The Noosphere Economy

Ok, so follow me on this.

It’s a long trail.

We will discuss some of the roadside attractions along the way.

The sun, that big scary ball in the sky, is the primary source of all energy in our solar system. No other form of energy comes to earth, or any other planet, excepting cosmic radiation from other stars at truly minuscule levels. The vast majority of energy in our solar system is home grown, originating from our sun.

Only one-half of a billionth part of the sun’s energy gets to earth, the rest radiating off into space, to become distant cosmic radiation for other planets in our galaxy. About half of all the sun’s energy that reaches earth is absorbed by our atmosphere.

Of the energy that reaches the actual surface of earth, only about one-half of one percent is absorbed by the firmament of the planet, that is, the rocks & other inorganic matter. The rest, 99.5% is captured, and transformed by Life existing here on earth. If there were not Life here, then that 99.5% of our solar energy would be reflected, or radiated, back out into Space.

The radiated energy coming into Earth from the Sun forms the basis for the activity of the Biosphere, and through that, the Economy of the Noosphere.

The currency unit of the economy of the Biosphere is the calorie, which is the basic unit of work within the biosphere of any planet. The work within the biosphere is the transformation of cosmic energy. The goal of the work of the biosphere is the subsequent effects created in the Matterium. At a core essence, the work accomplished within the biosphere is the changing of the states of matter within that biosphere.

The Earth receives from the sun 1.66 x 10^21 kilocalories per year, while the sun emits 4 x 10^30 into the heliosphere.

This is a critical difference to note, as while the biosphere is limited to the planetary body including the atmosphere, the Noosphere is not. The ability of humans to think, which in turn leads to invention, which leads to expansion of capacity means that the Noosphere will be, and is, extended out into Space. This in turn means that while the base kilocalorie economy of the biosphere is limited, that of the Noosphere is not, as humanity can venture beyond the atmosphere of Earth to harvest cosmic radiation from Space.

The Space harvested calories of the planet’s noosphere may be returned to the Earth biosphere, or they can be transformed in Space, thus the noosphere can enhance the biosphere, but it need not necessarily do so.

The biosphere of any given planet must, of a necessity, affect that planet’s noosphere, as it supports the sentient Life that creates that local nexus of the Noosphere. As each sentient species emerges within its cradling biosphere, it will grow a local noosphere as its collective cognition builds a knowledge base of precise data, allowing scientific analysis, providing a potential for accurate conclusions, that in their turn would enhance the kilocalorie use within their biosphere, which increases its efficiency, thus creating an emerging noosphere in their local environment.

Even absent contact between sentient species, each local noosphere nexus, upon its formation, is instantly, and irrevocably joined to the Universal Noosphere.

Sentient species emerge from a biosphere economy through which calories from local space are transformed into the basic currency of the Noosphere which is “thought”. Thinking is the process in this Matterium by which the calories of the Biosphere are transformed into the currency of the Noosphere.

Thoughts are the base currency of the local noosphere, and as soon as sentient Life elevates itself out of its local biosphere, it emerges into the Universal Noosphere by virtue of its thoughts.

Even absent direct contact among biospheres, observation of activity within a distant biosphere would produce new thoughts that would propel that observing local noosphere into new interactions within its own noosphere, thus enhancing its local biosphere, and contributing to the Universal Noosphere.

As may be discovered within Humanity, even the absence of observation of distant biospheres creates its own impact on local noosphere. Here on earth a considerable amount of transformation of solar energy goes into creating thoughts about contact with distant biospheres not yet observed, but speculated to exist. These speculative thoughts have altered our biosphere, and contributed to the growth of our local noosphere.

Thought is the basic currency of the Universal Noosphere, and our own noosphere. Thought is fungible, reducible, exchangeable. Thought can be stored, retrieved, reused, repurposed, reformed, and extended. Thought can be traded, or donated. Thought can be destroyed, lost, and diminished (through hording/isolation). Thought can be analyzed, qualified, and quantified. Thought can be banked, as in placed in a collective storage such as a database, or library. Thought can be enhanced; in fact, it is a key element of communicated thought, that it always creates more thought.

Thoughts are self-created currency. Go make yourself wealthy in the Noosphere today. Have a thought.

**By Cliff High