Michael and the Council of Radiant Light: Remaking a World is No Small Thing

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love.

It is an amazing and expansive time for you, in your world. Light is infusing everyone and everything with new potentials. The planetary field itself is ascending into higher expression and taking all life that wishes to go forward, with. Offering energetic frequencies and support to embody higher light.

In the non-physical you have many allies, and so many are paying attention to your world and infusing the sphere with grace and love, so that this might be a sweet and beautiful time of change as much as possible, that there might be gentleness and trust.

We know that the on-the-ground experience for many can be quite rough physically, emotionally, energetically. We share these other perspectives to offer support and encouragement. We want you to know that much of what you see in the world and know to be limiting and which is upsetting to you, is that which resists the coming age and the new beginnings that are more than taking root. The world is being lifted. And it is shaking loose the foundations of the old world. So know this — much of what you find disturbing is those who find this change intolerable. Those who may have a very large shift to make, and may not have the resources, physically, emotionally, to make it. Some have not yet found the inner path of openness and love that is calling to them, or have not yet felt able to shift into alignment there, and so fear what is taking place and are trying to keep what was, as it was.

You yourself may feel fear, too at times. Realize that fear is the foundation of more fear and perpetuates separation. See what you can do to recognize this and choose differently. You can choose to step outside of fear, and to realize it as a path, in thought and perception, which diminishes your view. Do what you can to relax physically and breathe. To focus on something in the present moment and to feel yourself, in your body. Let the energy move and it will. You will then return to inner harmony and can choose to align with your own vaster Self — in that orientation, you can attune yourself to peace, love, compassion, faith, trust and feel joy and courage for all that is unfolding and the inner changes that it will require of you.

Remaking a whole world is no small thing.

Realize this and remind yourself that you know from within, what is real, what matters most to you. Honor your inner knowing. When you need to know something, you know.

Nurture and love yourself generously. Give yourself beauty and joy. Do what you can each day to find a way to be at peace, to notice what about life and your experience you do love, so that you can appreciate it, feel alive and free. Remind yourself of all the non-physical allies who are also supporting you. Invite the vaster light of all that you are, to lift you and show you how to be. When you are focused upon beauty, and sweetness, on joy and play, you are yourself and in that state of being, you are present and can more readily feel the love and support that is here for you.

Nature can be a powerful ally right now, too. Spend time appreciating the natural cycles and the beauty of nature. Put your feet in the grass, or the sand. Lie down on the ground if you can, and look at the sky or look up at the leaves of a tree and allow yourself to sink into the surety of Oneness. It is real. All life is One. Feel it and be at peace.

The inner openings will continue to feed you. Open up to your own vaster Self and invite wisdom, knowing, energy and the consciousness to know how to be you here, now. How to authentically and sincerely participate, and bring forth the beauty and power of your presence.

Each of you is a key to this whole shift. Each of you hold powerful and beautiful harmonic frequencies in your own greater wholeness, and as you allow it, these more full-spectrum expressions of who you are, are coming in and arising, expanding and emanating from your human energy system. This is a blessing for all Life — YOU are a blessing for All Life.

Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Take care of yourself. Rest, play, breathe, do things you enjoy and make time for happiness. Inner strength and courage are necessary for this time of change as in building a new world. The source of these qualities lay in being fully alive and aliveness is most felt when you’re free, joyful, happy and appreciating the beauty of life. And when you’re rested.

Take time to rest. Hydrate often as it helps you to move energy and lots of obsolete energy patterns are being peeled away and dissolving as your own higher light comes in — for some of the old templates of being are incompatible with who you truly are. Nothing that is your essence, your genuine radiant self, will be lost. In fact, your beauty is being revealed, as you allow it. So hydrate, sleep, play, laugh, love and enjoy everything beautiful you can and invite Life Itself to work its magic through you by lifting you up into higher expression.

That is the game at hand.

We are so happy to be here with you. Persevere dear hearts.

Beautiful things are being created, opening within you and arising into being in this plane of expression.

Feel within you for your own knowing of this, and your inner sense of how to participate.
Be true to yourself and be at peace.

We love you very much.

We are the Galactic Dragons with Archangel Michael, Ailia and the Council of Radiant Light. We bid you, good day.


3 Replies to “Michael and the Council of Radiant Light: Remaking a World is No Small Thing”

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  2. david k gates

    BORIS JOHNSON resigns……..the first major Domino has fallen. I’ve been watching and waiting for the first Leader to resign/get fired/get arrested, etc, like everyone else, so the next domino should fall soon and start the chain reaction!!!