Divine Feminine Energy

Sun into Cancer and the Divine Feminine energy flows.

The Sun moved into Cancer on the 21st of June. Cancer is a beautiful Water sign that flows with Goddess energy.

It is also the time when the Royal Star Lions begin to make their presence felt in preparation for the Lions Gate.

The Star Lioness carries a beautiful soft and loving energy that is available right now. I felt it today as I was having a quiet break after lunch. It was a surge of very high and fine energy that felt joyous and loving and peaceful.

It was indeed the Cathar/Magdalene energy of the Pure Light and the Shining Ones returning to the Earth.

We so need that energy now. A pure and loving and supportive energy. But a powerful and empowered energy, like a lioness. Never a victim, never ignored or repressed! A powerful queen filled with a loving presence.

As we head towards Lions Gate we can draw on this loving and beautiful energy that is once more available to us.
We remember to be confident yet loving, brave and yet kind, courageous and yet compassionate!

This is going to be such a powerful Lions Gate that will lift the Earth to a whole new spiral of quantum time/space evolution.

It is beginning even now, so take a deep breath and be ready to go with the quantum flow.

Most important now is also self-care : rest when you are tired, make sure you are hydrated and eat and sleep in a balanced way.

Ask your Angelic and Galactic families to work with you!

Holding your energy signature stable and shining your light brightly will help you to navigate these powerful times of change with grace and joy!

**By Celia Fenn