The Pleiadians: Energy Surges

We… We are the Pleiadians. In this moment of your time, we simply say prepare for lift off. Meditate, spend time in nature, stay hydrated, and do all else necessary to ready your minds and bodies for the coming energy surges.

These next waves of light arriving to Earth are to uplift many of you into the mid and upper sub planes of the 4th dimension. You are preparing to enter from 4.5D to 4.9D.

While many others are given the opportunity, should they choose to move forward, and proceed to entering the lower levels of the 4th dimension. From 4.0D to 4.4D. All is an individual choice.

We ask for your compassion towards all, offering your love, and guidance where it is being asked for. For everything else, observe, and allow it to unfold as it may. That is all for today.

**Received by Kejraj


4 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Energy Surges”

  1. harrrrrie

    Mikkel, That I could go into the vibration of 4.5 to 4.9 is great news to me. Right now I feel like I’m there already. I certainly feel closer than I did even a year ago. I know about the thousands of different vibrations just in 4.0 to 4.9 and it’s significant to me. The amount of practice and effort we put into thinking correctly in the now, and feeling love and kindness at all times is phenomenal. I’m very impatient for humanity to move into a higher vibration. Knowing we are moving is great news!

  2. Mikkel Kaastrup

    As a long time student of Theosophy, I am greatly annoyed by the continued use of these 4D and 5D metaphors. Nobody bo thers to define what 4D or 5D is, and I am quite certain that this is because none of the people who use the terms KNOW what they mean when they use them. It is obviously not as if people are moving into a place that has 4 spatial dimensions – or 5. Similarly, people are certainly not moving into a place with 4.5 or 4.9 spatial dimensions – the idea is quite hilarious. In my opinion, the use of these 4D and 5D metaphors simply makes a mockery of the human intellect. And I say this while greatly appreciating the many useful messages on this website.
    My person understand of what is supposed to be conveyed through the use of the 4D and 5D metaphors is that 1) people’s level of vibration – in the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies are being heightened and 2) this causes a higher level of spiritual and intuitive understanding as well as integration of the brain consciousness with the person’s higher level of consciousness (i.e. both the astral body, the mental body, the higher self and the monad) and 3) this is actually happening also on the level of humanity as a unity and the planet as a living being. But describing this as people doing into a 4D or 5D (or God forbid, 4,5D or 4.9D) world is – in my opinion – misleading and meaningless.

    1. david k gates

      Think with your HEART and not your mind =)
      You are resisting internally and throwing up mental roadblocks to try and justify that resistance.

      LET GO my Friend!! and remember…there are many here right now that are only human in appearance

      1. Dominik

        I agree … I would also say to not resist so much. Some terms/solutions/answers are more obvious from higher perspective and we may find better terms later on. Just as Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.
        It is all right to think about, just try find what connection is rather than boundaries.