Having A Rough Time Lately? This Message Is For YOU

Have you been having a greatly challenging time of late? Feeling like a ship lost amidst the stormy seas? Unable to anchor yourself at all to this reality? Feeling scared, lonely, anxious, restless, impatient or helpless? Unable to find any actual help or working solutions to things, no matter how much you search or scrounge the entirety of the internet for it?

Worry not, for you’ve arrived at the right place.


Because you see, much like yourselves, I too, am a light worker. Which means that what YOU are going through right now, I TOO am going through right now. The EXACT SAME types of emotions, feelings, hardships, challenges, and you-name-its.


Which is excellent news because, when even ONE amongst us is able to find a solution (to any problem) that actually WORKS, we all can share it with one another right then and there. Which in turn uplifts the entire light worker collective, and, with that, the entirety of the human race (and the very planetary consciousness itself) at large as well.


So, and without any further ado, here’s the ACTUAL WORKING SOLUTION to this specific problem of ours, as I have found it to be.


It begins (and ends) with simply asking yourself the question: “How can I best be of SERVICE right now?”


And that is ALL that you even NEED TO DO in here.

Really. Seriously. Absolutely. TOTALLY.


You’ll be surprised to find just how very BRILLIANTLY it even WORKS!!!


Go try it out.


So, what was it that even BROUGHT ME to this realization? Well – as it turned out – what I REALLY discovered here was that what I was asking all the wrong QUESTIONS to begin with.


Because you see, in the spiritual community (at large), what we are constantly bombarded with is the idea that we need to discover our own joy, our own happiness FIRST. And so, we list down a hundred different things that (we THINK will) make ourselves happy, only to end up with one (saddening) realization after another that none of it actually really WORKS.


Don’t get me wrong here, seeking happiness or joys is so NOT the PROBLEM here.


The problem lies in how we have FRAMED the very IDEA and CONCEPT (of discovering happiness ITSELF).


Allow me to explain this in a little more detail…


The idea is very simple. Whenever you ask yourself “How can I be of the very highest SERVICE (to ALL) right now?”, what you are actually doing is transcending your ego and connecting (directly) to your HEART, and to your very SOUL no less. And, as it turns out, even though the core goal of your soul (aka your heart) and your mind is ONE and the SAME, i.e. – to discover ever GREATER levels of love, joy, and peace – only ONE OF THEM ACTUALLY knows the solution that can satisfy BOTH your mind and your heart all at once. Things, which not only serve YOU, but also serve the COLLECTIVE – the ALL – with it SIMULTANEOUSLY.


It is helpful to know here that if all your SOUL wanted to do here (on Planet Earth) was to simply be merry and pick cherries, it wouldn’t even BE here upon this planet right now. I mean, the soul’s home is already what is commonly known as heaven – aka, the nonphysical realms – realms where lack doesn’t even EXIST. And realms where you are enjoying life to the fullest with instant manifestation, divine connection, love, light, and tooth fairies drifting unicorns no less.


So then, given the fact that it (your soul) has come HERE, on EARTH of all places and at THIS TIME of all times, it is only LOGICAL here that it has a greater PURPOSE in doing so, a greater OBJECTIVE, and a greater GOAL here at that.


And that goal, my fellow lights, is to be of service to ALL.



Now – and here’s the best part – REGARDLESS of WHAT answer you get to THAT specific question, YOU will find incredible happiness coming out of it for you ANYWAYS.


Because the ANSWER to that question could be absolutely ANYTHING. Sometimes, you’ll be guided to express your truest and deepest passion, be it playing a guitar or reading a book. It could be baking a chocolate cake and sharing it with all of your loved ones (or even keeping it all for yourself, doesn’t matter really). It could be riding around town on your bicycle or taking a nap. It could be simply meditating or self healing. It could even be going ice skating or para gliding. Really, the options here are endless.


It could also be EXPLICITLY serving “others” either by assisting people with something, volunteering, working for a good cause, praying and blessing the world, meditating and visualizing the new earth, or helping grandma cross the road (if she wants to).


It could be as simple as spending some time in self love, self healing, self care and self appreciation; or it could be time spent in explicitly doing good things for others.


Because REGARDLESS of whether your highest JOY is to be found in helping OTHERS or helping your OWN SELF – you WILL end up benefitting the ALL ANYWAYS. Because after all, you are ONE with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. There IS no separation. There IS no disconnection. For you and I are ONE.



