From 3D To 4D And 5D: The Thresher

By the powerful Solar storms, high-pitched and more frequent, Galacom continues to destroy the Archons’ infrastructure on the Subtle and physical plane. From the Darks’ satellites in orbit and the protection system in the Earth’s magnetic field to the thinning and culling of the ruling elite, who are no longer able to understand anything and make adequate decisions.

Starting from June 29, the Sol’s thresher is active daily. Strong outbreaks are replaced by weak ones every 3-4 days.

On July 6, 2022, a 5-point Solar tsunami kicked off, which continued the next day, slowly weakening to a 3-point one. From July 9 to July 25, intense radiation will continue. Its peaks (up to 4 points and higher) are expected on July 14-16 and 21-23. On the remaining days of this period, the general background is forecasted to be 3-point.

On such days, on a Subtle Plane, one can see how the Southern Hemisphere is covered by a crimson fire, and the Northern Hemisphere is enveloped in splash, as if pour the fire with water. After a short time, the planet is covered with yellow foam. So it is washed and cleaned, like a sponge, from negative low-frequency dark red radiation.

Intensive and pointed cleaning is carried out through the opening of the ozone layer over Antarctica and the ozone hole over the Tropics. The latter is located between the 30th degree of north latitude and the 30th degree of south latitude. In depth, it is comparable to the former, but in area exceeds it by seven times.

The active cleaning of the planet continues by earthquakes, which have become daily. On July 6, three of magnitude (M) 5.0 and higher occurred; 45 – of M4+; 102 – of M3+; 214 – of M2+; 440 – of magnitude less than 2.0. The strongest – of M5.3 – was recorded in the North Pacific Ocean, 71 km East of Ishinomaki, Japan.

What is happening on the surface reflects active processes on the Subtle Plane. Once again, it was informed by the crop circles.

The new one appeared on July 3 in the Kiteland Cottages area, Hampshire, UK. It reports that the 4D space of the Earth is divided into platforms that split and form four-dimensional platforms of cyclic vector radiation.

These platforms create power emissions of energy according to the temporary programs of the planet. The following platforms have been formed by vector radiation. Three are reunited with the restriction of this 4D space. One platform is in the radiation stage. The whole process takes place on the Subtle Plane of the inner Earth.

As always, the run by all the mechanisms mentioned above is precisely synchronized with the energy flows of the planets and constellations coming to Earth.

In July, there will be three important stelliums with very high and strong vibrations, helping to transform Earth and earthlings for the Transition to 4D/5D. Namely: the conjunction of Uranus and the Ascending Lunar Node; the conjunction of Uranus and Mars; and the eclipse of Mars and Uranus by the Moon.

In the first decade, Earth will be in the sphere of particularly harsh vibrations caused by the change of the fields of Mars and Mercury. On July 5, the former left Aries and entered Taurus, and the latter entered Cancer, where the continuously stormy Sun is located.

On the Subtle Plane, this produced a sharp energy surge, which caused another wave of cleansing cataclysms – earthquakes, torrential rains and floods in some regions, and severe drought, shallowing, and fires in others.

Against this background, the active connection of the radically zeroing energies of Uranus with the Ascending (Northern) Lunar Node (Rahu), a vector that directs to the future, and in the sign of Taurus, which sets the program for building a sustainable and secure world, began.

This conjunction will be exact on July 31, 2022 at 20:10 UTC at 19 degrees Taurus, and every day its vibrations will increase the density and speed of events to maximum intensity until the end of the month, and maintain extreme tension throughout August.

The Uranus and the Ascending Lunar Node conjunction in Taurus occurs once every 168 years, rapidly rebooting the foundations of civilization through an acute crisis. For example, it was in 1855, the peak of the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

Over the past hundred and fifty years, the ruling elite of the Darks has completely distorted and made insipid many positive ideas, achievements and aspirations of that time. Today, despite all efforts, they can no longer block the cosmic energies of new laws and boundaries, free will and choice freedom, creativity based on the principles of the Aquarian era.

Equality and justice, unification and mutual assistance, creativity as the highest form of intellectual and Spiritual knowledge come to the fore imperiously.

The second important event in July will be the triple conjunction of Uranus, the Ascending Lunar Node and Mars at 18 degrees Taurus. The last time this happened was in 324 BC, when Alexander the Great laid the foundation of the Hellenistic era by expanding conquests, and also ensured the interaction of the West and the East.

The exact triple conjunction will occur on the night of July 31 to August 1, and at this time the impact of their energies will reach a peak. The period of high intensity will last from July 25 to August 10.

Uranus carries the vibrations of change, rebellion, liberation, reform and revolution, and the unexpected destruction of existing structures. Mars is an explosive force.

The Northern Lunar Node is a destabilizing need for expansion. Taurus, the energy of comfort and accumulation of material values, conservative thinking, and support for foundations, will be under attack, forcing a return to Spirituality.

