Embracing A New Reality

Hi my friend,

We have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get right to it…

The energies of July will gently nudge us to continue moving out of our comfort zone, to help us welcome in fresh new ways of living, and new ways of showing up in our lives.

Embracing a New Reality

We are currently moving through a potent timeline in which everything is changing quickly.

This change is happening internally within each of us.

Many people are feeling out of sorts, and not like their usual selves.

If you are feeling this way at times, know that you are not alone, and that something greater is emerging through you.

A new heart-centered reality is being birthed through your consciousness.

This new reality has been patiently giving humanity the time and space needed to allow our soul contracts to be worked out.

If you’ve been experiencing a rough time recently, it’s because your soul contracts of past and present are finally being addressed, healed, and resolved.

A new way of living is now ready to be fully realized in our existence—which is why things are feeling a bit challenging and “all over the place” for so many.

This new heart-centered reality has been preparing to come into place for a very long time.

It was first set in motion eons ago.

This has come about as a result of the personal commitment and dedication of so many Way-Showers, Healers, Teachers, Empaths, Space-Holders, Indigenous Tribes, and Lightworkers who have been anchoring great amounts of higher light into the Earth.

If you are someone who has recently awakened spiritually, a big part of that has to do with all the lightwork done by those who came before you. They have been diligently contributing their light to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

Let’s just take a moment to express our gratitude to all those who have paved the way for all of us to be here now. What a blessing!

As we move into the next few months, we will experience a window of time in which highly concentrated energies will be flowing to us.

Once we have integrated them, those energies will help us collectively materialize a giant leap forward in human consciousness.

This will also show up in ways that will bring us together with our Soul families. Each person’s Soul family will offer us a sense of “home” and “safety.”

It’s important to be mindful of the people entering our lives over the next few months, as many of them will be part of our Soul family. They are helping us continue to anchor higher light into this new reality.

Many of us have already aligned with many of our Soul family members, but of course, families can always expand to include new members!

Let’s look at how this new time we are entering now will be assisting us.

What is the new reality?

The new reality is a new way of being—a heart-centered collaboration with our Souls and higher selves, based on Love, transparency, compassion, kindness, Divine Wisdom, and equality for all.

How do we align with this new reality?

Although there are many ways to align with the New Earth, below are a few suggestions that will help immeasurably.

Being Authentic

One of the most effective things we can do right now, is to be completely authentic—first and foremost with ourselves, then with the world around us.

The first step is to take a quick inventory of where in our lives we are already being completely authentic, and to build on that.

Being authentic is not to be mistaken with being intentionally unkind, rude, or hurtful, especially in the way we deliver our truth.

We can ask ourselves some simple questions to help evoke greater authenticity, such as:

“What are the things that matter most to me in life?” and “Who am I, when I express myself freely and fully from the heart?”

In a difficult situation, we can ask ourselves inwardly, “What is my highest truth here? What do ai see when I slow down and view this from my high heart?”

As we integrate these new energies, we will increasingly prefer to leave behind the fear-based self-protection of the past.

It will be important to be patient with ourselves as we come into these new energies and new ways of being, to give ourselves time to adjust, and to relax into the inner knowing that all is well.

The Healing of the Masculine

One of the most important gifts of the Divine Feminine is to heal and alchemize the aspects of the masculine that long ago forgot its Divinity.

For eons of time in our third dimensional reality, humanity has been influenced primarily by the aspect of masculine energy that separated from its Divine Source.

What has remained is the aspect of masculine energy that represents the illusions of fear and survival.

It is quite clear that this aspect of masculine energy, which long ago forgot its Divinity, is trying hard now to retain its influence, exerting a big push to keep its controlling grip on humanity.

This can be seen easily in many branches and sects of religious organizations, governments, and corporations that rely heavily on using fear to promote their agendas.

 It’s through the Divine Feminine that this forgotten Divine aspect of masculine energy will heal and return to its patterns of pure perfection.

It’s through the Divine Feminine that the Divine Masculine will return to our third dimensional experience.

The Divine Feminine represents Divine Love.

The Divine Masculine represents Divine Action. 

Divine Love is the most powerful energy in all of existence. It’s where everything comes from. It’s the sacred heart and womb from which everything is birthed.

Divine Love knows no judgment. It only knows wholeness and completion.

Divine Love expressed, is compassion.

For eons of time, humanity was led to believe (through the teachings of that aspect of masculine energy that had released all connection to its Divinity) that the Source of all existence was a man—a powerful male energy that lived up in the sky somewhere.

This type of conditioning lent itself perfectly to fueling the fear and survival-based patterns that led humanity to give its power away to a select few.

But now, something tremendous is happening.

The fear bubble that humanity has lived in for eons is now dissolving, and the collective mind (though scrambling a bit and still trying to attach to the old fear patterns) is now able to fully receive the healing Love of the Divine Feminine.

This is allowing the part of masculine energy that has ignored its Divinity to heal, and to remember its Divinity once again, within all of humanity.

For many who were steeped in the fear and survival patterns, there is a learning curve taking place, as they adjust to a new way of being that is in line with their I AM presence/Spirit self—their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects.

It’s important for us to give those who are finding it challenging to transcend their old fear and survival patterns, the space to integrate and to heal.

When fear no longer has a hold over the consciousness of humanity, we embrace freedom for all.

We can contribute to the healing of the masculine, so that we can set ourselves free from its old paradigms.

We can do this by choosing to be a compassionate presence for ourselves and for humanity as a whole, as we all adjust to the changes that are shifting us out of the old, fear-based patterns.

Compassion is the ability to observe humanity’s resistance to change, without judging that stance, or trying to fix or save it.

From this space of compassion, we can embody and express unconditional Love toward ourselves and humanity.

