 🙂 🙂

  7. Jac

    Oh, how this resonates. I love it. Ironically, I “felt” this about a week ago. I was sitting on my porch in the evening enjoying the sun and the birds when the neighbors diagonal from me began blasting their music for the entire neighborhood to hear. As I began to feel myself getting angry/frustrated by their apparent lack of consideration, I “felt” the need to close my eyes, breathe in/out deeply and repeat “love, love, love” over and over again. Music didn’t stop or get turned down, but I sure felt better after repeating that “mantra”!

    1. Don Spectacularis

      You’re way faster even than those I channelled! Now that’s something to be proud of!!! 🍻🥂🍻 🙂

  8. Swan

    Beautiful. Perfect. The essential teaching of all our greatest Masters distilled into a fun, challenging “game” where everyone wins.

    I accept!

  9. Kim Seacord

    Hi Don,

    This dare is a way of life for me. Dare taken and presently living it. Thank you Don

      1. Kim

        I love you, Mr. Spectacularis! May you be blessed beyond your wildest imaginings!
        I love this dare…I dare say I live it everyday. I’m not always successful, but then all that does is give me opportunity to send love to myself too. Love is my purpose for being here in this Now. Love is all there is. Love is what we are. We just need to help each other remember that. Thank you for doing your part! ✨♥️✨

  10. Gordon Jackson

    Of course. You couldn’t simply channel an extra terrestrial or an angelic for your first channeling. No. No you have to channel,

    “A collective, that includes all of humanity’s spirit guides, their higher selves, their respective soul councils, their soul families, and countless other light beings too numerous to name here”.

    It’s not difficult to smell a rat, they are always driven by ego.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      So I shared this response of yours with the Guide Collective themselves, and they found it to be utterly, unbelievably hilarious. They send you their greetings, as well as their thank yous (for adding even more joy and mirth to their (already ecstatic) life.) Cheers!! 🍻🥂🍻

      1. Gem Ascending

        We’ve got this Don! Thankh you for sharing your infinite Love, Light and Positivity 🤗