As in the time of Alexander, in 2022, the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Rahu indicates that we have now entered a new phase of destruction of the old way of life and the introduction of a new one through a complete reboot of the globe order.

The more conservative and archaic world leaders are, focused on selfish interests, economic survival and security of degraded elites, the higher the probability of an acute explosive crisis that will shake the entire global geopolitical, financial and economic system to the ground.

A full-scale escalation of events is possible in August, when the Sun will pass the midpoint between eclipses (August 4), and its energies will form a large fixed cross with Mars, Uranus, Saturn and the axis of the Lunar Nodes on August 3-18.

The third important astro-event will be the lunar eclipse of Mars on July 21 at 19:45 UTC and Uranus on July 22 at 06:00 UTC. The vibrations of this stellium will accelerate all the updating processes of the Transition to 4D/5D.

The combination of the energies of the new moon on July 28 at 17:55 UTC at 6 degrees Leo and the active phase of the triple conjunction of the planets will give a powerful impetus to the next 168-year evolutionary cycle of the whole world.

Energies of July are divided into two periods, with a different frequency background, which will create vibrations of the Sun and Mercury during their stay in Cancer and in Leo.

The first period will last until July 26. Its energies will fuel emotional tension, belligerence, and vulnerability due to instability and threats in a deeply crisis-ridden world.

The crisis will be intensified by the alternating intense and rigid frequencies of the quadrature of Mars and Pluto until July 10, and the quadrature of the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter until July 13.

On July 13, at 18:39 UTC, the most powerful full Supermoon in 2022 will occur on the cardinal axis Cancer-Capricorn in 22 degrees of these signs. It will be strengthened by the purifying vibrations of Pluto, with which the united Sun and Mercury will find themselves in a tough confrontation (the exact aspect of Mercury and Pluto – July 18, the Sun and Pluto – July 20).

The night Luminary at the time of the full moon will be at the perigee – the closest point from Earth, and therefore look much larger and brighter than usual, and impacts its energies much more strongly.

Its powerful frequencies will manifest as a large-scale destructive force, as well as a constructive beginning.

Using them will require over-strong-willed efforts, high determination, and the ability to keep the balance of extremes, flexibly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, and follow a well-thought-out plan.

This is the only way to keep the opportunity to implement the conceived plans.

The harmonious aspects of the Sun and Mercury with other planets will help to cope with high tension and difficult tasks in mid-July.

Firstly, their sextile with Uranus (the exact aspects on July 10 and 14) will increase the speed the whole thing, bringing an element of unexpected luck into it, especially if to act outside the box, enterprisingly, team up with other people.

The sextile planetary aspect represents a special 60° angle between two planets. The energy created by it is very cooperative. It means that each of the planet’s vibes inspire and encourage each other instead of holding each other back. Because of this, new ideas and opportunities can flow smoothly between different options.

The presence of Lunar Nodes in this bundle will give the events a fateful predestination.

Secondly, the trigon with Neptune (exact aspects of July 17) will strengthen intuition, the ability to see deeper and further, especially if to believe in Divine providence, trust fate and follow the flow of events.

On July 19, with the entry of Mercury into Cancer, a cosmic thunderstorm will start, and last until July 26.

It will exacerbate conflicts and confrontations within States and in the international arena.

In countries with unstable governments, military uprisings and coups are possible. In public life, there is a high probability of mass strikes, protests and terrorist acts.

The intense energies will weaken slightly in the second period, July 27-31, after the Sun turns into Leo (23.06). The state of the Earth’s biosphere will become a little more harmonious until August 7.

On the day of the new moon on July 28, Mercury in Leo, moving towards confrontation with Saturn in Aquarius, will complete the exact square to connect Mars, Uranus and the Ascending Node, closing the Big Cross. The synergistic effect of these vibrations will give dynamics to events and help achieve success.

After the new moon, thanks to the positive energies of Venus, which will enter Cancer on July 18, it will be possible to find more balanced solutions to problems and conflicts.

The point of the new moon forms a trigon on Jupiter, prompting to act broadly, openly, boldly, and decisively. At the same time, the growing square of Venus to Jupiter and its sextile to Mars and Uranus conjunction will push to take risks, set and achieve big goals.

The Sun in Leo in the last decade of July will be at the peak of its energies, helping to implement large-scale and unique ideas.

The harmonious trigon of the vibrations of the Sun with Jupiter in Aries (the exact aspect on July 31, the time of influence – July 25-August 5) is a time of success for bright, enterprising, public leaders who are not afraid to take the initiative in their hands, and actively fight for the successful solution of internal and external problems in the interests of all, not a few.

There is still a lot of work, including with the Earth’s magnetic field which as a flap has a blocking effect on people’s consciousness through the pineal gland and other organs.

How does this mechanism work?