As we and all of humanity receive deep and nourishing Love through compassion, we will see our collective mind is then far less likely to resist the healing and transformation now occurring in our world.

Through compassion, we can support the Divine Feminine as She heals the masculine energy that once chose to forsake its own beautiful Divinity.

Freeing Ourselves

This July, we will see more than ever the old deeply rooted survival patterns we have been identifying with come to the surface to be addressed and resolved.

This will help us get clear on whether we want to continue repeating those survival patterns, or whether we’re now ready to move in a direction of complete freedom from the past—freedom from the illusions of limitation and fear we once created for ourselves.

One of the most effective ways we can begin to move into complete freedom, is to question all of the fearful, lack-based thoughts our mind has about itself, others, and life in general.

Let’s look at a few thoughts that the mind can bring up sometimes: 

“I feel like I’m a total loss with money. I never seem to have enough.”

You may have had a similar thought at some point in your life—many people have!

If and when you do have a thought like this, ask your mind the following:

“Is this absolutely a 100 percent Universal truth, that I never have enough money, or that I never manage money in positive ways? Even if that were completely true, would I want things to stay that way?” 

Answer with a simple Yes or No.

If your answer was Yes, you might want to think about the following:

Is it possible that you observed poverty consciousness in your family while you were growing up, and unconsciously decided that feeling helpless about finances was how a grown-up functions in the world?

It’s possible that even if you did inherit a poverty consciousness, you are still able to experience abundance at times. You may also still have a strong inner drive to become prosperous in life.

And is there even the slightest chance that your feeling lost about money is just something your mind created, to keep you dealing with finances the way your parents did?

In doing so, you could safely be a part of the family—doing and believing what they did and believed, as every child desires to do, so they will feel loved and accepted.

If you answered Yes to that, this could be a moment of deep realization for you.

Because when we realize that every experience in our lives is a result of us choosing that experience on some level, whether it was a conscious choice or not, we no longer need to hold survival patterns as our truth.

We can then realize that it has never been about how hopeless we are with money.

Rather, it was about us needing to create strong links to family, so we didn’t grow up feeling alone in the world.

As we realize that, we can then forgive ourselves for what we think are our shortcomings.

We can then begin to take our power back, and become the conscious Creator of our life again.

Let’s look at another thought that may be deeply ingrained in our consciousness:

“I would love to find a new life partner—someone I really resonate with, who offers me solid friendship, Love, and support. But I just don’t think he/she is out there. So I’ve stopped looking.”

If you’ve ever had a thought like this, ask yourself:

“Do I know this to be an absolute truth? Is it true that if someone doesn’t have the right partner now, they never will?

“Or is it possible that there are people who have met a wonderful partner at different times in their life, even when they weren’t expecting it?”

See what comes up for you. That first thought might be based on what you’ve seen in the movies—that only young people with a certain kind of good looks or higher income levels find love.

Or it might be a belief based on your or others’ past experiences, though our past does not define our future.

Or it might be that in your family or community, there’s a belief that “if someone doesn’t settle down by the age of 30, they never will.”

All of this has led you to believe that a loving partnership has eluded you, and that you might as well give up at this point.

Yet every area of our life responds powerfully to how we feel about it—what we believe to be true or possible. 

Your chance of meeting someone who is right for you has more to do with your holding open the possibility of meeting someone wonderful—and that you have plenty to offer a new partner.

That is far more powerful than what you’ve been outwardly taught about relationships.

When we look at any good thing in life with low expectations and disbelief, believing the worst of it instead of the best, we separate ourselves from it.

When we look at the belief that says, “I would love to find a new life partner—someone I really resonate with. But I just don’t think they’re out there, so I’ve stopped looking,” we can clearly see that that is a judgment based on fear.

As a result of this judgment and self-protectiveness, we have not only blocked ourselves from allowing new opportunities to meet someone new.

We have also dishonored the whole energy of Love and what it can be in our lives, on a romantic level and otherwise.

You can see that when we begin to question our thoughts, we create an opening through which we can expand into higher states of consciousness, and ultimately, into complete freedom to be our higher selves.

You may be feeling some resistance toward what you’ve just read, or experiencing some guilt or sadness about judgments and beliefs you’ve held in the past. Know that those ideas were formed during a time when we were all simply doing the best we could with what we knew at the time.

In the past, our mind simply chose to operate in survival mode, which is another way of saying that it decided to make protecting itself its ultimate priority.

But what if it no longer needs to use patterns of separation and fear to protect itself?

What if the mind can finally remember that our Spirit has kept us safe all along, even when we thought otherwise?

Doesn’t that free up space for us to try new things that will help us expand into greater states of aliveness, awareness, and being?

The mind has become very comfortable in identifying with survival patterns, so that when celestial openings occur in our personal and global consciousness, the mind experiences a lot of discomfort.

Our only job when that happens, is to be a compassionate presence for the mind as it adjusts and shifts out of the old patterns. This requires that we simply observe the mind’s resistance, without trying to fix, change, or save it.

Just observe and send it Love, and the mind will no longer feel like it needs to resist the shifts that are happening.

The mind can then, in its own time, relax into our warmth and compassion, as a child feels safe in the loving arms of their parent or caregiver.

What Happens When We Are Free?

We when are free, we choose to create joy and happiness for no reason.

We transcend fear.

We enjoy a full life.

We let go of the need to blame others.

We take full responsibility for being the Creator of our own life.

We are kind, loving, and compassionate.

We express ourselves authentically and honestly.

We try new things, expanding out of our comfort zone.

We experience a strong connection to our Spirit and intuition.

We open ourselves up to receiving ALL of our blessings.

We are generous and giving.

We let go of competitive and lack-driven behaviors.

We are healthy and vibrant.

And much more!

May we all be completely free to embrace and receive our new life to the fullest.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,