The Archangels: Heaven on Earth is Near

To be prepared with God

Beloved people,

Prepare yourselves for the great moment of upheaval, for the hour that is coming and must come so that the world can once again fully orient itself towards the light and so that humanity can awaken.

Be without fear, but full of courage and trust in God! Because even if the events blow up everything imaginable, you will be carried safely and lovingly through these hours of collapse and upheaval.

The ascent of mankind has been announced for centuries and just as long you have prepared yourselves for it in different lives. Now the time of truth has dawned and the time of light has come. No grain of sand remains in the place where it was before.

Everything changes and everything changes for the good, for the light, for the sublime – everything becomes like God.

Because a unity of the people cannot exist under the present conditions, it can arise only if you become inwardly new and perfect yourselves!

Go through the approaching hours of the truth with GOD, strengthen you with HIS love and look out for your spiritual family. Because it is on earth as well as in the heaven – and the heaven comes down now and opens for you.

AI Matrix

The time of loneliness, godlessness, poverty of light and lack of love ends – a new quality of time has enveloped planet earth. The matrix of fear, in which man evolves into an artificial intelligence, remains only for those who want to experience themselves in such a world.

All people who reject this reality from the bottom of their hearts rise up, return home and find themselves in the embrace of God.

It is revealed to you today: God is calling you back to the origin, your soul has been waiting for it – for eons – and your heart has been longing for it – for an eternity.

The cold world has no more future. The life of a mankind united by love and connected in truth takes shape – irrevocably today, here and now.

It is proclaimed to you!

So go and praise the days that are now coming, for heaven on earth is near and is coming true.

But you live without fear the last days on a world which has become foreign to you and to which you no longer belong.

But neither injustice nor harm will befall you, for the Living One is in you and you are in HIS grace.

We are the guardians of worlds,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


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