The magnetic field is its lower part. It repels like a screen, like a trampoline, if something enters it from outer space. If it does abruptly, it bounced back. If it is slow, the field will catch and not let go. The high vibrations are rejected by it, and the low ones are drawn in.

Earth has its own magnetic field as part of its normal functioning. But there is a second layer of it. It is maintained by a network of natural crystal generators. Black Archons reprogrammed them and connected them to a 3D Matrix 300 years ago, when they once again rebuilt the entire geophysical and political-economic reality of the planet to a low-frequency mode.

The third layer of the magnetic field is formed by radiation from power plants, TV-radio and cellular towers, household appliances and other sources. Compared to the first two, they are weaker, close to matter, pollute and create electronic smog, a veil.

The fourth layer is made by people. Their pineal gland produces magnetic substances in sleep – melatonin and serotonin. If a person emits low frequencies, then through this substance the general magnetic field is further condensed.

That’s why the Big Farma stuffs people with the appropriate hormones to keep them asleep as long as possible. A man should not sleep as much as he sleeps.

An easy way to counteract these hormones is to be more, but carefully, in the Sun, which is very active right now. In the human body, everything is so tuned by Black Archons that a lot of melatonin and serotonin are produced in the dark and in the cold.

The organs responsible for interaction with the Sun are suppressed.

As a result, the channels of energy reception in the head, chakras, glands, cells are constricted.

The minimum thin conduit remains. The Darks use it to siphon off vital energy.

The dense magnetic field presses everyone down with its low frequencies. Previously, a man was not impacted by the magnetic power so much. He did not root on Earth, but was linked to the Source.

Today, the Solar thresher and quantum flows from planets, constellations and the Galactic Center help to break the four-layered mechanism of the magnetic field, return it to its natural state and the needs of 4D/5D. For some, this causes unpleasant symptoms. It all depends on the person and their frequency settings.

Currently, Co-Creators, Galacom and their ground team, including the Crystalline Kids, are using codes brought in by the Solar thresher and quantum streams of to rewire and activate the crystals, and remove the imposed magnetic layers.

It can be compared to a mirk for the whole planet. Earth and its inhabitants have been put to sleep, but after each dream there is an awakening. Millions of Souls came here at this time precisely to wake people up.

But not everything is so simple. There are Souls who fall asleep, and there are those who rouse up. Different groups of Souls act according to their evolutionary program in a certain vector and scenario plan. As the seeds of plants ripen each at its time of the year, so the Souls ripen in different epochs and circumstances.

Now there are a lot of those whose Souls decide whether to wake up or not. What is happening at the moment in the world is focused on them.

All the chaos and information noise, on the one hand, is created as a Veil for awakening, keeping in fear and in old programs. On the other hand, this is the only way to make the sleeping consciousness perceive things differently and wake up.

If consciousness awakens, then the Veil falls off, its frequencies cannot catch such a person, because their vibes become not compatible.

This is especially noticeable in the attitude of such people to events. They observe them from the outside, not letting in the screened reality. And the more they distance themselves from it, the less it affects them. They get sick less, are more resistant to stress, live longer and create more.

This is the essence of awakening – to see and feel that the world is not homogeneous, different, and that with sufficient flexibility of consciousness in it, one can choose the scenarios in which to take part.

To help all of us, on 07.07 at 07:07:07 UTC, on the Galacom’s instructions, Lightwarriors carried out a new major work with Absolute City, which they recently built above Duarte Peak during their operations on the Subtle Plane in the Dominican Republic (see – Ops In Dominicana, Parts 1-4).

The op consisted in spread out the Light of Absolute City first across the nodal points of the Local Universe, and then across the Earth’s crystal grid; exactly in that order. The op’s technique was the same as before.

1. At the appointed time, Lightwarriors entered a highly vibrational state of Absolute Love. Connected with their Higher Selves. Well grounded.

2. Then, they united into a single Spiritual whole, sending Light and Love to each other.

3. Tuned in to Absolute City, they send it Love from their Heart, accept it in return, and welcomed the Keepers.

4. After that, they spread out the Light of Absolute City across the nodal points of the Local Universe.

5. Tuned in to the Earth’s core and the crystal lattice of the planet.

6. Spread out the Light of Absolute City across the crystal grid through the core of the planet, filling it with radiation as much as necessary.

7. At the end of the operation, they sent Light and Love to everyone, and thanked all the participants.

On a Subtle Plane, the picture looked enchanting. And the day before, on July 6, another significant event took place. At 4 a.m. local time, widely known Guidestones were blown up in the northeastern part of Georgia, US.

Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980 as a monument to the New World Order, in which the ruling elites wanted to prolong their lives with the help of new technologies, and to reduce the rest of the world’s population to 500 million people so that the masses do not consume the resources necessary for these elites. But their thresher was destroyed by another.


**By Lev


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