The only thing we are doing DIFFERENTLY here is asking our HEART / SOUL to guide us towards our HIGHEST joys instead of our MIND / EGO. And that is ALL (there is to it). Because once you’ve received your answer to THAT question, then regardless of WHAT it is that you do or WHOM you serve (at least, on the surface level), you are going to end up serving the ALL anyways.


You enjoying just a simple piping hot bowl of soup (if such is guided by your SOUL) and feeling and RADIATING great JOY from such an act into the entire PLANET — is NO LESS and NO LITTLE an act of service than, say, you planting trees in your neighborhood (again, if such is guided by your SOUL here most specifically). The only thing that we are doing DIFFERENTLY here is asking our SOUL – our HEART – instead of our MIND or our EGO (to guide us to our greatest joy, here).


Read that part over and over again until it sinks in.


Your soul KNOWS your very highest JOY and your very highest PURPOSE (BOTH of those things being the ONE and the SAME). Your MIND does NOT.


Which is why attempting to only do things that your MIND says will bring you happiness is so very FUTILE. I mean sure, there will be times when your mind’s desires as well as your heart’s desires are (coincidentally) the exact same things. But that is SO not a GIVEN, and, as a matter of fact, you’ll find such a method (of trusting your mind) utterly FAILING YOU for the most part (and ESPECIALLY when you’re in a dire need of finding your happiness the MOST at that).


So always, always, ALWAYS ask your SOUL to guide you towards your highest happiness. With the question: “How can I be of the very highest SERVICE right now?”


Keep asking and asking that question over and over again until you see, hear or feel a concrete answer being received to it. Which you will (and faster than you’d EVER expected). Allow for deep silence in between the questions for the said answer to seep in, be heard, and get downloaded into you accordingly. Persevere with this for a bit, and don’t give up upon it until you receive the answer. (This becomes easier and easier and faster and faster the more you practice with it). And then, ACT upon whatever answer you get NO MATTER HOW SILLY OR SIMPLE OR CRAZY that answer seems like. And don’t worry, your SOUL will NEVER EVER guide you to do something harmful (either to yourself or to another) or anything. So you can joyfully trust THAT PART. AND in the rare instance that (you think) you’re receiving answers that seek you to do something negative to yourself or another, you can rest assured in the KNOWING that it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NOT your SOUL that’s talking to you in there, at that moment.


As for the rest, enjoy hearing your soul’s calling non-stop and (blissfully!) take that leap of faith all the way back into boundless freedom and joy, every single day!!!



Do this, and watch your hard times disappear faster than an Epstein from a prison cell.


You are Loved.

– Don Spectacularis


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11 Replies to “Having A Rough Time Lately? This Message Is For YOU”

  1. Jac

    We really must be ONE…..because this is the second article in a row that I’ve read from you that I’ve already begun doing. It’s like you’re reading my mind (errr, soul). 😉

  2. Geoff Turner

    I’m not surprised any more that satans words are published here. You fool the majority easily but you don’t fool me.

  3. blaudp79

    Regarding finding and sharing a solution that actually works… I’m not sure if this is new to any of you guys, but it is new to me, so let me share it here: I’ve spent a lot of time understanding the situation in here and now and I have just gone through the “The fall of the Cabal” series that explains how the cabal operates in full detail (fallcabal[dot]com). I firmly believe that we have to be fully aware of what is going on in the physical reality right now in order to respond to events properly. I’m also following a spiritual channel on YT called “The Alchemist” It is an excellent channel with a lot of information on ascension and spirituality in general. Sarah’s videos are short and straight to the point. She has recently posted two videos on her channel explaining what revelation of the method and predictive programming are and how to respond to them in a way that our collective consciousness benefits from it (as opposed to move into low vibration). She also explains the Hundredth Monkey Effect, which she believes is the key to collective ascension. The title of these short videos: 1 – How Our Consciousness is Used to Create Reality (Secret Method), 2 – The MAGIC of Raising your Vibration (How to REACH the 100th Monkey Effect)

    Her teachings resonate with me a lot and watching her videos easily put me back in to higher vibrational state. I hope they help to you too…

  4. Erki

    My answer was to get something yummie to eat and I feel sick now how does that serve anybody is beyond me but ok 👍

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Well, correlation is not necessarily causation. What you had may have had nothing to do with how you felt after having it. Moreover, the divine works in mysterious ways. So know that your feeling sick has a benefit to it somehow. Either to you (something as simple as a need for you to rest) or to someone else. Hope this helps. Cheers!!

  5. Laura

    Well put! I feel so much better after reading this! Thank you for your message ✌️💛🎶

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you Laura 🙂 🙂 May you feel ever better and better on your journey back to 5D (and beyond!!!)