Message from The One Our Most Powerful Component

It is the One.

Thank you.

Today let us speak of the things held deep in your hearts. These are unspoken yet they manifest as ripples in what could be a blissful existence.

These are your fears.

We have addressed these at other moments and within other conversations. On this day what will be discussed is the mechanism of fear.

You have heard of the Law of Attraction. I tell you it works with equal force whether what you feel is spoken or unspoken. This law responds to energy, in all of its forms.

The teachings of “making your desires active through verbalization” were instilled into the conversation to increase awareness of conscious creation.

This has been accomplished.

The Law of Attraction is unbreakable. It will not be stopped or thwarted. It is the primary weapon used to enslave the race. You are each familiar with its many nuances.

It will help you immensely to appreciate this law in your days, your conversations, your activities, your desires.

It utilizes energy.

Therefore, with the energy of polarization you will think, write and speak things into life. Things like labels for people, people whose actions oppose your beliefs. Things like judgment, ridicule and calls for violence.

It is a challenge to express the powerful potential you hold without including its misuse. For this is the weapon of your capture and it has entrained you well.

You expect to engage fearful people and fearful actions. Therefore, these things are noticed by you and helped to be perpetuated by your fear of them.

It is not that these fearful things should be ignored with the action of putting your heads in sand. It is that these fearful actions and ideas need not be dwelled on. Instead, a focus on either an opposite action or a remedy or peace.

Love is a powerful antidote to the mechanism of fear and reduces its impact on your life once engaged.

Your society does not need a soft and frilly attitude to destructive ideas and/or actions. It needs a commitment to love in all of its forms.

Love does not often appear with pink hearts and butterflies. This is a negation of love’s force, a camouflage for its power. You have been fooled into thinking of it as a weakness, when in truth it is your strength. With this brilliant tactic your controllers have succeeded in hiding from you your most powerful and effective weapon.

Let us look at what love does:

  • It erases differences.
  • It mends hearts.
  • It rescues the downtrodden, the weary, the injured, the lost.
  • It fortifies souls.
  • It instills remarkable strength.
  • It saves the broken ones.
  • It inspires the crestfallen ones.
  • It expands all that it surrounds.
  • It sees truth.
  • It is eternal.
  • It fuels inspiration.
  • It heals.
  • It seeds creation.
  • It is a simple, yet challenging thing to conjure love in a world seemingly encased in fear.

Yet this is why you are here.

The frequency of love eradicates fear. It does so consistently and eternally, eventually.

It is a deep knowing of love that assists you here.

It is a deep acceptance of self that initiates this love.

As you ponder these things, start with self. For all of creation begins there.

You have come to eradicate fear and are at the stage of self-acceptance. For in that pure act of love, fear dissipates. As it does so, you will see your “enemy” with clarity.

The fear weapon, now dissolved, no longer attracts more fear. In this way, love is made manifest.

Think on these things, my dear, dear human.

That is all.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


9 Replies to “Message from The One Our Most Powerful Component”

  1. Swan

    Several years ago I shared with Linda Dillon, a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, my distress that geopolitics was polarizing lightworkers with such different versions of “truth.”

    Her answer was perfect:

    “Yes, there will be tensions in our lightworker community, but we hold the center and send the energy. Love will win.”

  2. John

    Love is all that exists in reality what a wonderfull world it would be if we all just accepted it as truth and feared none. much love to all.

  3. Don Spectacularis

    If you’re reading this comment, take a moment to ponder upon the power of LOVE.

    Remember a time when you felt truly lonely, and someone even as much as noticed or cared. (It rescues the downtrodden, the weary, the injured, the lost.) Remember a time when your mother or someone you loved kissed a wound you had, and suddenly, it felt so much better. (It heals.) Imagine a person driving a car rapidly and recklessly, not giving a damn about some person struggling to cross the street. And then, see how their driving changes when, as they get closer to this person, they realize that this is a friend, family member or another loved one. (It saves the broken ones.) Consider the great lengths that people go to, to protect their loved ones from harm. (It instills remarkable strength.) Think of the creative, expansive, innovative and powerful ideas brought to life by people who truly LOVE something, such as the environment, or people in need of great help or rescue. (It fuels inspiration.) And also remember, you too, were born post an act of love-making yourself. (It seeds creation.)

    Consider the immense power of LOVE for a moment. And then, first start practicing sending it to YOUR SELF (this is the MOST important step). And, when you begin to truly OVER-FLOW with it, start radiating it OUT-WARD wherever you so go.

    You’ll be surprised how fast the world changes.

    Thank you for this beautiful message, Sophia LOVE.

    Thank you for taking the time to read it, too.

    – Don Spectacularis

    1. marybogdan

      Don, this is fabulous to find you here! I’ve been thinking about you since last week’s challenge and all and wanted to thank you thank you thank you for your amazing terrific teaching of just sending love, as much love as we can to anything and everything around us! Since I read the article here 7 days ago I’ve been “doing it.” It’s not been hard at all, it’s just so graceful and easy and life has turned around significantly! This is synchronicity to find you here this morning! I am grateful and very happy! I have lived through some very challenging times in the last few days and your words of wisdom to just send as much love as I can to the situation, person, thought, emotion etc, has been life-changing! 7-days only, forget-about-it! This is my new-life! I do it all the time! Wake up with a bad dream, send it as much love as I can, my heart is bursting! So much love, who knew I had so much love to give! Life is good! Thank you, Don, happy that I found you here this morning because I really wanted this! This moment of gratitude and blessings to you! With much love and I look forward to finding your wonderful spectacular name again and again! With love and gratitude! 🌸❤️🦋🌼💜

      1. Don Spectacularis

        Thank you so much dearest Mary for your most kind words! 🙂 🙂 I’m super, SUPER happy to know that it is working for you! 🙂 🙂 Don’t forget to spread the word around (to anyone at all who shows any interest in such things at all!!!) and do share the message all around through your social media as well! Cheers!!! 🥂🥂🥂 And much, MUCH love to you!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️